Pisces Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Intuitive, reserved and sensitive. The Pisces woman reaches a depth that is moving and irresistible to all who know her. It is impossible not to fall under its influence.

Pisces woman personality

The Pisces woman is complex and charming in equal measure. She is aware of the complexity of it and spends a lot of time analyzing it. But her conclusions are mixed with her emotions and in the end she accepts herself as she is without discovering her own mystery.

She needs, from time to time, to take refuge in her thoughts and dreams. She is a very dreamy woman, who creates a world of charming fantasies to protect herself from the reality that she does not like. When something goes wrong, the Pisces woman will hide in those thoughts, she will regain her strength and be able to face the world again.

The Pisces woman: friendly, empathetic and calm

But let no one think that the Pisces woman is sullen or an anchorite. Not at all. She is the most sociable. The Pisces woman feels deep empathy for the people she loves , and there are many. She can rejoice at her successes as if they were her own and also be saddened by her failures, as if they had happened to her.

And the Pisces woman is connected to feelings in a unique way. Not only to her own, but to those of all humanity. Well, without exaggeration, at least to the people she knows. No matter how much someone wants to pretend to be in a certain state of mind, he will never be able to deceive the Pisces woman who, with just a look or a message, will know how that person feels.

Pisces is a calm woman who transmits peace.  She is a balm for people who are a little nervous. Just seeing her is enough to banish stress from her. Nobody knows how she does it, but that’s how she does it. The Pisces woman creates empathy around her and that makes everyone want to approach her.

The Pisces woman, due to her enormous sensitivity, often suffers. She cries or despairs, but she understands that this is her way of being, that she will not be able to feel happiness if she does not also experience sadness. She knows that she will pass, but it is an unconscious thought, because at that moment she is totally invested in her emotions.

The Pisces woman is positive and reserved

The good thing is that the Pisces woman, despite those moments of depression, has great confidence in the future. She knows something good is coming. She knows that life is worth living in all its intensity, as she does. And that causes him to always be accompanied by a serene optimism, which is also very contagious.

There is a special purity in the Pisces woman. In her way of embracing life that makes her very special. Some accuse her of being naive, but in reality it is just the opposite. It’s not that the Pisces doesn’t see evil, she is perfectly aware of it, but she prefers to fill her life with other types of emotions.

The Pisces woman does not show herself easily. Some may seem shy and introverted. They know each other well and know that they are very sensitive and can hurt them. That’s why they don’t show themselves as they are right off the bat. They observe, analyze, feel and, when they are sure, they get rid of that layer of shyness and show themselves as they are.

The strengths of the Pisces woman

Intuitive: In that there is no one who wins it. Some mediums or psychics were born under this sign, which is especially gifted to perceive what no one sees.

Independent : Despite the emotional torrent that she harbors inside her, the Pisces woman needs her own spaces of solitude and she does not like to depend on anyone.

Empathic: The Pisces woman can put herself in the shoes of the people she loves and go even further: she seems like she can feel the same as those people.

This is how the Pisces woman is in love

The Pisces woman is sweet and romantic. Since she is a dreamer, in her fantasies she imagines a movie love. But the most curious thing is that she does not give up on it, she makes the fantasy come true. And if it doesn’t happen, if she really doesn’t find someone who will stir her inside and protect her with gentleness, she won’t commit.

In love, she gives her heart and pours herself into her partner. She needs it to show her what she feels with gestures and details. To truly love her she has to feel valued and cared for. But here she lives an internal contradiction with which she must fight. On the one hand, she demands love, but on the other she is very independent and also needs her own space. She is so charming that she usually always finds a person who knows how to give her what her soul needs.

The Pisces woman is very feminine, very seductive and very sensual. She is also very generous and provides addictive and captivating love. It is very possible that the relationship she begins when she finds the right person will last a lifetime.

Pisces Compatibility Chart

PiscesPisces with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Medium
Taurus Taurus High
Gemini Gemini Low
Cancer Cancer High
Leo Leo Medium
Virgo Virgo Low
Libra Libra Medium
Scorpio Scorpio High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Low
Capricorn Capricorn High
Aquarius Aquarius Medium
Pisces Pisces High

This is how the Pisces woman is in friendship

Pisces’ empathy makes her a truly unique friend. She really understands what her friends are going through and, above all, how they feel. She listens attentively, she puts herself in the situation, analyzes all points of view and only then, slowly because she never wants to offend, gives advice. And she is always the best that she could receive that person.

The Pisces woman is very sensitive, yes, but also very feisty. Both for her and for her friends. She will be able to move heaven and earth to help them get ahead. She will be very active in everything she can do to make the lives of the people she loves better. And that will make her irreplaceable. The Pisces friend always occupies a special place in anyone’s group of friends.

The Pisces cannot stand it when her friends are victims of injustice. That’s something that gets on her nerves and she will fight to combat it. She is also very facilitative. If she sees something that might interest a person she knows or can recommend you for a job or introduce you to someone she will get along with, she will do it instantly.

The health of the Pisces woman

The flood of feelings that the sensitive Pisces has takes its toll: sometimes she somatizes her moods and has discomforts that she doesn’t know what they are due to. Since she has a fairly mystical side and is so intuitive, she will achieve improvements if she finds some natural and alternative method that helps her balance. Yoga, meditation or acupuncture are good remedies for Pisces.

Pisces often suffer from foot and ankle discomfort. They may also have circulation or fluid retention problems.  It is important that they do not get carried away by a sedentary lifestyle, that they walk and that they do not forget to drink fluids. A balanced diet will also be essential.

Pisces who really have problems controlling their moods or who feel continued sadness should start some type of therapy. They will really notice the benefits very soon, because they have an optimistic nature and it will not be difficult for them to get over the hump.

Famous Pisces Women

Pisces women are emotional and seductive, like Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Olivia Wilde, Eva Langoria or Sara Montiel.

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