What Zodiac Sign Is Your Worst Enemy? - Zodiac Signs Who Are Enemies


There are people who, just by seeing eye to eye, the chemistry goes off and the relationship starts on the wrong foot. Or, also, there are those who, no matter how hard they try to get along, achieving this feat is practically impossible. It may seem without reason, but it is not. As always, astrology helps us to understand even that which we think has no explanation.

Zodiac Signs Who Are Enemies

When we don’t like someone and we don’t know the reason (that old story of “it’s no use, my saint doesn’t match yours”), most likely that person is the enemy of yours. Worst Enemy sign? Yeah. There is a sign that is antagonistic to yours, that is, opinions, tastes and ways contradict each other so much that it is simply impossible to have a friendly relationship - sometimes, the relationship can be full of fights and setbacks.

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own enemy sign, ones in which the affinity levels are approaching (or have already reached) zero. Do you want to know which is the sign that doesn’t get along with you? Read below:

Who is Aries Worst Enemy - Libra

who is aries enemy - libra

The Aries strong personality is full of characteristics such as impulsiveness, authoritarianism, competitiveness, selfishness, and excess of sincerity - which is often accompanied by a little rudeness. All of this can shock people of the most sensitive signs, shaking them in an expressive way. For this reason, Cancer, Pisces, and Libra are signs that have a complicated relationship with Aries, but the worst enemy is Libra, who cares so much about education, kindness and common sense. In addition, Libra indecision eliminates any trace of Aryan patience.

Who is Taurus’ Worst Enemy - Sagittarius

who is taurus enemy - sagittarius

Taurus do not like competitions, but when they enter one (especially when it means fighting for their dreams) they do not give up for anything in the world. This determination, combined with a lot of patience and focus, does not match the personality of the people of Aquarius and Sagittarius. Among them, the relationship may tremble for real with Sagittarius, who takes everything in a good mood and, often, without the importance that the subject deserves. Not thinking before acting, thanks to their enormous self-confidence, makes Sagittarians joke and just joke but joke at the wrong time.

Who is Gemini’s Worst Enemy - Virgo

who is gemini enemy - virgo

Geminis are very friendly, communicative, and easily engage in intellectual discussions. And, when they happen, Gemini wants to have the last word, after all, their opinion is right. However, this is not the only sign to think so. Virgo and Capricorn will easily conflict with Gemini, because they do not accept that their opinion is wrong. However, the biggest enemy is Virgo, because the Virgos’ stubbornness makes the discussion even worse. Additionally, Virgos are perfectionists, discerning, methodical beings. Some of them will criticize anyone to prove their point and get what they want. And Gemini is not very familiar with organizational, disciplinary, and routine issues.

Who is Cancer’s Worst Enemy - Aquarius

who is cancers enemy - aquarius

Cancer’s are extremely attached and considerate to the people they love. They will do anything for them, everything possible, and sometimes even the impossible. However, all this dedication can be a huge burden for people who value life’s freedom too much. In this case - Aquarians, Aries, Sagittarius, and Geminis. But the sign that goes most wrong with Cancer is Aquarius, who feels really suffocated with so much need for affection. Aquarians dream of flying high, of knowing the world, of abusing the freedom their rebellion needs. Plans and projects that fix them somewhere or with someone, even for the shortest time, terrifies them.

Who is Leo’s Worst Enemy - Scorpio

who is leo enemy - scorpio

Leos’ vanity and ego make them always want to be at the top, in the most prominent place on the stage of life. So much need for recognition and praise bothers some signs like Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces, but especially Scorpio, who gets angry and bumps head-on with the Leo. Scorpios have a very strong personality. They are extremely determined and very vindictive when they think it is necessary. They get into trouble easily, so making new enemies is always a common occurrence.

Wh0 is Capricorn’s Worst Enemy - Pisces

who is capricorn enemy - pisces

Capricorn is a sign marked by hard work, focus, willingness to work, thinking about new ways to earn money, competitiveness, responsibility, and realism. Emotions are a waste of time. All of that combined with authoritarianism and pessimism. Imagine, then, some Capricorn living with someone from Pisces, who is one of the most emotional signs of the entire Zodiac. In addition, Pisces are turned off, do not focus on a single subject for more than a few minutes, are extremely dramatic, and their mood swings are constant. It’s practically impossible to have more two signs that are more opposite than Capricorn and Pisces. When a Pisces starts to play the victim, Capricorns can lose their temper.

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    Pisces don't likes enemies they have not wrost attitude of making enemies. Capricorn and leo have problem to pisces because they don't want to see pisces is becoming perfect like them. Because they (capricorn and leo) only want to become leader of this world they can't see any another person who can become chief a leader


    Change this line and write this all capricorn male and female are enemies of a pisces. This is true. In this world this is not wrong a person is imotional wrong is that a person have much anger and much wrost emotionless attitude and a capricorn is this type of emotionless person. So pisces is to much better than a cap.

    Yvonne Jenious

    My daughter and bff is a Cancer. So was my mom. We all got along fabulously. They BUY unknowingly help me share myself more. I must admit though, it would be challenging to maintain a romantic relationship with a Cancer. In fact I never have.


    im a gemini and my best friend is a virgo- hello???


    I’m a Capricorn, and my husband is a pisces. It’s someone true. I do have have emotions obviously, but I personally don’t like to sit in negative emotions, because what good does that do? I don’t like telling anyone my feelings if they are negative either. If I have an argument with my fiancée I don’t go around calling everyone I know, and telling them. I keep my personal stuff to my self. My husband is the complete opposite, and we fight mostly because he will get sad, or mad at the smallest thing, and to me seems like he wants everyone to feel sorry for him ALL THE TIME. He does play the victim in my eyes. Over the years I’ve learned to just let it be, but I slip up and get irritated to death sometimes, and tell him how it is. Life isn’t easy ??‍♀️ Don’t cry about it !


    im an aries and one of my best friends is a libra, and we are very great friends. also, my worst enemy will be another aries✋


    As a Gemini, Capricorn's get on my nerves -_-


    im a gemini, on of my best friends is a virgo and my mom is also a virgo

    Lashay bts army

    People see leos as full of themselves when actually they hate that we get more attention than them #proudleo???? and I actually don't have a problem with any other zodiac sign besides Scorpio and Virgo they are sworn enemy of leos also those Taurus get on our nerves but the others are totally cool


    IMR, true that, same with the pisces ex. I think pisces guys are worse than females ones..? My gosh, yes I think they're very sensitive & secretive. I'm a May Taurus, I like straightforward people, who can hurt me with the truth, as long it's the truth. And people can't lie either, my bull instinct can smell liars from miles away. And same with Leo, a liar/cheater, aka attention seekers????????‍♀️smh????.


    There is only Aries-Leo and Capricorn?-


    I am a taurus but my best friend is a Sagittarius, we have been friends since 5 years, yeah also we fight rarely ,and I just think that she is a great person also love her humor????????????

    (Can't tell you my name*)

    Wait what?!Scorpio Was My Worst Enemy?!Ugh! Acually I Hate Scorpio Either My Uncle Was Scopio!!!!Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ugh!!!!And My Friend Was Scorpio,Me And Her Always Fight Every Moment And Day,Now I Break Up Her Now.................

    Helen Gómez

    I am Leo

    Cristopher Velazquez

    I am a Sagittarius and I have a friend who is Taurus


    I am a Sagittarius I did not expect cancer to be my enemy that I did not expect u =


    I am Scorpio and my girlfriend is Sagittarius and everything is perfect

    Luis Miguel

    it can't be that my enemy is sagittarius: 0

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