Gemini Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

Gemini Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

She makes everyone believe that she already knows everything about her, only for two seconds later to show a completely different face. The Geminian is always rebuilding, she is made of changes and will never be the same.

Geminiana’s biggest enemy is monotony, but it’s hard to have a monotonous day with her. She’ll always have something to talk about, a new idea she wants to run after, a new skill to learn, a new haircut to try. The Geminian has the curious energy of a child and silence has nothing to do with her. Even though she spends hours in her thoughtfully, she is building theses, epics, novels. There is always something on your mind, and if you get the chance, it will win you over with your wild words.

The Gemini may seem like a romantic dreamer and at the same time escape any more serious involvement. She never quite knows what to think of relationships, whether she is in love or losing her freedom. Not too often, it has a list of frustrated suitors. It’s because one part of her thought she had found the man in her life, the other, though… It had nothing to do with that guy. It’s hard to conquer the Gemini, you have to have a good chat all the time, know how to handle your mood and personality changes, accept that enjoying a couch with nothing else planned will be impossible - she wants to explore the city, live adventures, meet new places. - She has no time for quiet, be your anchor sometimes, so she doesn’t get too lost in thoughts.

The Gemini is jealous, but tries not to show it, because she hates being jealous of her, she wants to be independent but wants attention. It is rational, more intellectual than romantic, so it prefers sincerity to exaggerated gestures of love. But a romantic dinner she accepts, because she has no patience to learn to cook. Your house is a mess, but this is only part of your creative chaos. Especially because being a housewife has nothing to do with her.

The Geminian is one who will wake up one day, dislike anything she sees, and start all over again. Your apartment, your wardrobe, sometimes even your job. Changing course for her is not a challenge, it is natural. Sometimes she doesn’t go alone, takes someone’s hand and invites him to go along. If he has the courage and disposition, it will be very worthwhile. Her paths are labyrinthine, not because she gets lost, but because turning on that street seemed much more interesting than following the GPS.

Conservative, closed-minded people go crazy beside her. For Gemini everything can be questioned, altered, innovated. She is the one whose mind is always buzzing with ideas, which begins a thousand projects. The one who has not abandoned her childhood dream of being an astronaut, painter and ballet teacher. The one who sometimes cries and wants a treat and attention, but will not be talking about feelings. The one that will wake up friends in the middle of the night with an undeniable proposal that could end up getting everyone in trouble.

She finds the world wonderful, though sometimes she erodes with worry knowing there is so much she needs to improve. The Geminian is the one who has the ideal and the energy to change the world.

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