Cancer Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

The Cancer woman is feminine and very discreet. But it doesn’t help him not to want to attract her attention, because her personal charm does it for her and she quickly makes everyone want to be by her side. It is not surprising. She is a real charmer who never fails the people she loves.

Cancer woman personality

It is always said that the Cancer woman is very sensitive and they are right. If she has to choose between reason and the heart she will stay with the latter. And she will do well, because she will follow her own path and will be right. Sometimes much more than those who try to solve everything from their minds.

The sensitivity of the Cancer woman is based not only on her feelings but also on her emotional intelligence. She applies it to herself, and also to others. She knows how to elucidate what moves, excites or worries the people around her. But she doesn’t stop there. She has come to heal wounds and she knows better than anyone how to do it.

The Cancer woman is very organized. In some cases she is even obsessed: she wants to have everything perfect. She is a tide of feelings that is governed by the Moon and that is why she herself needs order around her. Thus she gets the stability that she is always looking for. The only thing she is not especially planned with is finances.

The Cancer woman: dedicated, a little distrustful and very intuitive

She’s a little shy. And she is aware of this, because she prefers to listen and talk when she has something important to say. In any case, she has to work on her self-esteem throughout her life, because sometimes she tends to put herself last on her list of priorities or to value herself less than the rest. And so we are not going well.

Depending on her life path, the Cancer woman may end up being a bit distrustful. In some cases she is even paranoid and sees threats where there are none. If she has had disappointments, the Cancer woman will hide in her shell to prevent her from being harmed again. And that can make her miss the spice of life.

Perhaps for this reason, on other occasions she will ask for a lot and may seem somewhat capricious. She is a sign that gives a lot, but she has the virtue of wanting to be given too. She is not servile, she understands human relationships that way and that is very good. Therefore, if she suspects that she is not like that, she can act in two ways: becoming demanding and somewhat capricious, as she pointed out before, or closing herself off and distrusting everyone even though she has no reason to do so.

The Cancer woman is very intuitive and has to learn to trust that ability she has. She rarely makes mistakes and although it seems like she often makes emotional decisions, the truth is that they are based on that sharp sixth sense that she possesses. So she doesn’t have to complain about not being cerebral enough and she has to take advantage of what she has, which is a lot.

The Cancer woman is familiar and simple

Those born under the sign of Cancer are very familiar and caring women. And sometimes a little too long-suffering. She would have to learn to relax and trust that something terrible won’t happen to others if she doesn’t look out for them. This way she will enjoy the harmony she needs, but without continually stressing out.

The Cancer woman is very homely.  Any plan in sneakers or with most trusted friends is what will make her feel good. She may go to social events, of course, but she will return home soon, because that is where she charges her batteries. The warmth of home is the best medicine for any native of this sign.

The strengths of the Cancer woman

Sweet: The Cancer woman is very sweet and polite in her ways. She usually speaks slowly and has a smile that lights up anyone who passes by her.

Solidarity: She likes to take care of and pamper her loved ones. And she does it wholeheartedly, putting herself in the other person’s shoes and helping them with all her strength.

Homely: The Cancer woman loves her home, her family, her house. She doesn’t mind that life is a little monotonous, because that’s what gives her peace of mind.

This is how the Cancer woman is in love

The Cancer woman is a magnet for men. She is deeply feminine and mysterious, because she doesn’t like to show how she is right off the bat. That makes many lose their minds over her, but only those who approach her gently and without haste will conquer her heart.

In general, she is attracted to men who are different from her and who, precisely because of this, are complementary. She likes those who are protective and social, but everyone has to be polite and sweet.

The Cancer woman wants to start a family, because that is where she feels comfortable. For this reason, she is not into his affairs or fleeting relationships. She is picky when it comes to choosing her partner and, because she has so much intuition, she is rarely wrong.

This is how the Cancer woman is in friendship

She is one of the most incredible friends you can have. The cancer woman is attentive to the needs of the people she loves and subtly goes out of her way to meet them. She without making much fuss and without expecting great recognition.

The Cancer woman is also a trustworthy person. She doesn’t pretend anything and she is totally sincere. The cancer woman also does not like people who pretend to be what she is not and, when she encounters these specimens, she tries to get away from them. She doesn’t confront it, because she hates conflict, but she keeps it out of her life.

The Cancer woman is a very detailed person , she will be the one who puts together the video with all the birthday wishes or finds a gift that will touch the soul of the other person. But she must be taken care of like gold, because if she feels like she is being taken advantage of, she will run away forever.

Cancer woman’s health

The Cancer woman is the typical one whose nerves go to her stomach. And that, in the long run, can cause gastrointestinal problems. In this sense she has to take good care of herself and eat a well-balanced diet . As she tends to be a great cook and lover of gastronomy, this may cost her a little, but she will have no choice but to do it if she wants to enjoy good health.

This sensitive and intuitive woman has many mood swings and this affects her nervous system. It would be nice if she found a way to balance herself through yoga or meditation. However, if the discomfort persists, perhaps she would have to put herself in the hands of a specialist.

To have a healthy life, the Cancer woman should do some exercise , preferably outdoors. Walks in the mountains or on the beach usually have balsamic effects on it. And she also has to activate her social life, although she is often a little lazy.

Famous Cancer women

An example of the Cancer woman is found in Frida Khlalo: an artist of infinite sensitivity, but also a reserved woman who shows a part of herself.  Meryl Streep, Liv Tayler, Diane Kruger, Gisele Bündchen and Emma Suárez are examples of beautiful and different women who have made their way with their talent and great discretion. There are also much more striking ones, but always with a mysterious point like Ariana Grande, Chenoa, Pamela Anderson or Sofia Vergara. As an example of a shy and supportive woman we have Lady Di.

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