Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

The horoscope gives the Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man bond a low compatibility in love.

At first both of you will feel that you are the love of your life; they will get along very well sexually.

But, in the long run, the priorities and needs of each will reveal themselves and they will discover that they are very different from each other.

The Sagittarius is a dreamer, imaginative, and talkative. Taurus is warm and sensual, but it is difficult for her to express her emotions and feelings.

Unhealthy jealousy can also arise in this relationship, something that ends any relationship.

The Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man connection

With these two things are much simpler, because they have very close personalities and temperaments. They are both strong-minded individuals who prefer to ask first and shoot later.

Both signs do not generally act impulsively and are therefore less likely to make mistakes.

Sure, Sagittarians have their dynamic drive that propels them forward, but it’s within the limits that Taurus can handle.

The Taureans need to feel safe and protected from all the unexpected dangers in life, and building a stable and secure situation is one of the ways they can achieve this, and it is the best way too.

They will never be overlooked to tackle a problem, and they will also prefer to have someone who deeply understands their nature, who is on their side.

In this way, your full potential can be vastly enhanced, and all your ambition, determination, and strength of character are put into action with twice the efficiency.

These two will find it very easy to be successful in their respective careers, and building a couple from the ground up would be one of the best ideas they could come up with.

With the high-paced optimism and open approach of the Sagittarius, coupled with the strategic and cautious mind of the Taurus, what could possibly go wrong?

It is basically a given that success, fame, and fortune will be yours, no matter what odds are stacked against you, or what troubles may appear along the way.

Level Of Understanding Between A Sagittarius Man And A Taurus Woman

When it comes to communication, the Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman have a great deal of understanding for one another. Even said, there are situations that may arise in which the Taurus woman is not overly possessive of her partner but displays a strong possessiveness toward him. It’s possible that she doesn’t appreciate the fact that he goes out with his other female friends while she stays at home by herself. This is a significant error, and it is possible that he will have to make up for it in the future.

She will need to be careful that she does not pay much attention to the straightforward attitude that he possesses, and instead focus on filling the void with trust and love in order to be able to experience a lovely relationship in the time that is to come.

The same approach needs to be taken by the Sagittarius male, and care should be taken to ensure that he does not become overly direct with women. Additionally, the Sagittarius male needs to ensure that the Sagittarius female is showered with an increased amount of love so that she understands that she is the only person that truly matters.

By making these relatively little alterations, he will become more enthusiastic and sincere, and she, in turn, will infuse the astrology relationship compatibility with a great deal of love and passion. When he sees the support and adherence with which she believes in his dreams with enthusiasm, it will increase the amount of recognition that he gives her.

They may also have a satisfying sexual relationship while they are together in bed. The dominant Sagittarius man is sensually aroused by the submissive Taurus woman, who will make her feel desired. On the other hand, the feminine Taurus will spark the passion within the dominant Sagittarius man, which will result in both partners feeling fulfilled. They only need to understand each other’s sexual demands, which may be different from one another. However, once they act properly, they will have a very happy sexual life as well, which will add positively to the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman compatibility that they will share.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Taurus woman and Sagittarius man
Emotional connection Below average 2 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Very strong 5 STARS
Common values Average 3 STARS
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS

How to improve this relationship

The Taurus-Sagittarius bond unfortunately has a low compatibility in love. That does not mean that the relationship will not work, but it does mean thappen that you will have to constantly strive to keep it afloat.

It may be the case that in the beginning of the relationship you both feel that you are the love of each other’s life. You may feel that you are made for each other and that the sexual passion is very good. But these characteristics, in the short or long term, end and reality comes.

Both signs do not have the same priorities and needs, and this is often very noticeable. Usually this couple fails when they discover this; so if they managed to overcome the first obstacle… things can improve.

This woman is sure of herself, she will always know if she loves her man or not. But if you start to notice that you don’t want it like you used to, you shouldn’t rush into making decisions that could cause a lot of damage. Sometimes we get the impression that we don’t love someone like we used to, but many times the problem is elsewhere. Even a bad work day can discourage us and create the feeling of not loving anyone or that no one loves us! It is important to rediscover what were the characteristics of her man that managed to establish an intimate relationship with her.

The Sagittarius is a good conversationalist, so the Taurus should take advantage of this characteristic to always have dialogue with him.

The key to improving this relationship is DIALOGUE. If a problem arises: talk. Never try to hide or silence a problem that really bothers you, because this will end up exploding later and, probably, with worse consequences.

