Sagittarius Man Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Warm, close, sparkling. Sagittarius men shine with their own absolutely irresistible light. Meeting them is an invitation to a wonderful adventure.

Sagittarius man personality

Their features are graceful, in fact they are counted as  the most handsome men in the zodiac. And his character does justice to his physique.  They are a real charm . Positive people who give good vibes, who care about others and who don’t go around creating dramas over trifles.

A Sagittarius man makes things easy. From the first moment, thanks to his closeness, it seems like you’ve known him your whole life. He is kind, polite, considerate and also very funny. He is someone you can trust.

The Sagittarius man: independent, optimistic and successful

Sagittarius men are very clever,  also very clever, and they find a solution to everything. From practical things to problems. They are not those who drown in a glass of water. If you don’t know, ask and if not, that’s what YouTube tutorials are for. These men are independent and find solutions to all the obstacles they encounter.

The optimism of the Sagittarius man is legendary. And even when something goes wrong, instead of despairing, you see the positive side. He is convinced that even something good can come out of adverse situations.

For all this, they are very persevering. If they want to achieve something, they will not stop until they win. They assume that they will encounter obstacles, but that does not mean they are discouraged. On the contrary, they grow through difficulties and learn new lessons that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

The Sagittarius man is restless and sensitive

The Sagittarius man is always eager to learn something new. Throughout his life, he increases his knowledge, because he has a genuine interest in knowing more. That makes everything interesting to him and he is always open to new experiences.

What a Sagittarius man likes most is contact with nature. In fact, he needs it, it’s his way of recharging his batteries. He will like any type of sport that is practiced outdoors, even better if it has an adventure component. He also loves to walk in the mountains or meet friends to have a meal at a picnic area. The beach and water sports are his other passion.

The Sagittarius man looks at the positive side of life. But sometimes he refuses to see the negative. He can talk about pleasant feelings, but sometimes he has a hard time facing those that are not so pleasant. He does not look in that direction and that can become a problem, leading him to not face situations that he does not like.

In general, the Sagittarius man will be successful in everything he sets his mind to. He has the willpower, talent and desire to excel to achieve anything. The important thing will be that he doesn’t get too distracted and decides what he wants.

The strengths of the Sagittarius man

Optimistic: Without exaggeration, it is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. It is a pleasure to be next to someone who has such a positive vision of life.

Funny: He is even capable of making the most of the most difficult situation. He is convinced that life is all about experiences and he knows how to keep the best part of all of them.

Brave: It is difficult to meet a Sagittarius man who has a phobia or paralyzing fear that prevents him from enjoying life.

This is how the Sagittarius man is in love

It is a real charm. He is one of those men who knows how to make things easy so that his partner or the woman he likes feels relaxed and comfortable around him. They are also very creative and always come up with fun plans to surprise her. At his side, boredom has no place.

The Sagittarius man is very restless , but when he finds a partner with whom he can share the type of life he likes, he stays by his side forever. He is able to keep the spark alive in long-term relationships, because he is very passionate and, in addition, always finds new plans to share as a couple.

Sagittarius gives their all in a relationship, there is no doubt about that. The thing is, he does it his own way. And that way involves maintaining his independence and being able to make plans, from time to time, without this implying that he will have an argument later.

How to conquer a Sagittarius man

There are men who have a predetermined type of woman. This is not the case with the Sagittarius man.  As he is curious by nature, he can be interested in very different women. What will attract you most is that they are authentic and original. He is not interested in those who pretend to be what they are not to seduce him.

Sagittarius has a great social life and really likes to include his partner in it. Therefore, he will appreciate that he is an open and outgoing man and that he can adapt to new environments without withdrawing.

Sagittarius doesn’t like bad vibes. He is not attracted to critical women or those who overdramatize. At first they may seem a bit picturesque, but it will be difficult for you to stay with him for too long.

This is how the Sagittarius man is in friendship

The Sagittarius man is an incredible friend, who is always by his side when they need him. And when not, because he makes really fun plans so that everyone has a great time. He the first. He usually has both male and female friends and always brings good vibes to the groups he is in.

Even if he has hundreds of friends, Sagittarius cares about each one of them. But what he can’t stand is the demand for exclusivity. There are signs that may be a little jealous or ask for a lot of attention. The Sagittarius man will not confront them, because he does not like conflicts, but he will distance himself little by little until he practically disappears from their lives.

The best thing about the Sagittarius friend is that you can count on him for everything. From laughing until he leaves you on his shoulder to cry. He is a very altruistic person, who enjoys spending time with his people and seeing that he can do something for them. Of course, he will never do anything out of commitment. He only does the things he feels from his heart. Sincerity is another of his great virtues.

Famous Sagittarius Men

We have already said that there is no shortage of handsome people among those born in Sagittarius. To show some beautiful buttons:  Brad Pitt, Ian Somerhalder, Alejandro Sanz, Gerard Butler or Jake Gyllenhaal. Sagittarians are the most fun, as shown by  Woody Allen, Alex de la Iglesia and Ben Stiller. And they always have a way of doing things their own way: Risto Mejide, Jamie Fox or Steven Spielberg are good proof of this.

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