Pisces Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Optimistic, peaceful and kind. Pisces men are a real charmer who show only part of the iceberg of their nature. Discovering it in its entirety is quite an adventure.

Pisces man personality

It is curious that most natives of this sign look younger than they are. The Pisces man always has a youthful appearance, perhaps it is because of his good humor or because he has an optimistic attitude towards life. They have very few wrinkles and a lot of vitality.

Pisces men are not competitive. Not ambitious either. What interests them has nothing to do with what other signs usually prioritize and that makes them really special. They do not pursue the same goals as other mortals, because for them what counts are other things. They seek inner peace and truth, which are much more precious goods. That makes them idealists, but they don’t stop there. Their search truly gives meaning to life and makes life better for the people around them.

The Pisces man: empathetic, sensitive and understanding

He is a great listener: He is interested in human nature, understanding how other people think and helping them in any way he can. The Pisces man is very empathetic, to understand others he feels what happens to them. He cares on a level that no other sign will do for the people around him.

The Pisces man is very sensitive: He has a lot of feelings that sometimes he finds it difficult to control. As a good water sign, they flow like a tide within you. And sometimes they get carried away and can appear euphoric or sad depending on the moment. Because they are also very transparent.

But the sensitivity of Pisces doesn’t just have to do with their own feelings. Also with others. They seem to be able to sense them. And they identify them at lightning speed, no matter how much the other person wants to hide how they feel at that moment. The Pisces man’s X-rays have already done this and have given a diagnosis that will undoubtedly be accurate.

Furthermore, it is a sign that does not judge. The Pisces man is understanding on a stratospheric level. Although he is different, he understands other people’s reactions and never tells them that they shouldn’t have done this or that. And if he gives advice, it will be accurate, useful and surely surprising.

The Pisces man: sociable and supportive

Perhaps this is because you have deep intuition. He notices things before anyone else. Sometimes he is the only one who does it and it takes a long time before the rest realize that he was right. He is used to it and that is why he neither gets frustrated nor doubts his assumptions.

The Pisces man is very sociable. At first he may seem shy, because he protects himself. And because deep down he feels comfortable in the role of his observer. But when he gains confidence and shows his power, he leaves people who have that honor speechless.

Pisces is always at the side of those who need it and it is not strange to see him linked to noble causes. However, there are times when he needs to get away from everything to connect with the essence of him. He needs to recover from the stress of feeling so much for others. The Pisces man seeks to bring some order to the tangle of thoughts that assails him. He may also be looking for a way to express his creativity. Many have artistic hobbies such as music, writing or painting.

Some Pisces men – they are the least – may try to distance themselves from their torrent of feelings with evasions that are not very advisable. Excess, in the form of drinking or even drugs, can be too strong a temptation for Pisces who want a quick way to forget about their worries.

The Pisces man is a dreamer who will make everyone he meets dream. His ideals are so noble and his ideas so lofty that it is impossible not to be moved by them and not want to help him make them come true.

The strengths of the Pisces man

Pure: The Pisces man has a soul of brilliant purity that is dazzling.

Independent: This man gives much more than he asks for. He knows how to manage himself and likes to be taken care of, but not out of necessity but because it is always a pleasure.

Sensitive: The Pisces man feels things deeply, but he also knows how to understand and identify everything that others experience.

This is how the Pisces man is in love

Being with a Pisces is like entering a fairy tale. If he has decided that this woman is his soulmate, he will go into details, surprises, and incredible plans to make her feel like a queen.

Anyway, for that to happen, the Pisces man has to be really in love. And he will only do it with someone with whom he feels a physical and spiritual communion. For him both things are inseparable. Therefore, intimacy with a Pisces man is an almost mystical experience. The sensuality of this sign reaches incomparable levels.

Furthermore, in private they are very imaginative. They like to explore sexuality with complicity. They prepare a movie atmosphere in which they take care of each and every detail. The Pisces man can also propose role-playing games that are very exciting.

The Pisces man is very romantic and will give himself body and soul to his partner. Of course, he will never allow me to betray him. No matter how much he loves her, if he feels that he does, he will break off the relationship because he has a lot of dignity and loves himself a lot.

Pisces Man Compatibility Chart

PiscesPisces Man with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Woman Medium
Taurus Taurus Woman High
Gemini Gemini Woman Low
Cancer Cancer Woman High
Leo Leo Woman Medium
Virgo Virgo Woman Low
Libra Libra Woman Medium
Scorpio Scorpio Woman High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Woman Low
Capricorn Capricorn Woman High
Aquarius Aquarius Woman Medium
Pisces Pisces Woman High

How to conquer a Pisces man

Pisces can be interested in very different types of women. Since he is curious by nature, does not judge and understands everything, he is not used to having an intake filter. If you have had several girlfriends, they may all be very different from each other.

In any case, it must be taken into account that Pisces loves harmony and refinement. He is attracted to very feminine women who have soft manners like his. He is also dazzled by those who are very intelligent and have opinions that invite him to reflect.

As it is such a peaceful sign, it will hardly be attracted to those who are very quarrelsome or who criticize others. And since he is so sensitive, he will also ignore those who are a little harsh or judge him.

This is how the Pisces man is in friendship

Having a Pisces friend is a real gift. This man, who usually has more friends than friends, knows how to listen and understand. And also his advice is pure gold.  He always gets it right, no matter what you explain to him, he always finds a formula to get out of trouble.

The Pisces man gives a lot, but at his own pace. He always tries to please others, but he also needs to take care of himself. Sometimes he needs to be alone or do activities that he likes without company. And those spaces for him are sacred. Those who do not respect them will not be able to be his friends.

Pisces is a very honest and sincere sign and does not tolerate betrayal. It’s something he can’t handle. Deep down, the purity of his soul makes it very difficult for him to deal with human evil. And in those cases he will disappear from the life of the person who has harmed him without looking back.

Famous Pisces Men

Pisces has given great personalities to humanity, such as Albert Einstein himself, who was born under the sign of Pisces. Also famous writers, like Victor Hugo. And many charming and attractive men like Bruce Wiilis, Jon Bon Jovi, Javier Bardem or Michael Bolton.

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