The Taurus woman is warm and sensual, but sometimes it is difficult for her to express her emotions and feelings. This can mislead the Sagittarius and he will believe that she doesn’t love him.

There is a very serious problem that can arise in both: unhealthy jealousy. They must take great care of this, because it is one of the main causes why the Taurus-Sagittarius couple ends their relationship.

When there are problems, a remedy never fails in this link: sex. In fact, it is usually the characteristic that unites this couple, at least at the beginning of the relationship.

Finding characteristics that unite you in the long run is essential, because the relationship could end as suddenly and quickly as it started.

The points in favor of this bond: both are patient, have good feelings and like to love deeply. If they have these three characteristics, the couple will achieve happiness without a doubt.

It is also important that this relationship is always in harmony. Arguments wear this couple out too much, it is not one of those bonds that with fights are strengthened. It is quite the opposite in such cases.

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility Reviews

Annie Chin

I am married to a Sagittarius man. In general, everything is not bad, but from time to time he ends up talking too much, but this does not mean that he sincerely thinks and believes everything he talks. He just cannot always control himself. It can be rude without hesitation, and then it is remembered. It is pointless to click with him; he does everything in his own way. In this regard, they are somewhat similar to Taureans. When they first met, it was love at first sight. The only thing next to him is that you don’t feel safe in the financial sphere. Very easy to lose all the money.

Jheanne Lusica

I meet a Sagittarius man for 2 years, he is an intelligent, interesting and passionate lover. If I could still make me confess my love, everything would be perfect. With him, I learned to be patient and less jealous. This sign, like no other, needs personal space. During all this time, we parted many times, but because of my loyalty, he always comes back and pretends that nothing happened.

In general, a great guy, we complement each other perfectly, I let him be himself, he wants me to let him go, then let him stay, and then let him go. I think we need to give him time to think everything over and finally decide what he wants. Talking with him gives me a lot of pleasure, we can communicate at least for hours together. Good luck to all the girls in love with Sagittarius.

Truth be told “opposites attract.” We can talk on absolutely any topic for hours. His activity is very stimulating to me. I can advise all the ladies of Taurus to put less pressure on their Sagittarius man, he is very freedom-loving, he does not need to stick sticks in the wheels. Treat him well and give him the opportunity of personal freedom and he will be pleased.

Shona O’Shaughnessy

I also meet with the man Sagittarius, I completely agree about freedom. He can not stand any control, so you have to put up with his love of freedom. Patience is the key word in this relationship. Let him go where he wants, in the end he will return to you anyway. At first it annoyed me, but now I’m used to it. Sometimes his carelessness still pisses me off, treats everything else frivolously.

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    Susan Miller

    The affinity between a Taurus and a Sagittarius is more positive for friendship and for work than for marriage. Those born under the sign of Taurus tend to be sensitive, peaceful, intelligent, seductive and are always worried about things in the real world; while those born under the sign of Sagittarius are passionate, liberal, sincere and need to be surrounded by friends. The relationship in the workplace can be very fruitful since both will work hard to achieve their goals. Taurus must bring his realism, characteristic that Sagittarius rarely has since it is more fanciful and dreamy. In love, in fact, it may be that Taurus pursues the other to crown his dream by taking him to the altar and that Sagittarius , lover of freedom, flees from one country to another; everything will be fine if Taurus loved traveling too, but if it is very homemade, it is better to change partners. The union could resist if the woman were Taurus, who locks herself in the house to wait for him while he cradles the children. Taurus is a homebody while Sagittarius enjoys social life, parties, trips and friends. Problems could arise since Taurus can be possessive and try to tie Sagittarius , who will not endure the routine and lack of freedom, and may get bored with the company of this native. Although if both take these differences for the benefit of the couple, Taurus can learn to be more flexible and socialize a little more and Sagittarius learn to enjoy the warmth of a home. Both must learn to appreciate each other's tastes, respecting the times and spaces chosen for each one. Taurus' prudence and practicality can help channel the couple, as long as there is true love between them and try to complement each other instead of wanting to change the other. In the sexual field, a deep and extreme physical attraction unites them. The opposing characteristics of Taurus (family and home) and those of Sagittarius (social and liberal) make them attract more intensity when it comes to intimacy. In turn, the planets Venus and Jupiter govern both signs and make them sexually very compatible. Taurus will discover through intimacy, the most compassionate and profound side of Sagittarius and can connect to him.

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