Sagittarius Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

Sagittarius Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

She is outgoing, creative, free. Freedom is the air that gives life to Sagittarius. She wants to expand her horizons, all that is small is little to her. She dreams more, experiences beyond. The whole world is the home of the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the friend who will call you to leave with her on a trip she decided to make yesterday. She is the one who will quit her steady job to risk a startup because she was bored. The one that will live in the metropolis, but give their escapades to camp in the middle of nowhere. Never expect to see her bowing her head or passively accepting what comes to her. The Sagittarius thinks fate is just a suggestion and she is going to write her own story.

She was not born for routine and home services are not her beach. But you like things your way. Your room, your desk, your drawers. This tidiness goes to some extent, since, after all, she always needs her dose of creative chaos. The Sagittarius prides herself on her intelligence and always likes to be right. Learning new things is part of her routine and as she hates routine, every day she is discovering something different. Not infrequently, she is impatient with those who are accommodated or who do not strive to learn. She is one of those who asks, “If I do, why don’t you?”

Anyone who doesn’t know her is disconcerted by her outspoken way, she’s too honest. Especially because she’s a terrible liar, so it couldn’t be much different. But who cares about excess sincerity when they see your smile? The Sagittarius good mood is contagious, she is always excited and even when she fights, forgives soon to smile again. Just don’t confuse this easy forgiveness with naivety, when it really gets angry, no one wants to be around. And if there’s one thing Sagittarius can’t stand, it’s people who try to control their free spirit.

Relationships for her need to be an adventure. She loves falling in love, but is scared of stability. To get involved with a Sagittarius, you need to be prepared, trustworthy, friendly, never — never — trying to own her. One must be enchanted by the lightness and joy of a woman who will never belong to anyone but herself. If she begins to feel trapped, the Sagittarius soon moves on to another.

Sometimes such independence can be mistaken for coldness, but it is not so. The Sagittarius is moved, enchanted, cries, suffers. But his face and attitude do not show his suffering. She likes to smile at life and that’s how she always shows herself to others. It is because she believes this is the best way to overcome the sadness of a lost heart.

Sagittarius likes to think about the future, to think beyond. Her job needs to be challenging and original, or she will hate every hour spent in that monotony. It bears within itself the archer of the symbol of its sign, which throws its arrows away. So are your goals. If it is not bold, it is not worth doing. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, she will always believe and will always move on.

Her walk is safe and elegant even when she gets in the way of her steps. Your heart is fearless. She likes to have the last word, sincere people, to risk the unknown. Nothing is impossible for Sagittarius.

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