Cancer Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

Cancer Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

She likes to cuddle, knows how to make a pimp like no one else, the cancerian is the mother of the class. It is the friend who makes soup, gives medicine and puts a blanket on the shoulders of the flu friends. She is like this: all care and attention with her lover. The cancer girl remembers important dates, knows when someone needs a hug, and loves to encourage others to do something they like.

Cancer is shy in hers, but when she befriends, her heart is open. You can talk for hours, give hugs and hear confessions. She likes quiet and often will trade the ballad for a sofa, a movie and someone to hug. When you cook, your food brings back memories of childhood, home, and warmth, you know by magic the perfect spices. When she has children she is the most owl mother in the world. Defend the family as a true warrior. If someone tries to harm her, her sweetness and delicacy give way to a force capable of moving mountains. Her dedication to love is equivalent to the energy that makes her fight to protect those who need her. The cancerian really likes peace and only enters the fray to defend herself. But when it starts, it scares even the bravest.

Likes to date, falls in love intensely and is one of the most partner girlfriends that exist. Cheer for partner, take care, encourage and understand. Demonstrate your love in the look, the touch, the voice. Seduces sweetly, but intense love. He is jealous and does not hide. It deprives no one of its freedom, but is always watching; Has sharp intuition, smells trouble from afar. She doesn’t forget anything either. The cancer girl will take on promises and remember some old hurt when she is bothered. Loving disappointments are her weakness and she takes time to overcome - her chest is a sensitive place to hold sorrows. It takes a lot of affection to recompose it.

A cellphone commercial can make the cancer girl cry. It is sensitive, much more heart than head. She keeps memories of all the trips she made, the houses where she lived and even the school where she studied. There is something retro about cancer, she still writes letters, consults her grandmother’s cookbook, loves flowered dresses, and always makes coffee for visitors. In fact, it is always ready to receive visitors. Cancer makes everyone feel at home.

Sometimes it has unexpected mood swings and is like the moon: beautiful, enchanting and constantly changing. This, on the one hand, makes her enjoy stability and security. Therefore, it seeks stable relationships, is very close to parents and has a very organized agenda. Where cancer comes, put order - it’s the matriarch instinct, even if she’s going camping with friends.

The cancerian likes to dream, prepare for the future, honoring and learning from the past. She is delicate but firm as a rock. It is the woman who will always have an affection to give. The cancer is all made of love.

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