Leo Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Leo Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Dynamic, active, always charming and on most occasions beautiful. This is the Leo woman, who can handle any challenge that life puts in front of her and who always seeks to get the best out of herself and those around her.

Leo Woman Personality

She is a self-confident woman, but that doesn’t mean she sits back waiting to be praised. The Leo woman is a born perfectionist , who spends her life trying to bring out the best version of herself. But she does it from a good mood, as a challenge that she sets for herself and that she enjoys overcoming. No need to torment yourself, she has come to this world for other things.

This perfectionism also affects others, but in a good way. Leo is the typical one who will tell you how to improve everything or give you the phone number of the person you need to do it at all times. If you work with her or carry out a project of any kind, even organizing a birthday party, she can become a little demanding.

The Leo woman is very organized and planned. And that helps her on most occasions, but when things don’t go as she expected, she becomes disconcerted. In that sense, throughout her life the great lesson that she will have to learn is to improvise and not to get nervous when she does not have everything under her control.

The Leo woman: controlling, independent and sensitive

And that is another of the qualities/defects of the Leo woman. She is controlling to death. And consequently a bit quite bossy. But in general, since she knows how to lead and what she wants done is quite logical, most of her succumbs to his charm and lets him take charge of her.

The Leo woman is independent.  She loves being around people and enjoying her family, but she can also function alone in other areas without asking for help. Work is one of them, since Leos tend to excel in most of their jobs and often reach management positions.

What is undeniable is that the Leo woman, who never goes unnoticed, needs attention. She likes to be the life of the party, but it also happens with her family, friends, her partner… They have to pay attention to her a little. If she doesn’t sulk or get dramatic claiming that they don’t love her.

The Leo woman is familiar and loving

And that is another of his character traits. She’s a bit of a drama-queen. Immediately she takes everything in stride. It is a roller coaster that I could go from the loudest laughter to the most inconsolable crying. Because in that sense nothing is saved for her. Her emotions are loud and always shared.

The Leo woman is always proud of her friends, family, partner and even though she is usually the life of the party, she will flatter them in public and defend them from any criticism. She is a lioness defending her pride.

Leos have incredible energy that is the envy of the rest of the zodiac. They always seem fresh from bed, fresh as a rose and full of vitality to do whatever is necessary. Even if they have slept little and worked a lot. Nobody knows how they do it.

The strengths of the Leo woman

Generous: The Leo woman is full of little details for the people she loves and she is also generous in the compliments she gives them.

Demanding: You ask a lot and ask a lot of others. Her limits are high and she doesn’t fool anyone from the beginning.

Flirty: A Leo woman can spend hours in the mirror. Or going shopping. She likes to look good.

This is how the Leo woman is in love

The Leo woman is also demanding in love. She loves herself very much and she is not going to accept anyone for fear of loneliness. She usually likes handsome men or those who seduce her with her intellect. But whatever the case, she has to feel that she has found someone exceptional.

If she likes someone, she will set out to conquer, with little messages and proposed plans. But she feels rejected, she will run away never to return, because the Leo woman is not one to give two chances.

As a couple, the Leo woman is the most affectionate and romantic. Despite her strength, there are moments when she behaves like a charming girl, full of hope and with great purity of feelings. Because if she is with someone, she is going to help that person be happy and achieve what she has set out to do.

This is how the Leo woman is in friendship

The Leo woman is a good friend, who will never betray her friends. However, her character, which makes her always the protagonist, can lead to some criticism, which she usually takes badly. Because she really wants the best for her friends and if she feels betrayed, she can start a big fight or withdraw her word from the person who has harmed her.

But that is when things go wrong and in general, the Leo woman strives for harmony around her. And she is the typical one who encourages her friends to achieve everything they set their minds to. She will give them good advice to hook up with the boy they like or she will tell them to stay away from a boyfriend who doesn’t treat them as they deserve.

Leo is also the friend who always tells the truth.  There are other people who say what others want to hear, even if it is not what they really need. The Leo woman does not belong to this club. She wants the best for her people and she doesn’t know how to be hypocritical.

The health of the Leo woman

She is full of vitality and usually exercises. This will suit her very well, because she needs to find a way to burn all that energy she has inside. And also to clear your mind and get away from worries. That is her main weak point: that sometimes she doesn’t know how to get rid of the nervousness that she has. And in the long run that can become a very annoying problem.

Tension and stress can cause contractures, mainly in the back and usually in the neck. These discomforts can also end up causing headaches. Therefore, you should stretch and have the phone number of a good masseuse or physiotherapist in your phonebook.

Some Leo women may have palpitations or arrhythmias, usually related to stress. They will have to discover throughout their lives what is the most appropriate method to control it. The stars bet on natural therapies with a mystical point. Meditation, for example, is something that would undoubtedly favor them.

Famous Leo Women

It is clear that a Leo woman will never go unnoticed and that most will cause some scandal or two, because they always have a rebellious and at times dramatic point. For example, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Megan Markle, Kendall Jenner, Whitney Houston and Belén Esteban were born under the sign of Leo. We also find natives of this sign of breaking and tearing, such as Madonna, Isabel Pantoja or Jennifer López .

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