The Dark Side Of Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Each of us has good characteristics, others not so much, and some bad. The combination of them all forms our being. And that’s right, make no mistake: we all have bad characteristics. What defines us as good or bad human beings is our ability to know how to control each one of them.

Anyway, as we already know, we can discover a lot about any one of us through astrology, which helps us to unveil the personality characteristics of each one.

Earth signs are well known for their great characteristics, they are loyal, detail-oriented and very dedicated. However, like everything in this world, they are not perfect, and that is why Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus also have their dark side. To learn more about the dark side of earth signs, continue reading.


Capricorn loves to organize his life, establish a routine, follow a method and structure his movements well. The dark side of Capricorn is that he is too proud and stubborn. If this sign feels that he is right, he will try to convince others that he is right.

If someone messes with a Capricorn, they will have made a great enemy. Of the Earth signs, besides Taurus, Capricorn is one of the proudest. He will never forgive anyone who has hurt him, and although he does not exactly plan to take revenge, he will avoid having to interact again with the person who hurt him.


As is well known, Virgo Is a detail-oriented, observant and perfectionist sign. These characteristics are part of the dark side of Virgo. Due to their observant nature, this sign cannot help but judge and criticize others. And as soon as someone asks for his opinion on something, he will not hesitate to give it, being completely sincere and without the slightest tact.

For Virgo, it is very easy to say what he thinks about someone, but unfortunately, he does not do it in the best way. Because of this, Virgo can hurt the feelings of his loved ones, because sometimes he is overly sincere, and he does not take care of his words.


When talking about the dark side of earth signs, we cannot omit the dark side of Taurus. This sign is characterized by being sensitive, but having great strength and courage. But in addition, he is well known for being proud, materialistic and stubborn. It is difficult for Taurus to forgive a failure, especially if it involves a betrayal of trust.

In addition, they can be quite materialistic, since this sign likes the good life. He loves to eat well, drink well, and of course, dress well.

Despite this, he is also somewhat stingy, and generally finds it difficult to dream, as he prefers to have his feet planted on the ground so as not to set high expectations and be disappointed when he does not achieve them.


By comparing the dark side of earth signs, we can find common patterns. All three signs are proud and have the mistaken idea that they are the best and always right. If you encounter one of these signs, the ideal is that you do not try to contradict them if you do not want to fall into conflicts.

On the other hand, if you are one of these signs, you must learn to put aside your pride and stop being so stubborn. It is completely natural for us to make mistakes, and in fact, it is useful for growing as people. So don’t fear or run from mistakes, as they can be valuable lessons.




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