Taurus Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Taurus Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

The Taurus woman is tenacious and firm. She wants to get a comfortable life and she will work hard for it. Discover more!

She is very independent and manages to learn everything she needs so she is not calling to ask anyone for favors. She has a very practical intelligence that helps her achieve everything she sets her mind to.

Taurus women have both their feet on the ground. They have a calm and tranquility that the restless can only envy. Mindlessly chasing dreams and illusions is not their style. For Taurus women, what matters is what is here, what is real, and what they can achieve right now, at this moment. And when a Taurus woman decides she wants something, no force can stop her.

Taurus Woman Personality

The Taurus woman is the most resilient: She can endure great loads of stress without saying anything. What use would she be? She prefers to invest that time in finding solutions that make things easier for her. And it is very difficult for her to delegate and she carries everything on her back, but she does not believe that it is to make a drama either. She prefers to carry the backpack with a smile on her face.

All this makes her an emotionally strong woman. And she is also very determined. She doesn’t waste time and gets to the point finding solutions. She is capable of being a great leader and organizing teams very effectively. Her ideas and her diplomatic way of presenting them are highly valued.

The Taurus woman: introverted, authentic and cultured

So why does she seem so shy when you see her at a social gathering? The Taurus woman is a little introverted at times because she needs her time.  She is not one of those spontaneous people who says the first thing that comes to mind. She thinks and then she speaks. And she takes the time to feel comfortable in a new environment. This sometimes gives it a very seductive mysterious air.

The Taurus woman loves beauty and art. She seeks to surround herself with harmony and beautiful things because, although she does not bother to go to the nines every day, she is a very refined woman. And in many cases she is also cultured. She may be an art expert or a vocational painter or decorator.

Yes, she likes beauty, but she can’t stand what is imposed. People who look cool, the nouveau riche, those who boast and especially those who live in front of the gallery cause him rejection. She doesn’t confront it, because what’s the point? She prefers to go somewhere else where she can be with authentic people, like her. Because that is one of her main virtues: authenticity.

In general she has a lot of patience, but this also has a limit. And when it runs out, it can explode unexpectedly, leaving everyone with their mouths open because they are not used to it being out of character. But when that happens, it means that the others have gone too far and she has ended up fed up. Maybe she should learn to complain sooner so she doesn’t have to explode.

The Taurus woman is thrifty and protective

However, the most common thing is that when someone bothers them, they punish them with their indifference. In that she has a lot of style, she doesn’t even ruffle her hair, she looks the other way and continues with her life, making her own the maxim that “the greatest contempt is not showing appreciation.”

The Taurus woman is very good at managing the domestic economy. She controls expenses perfectly and without going through hardships, because she likes luxuries, she is able to save. A marvel for accounting.

Plus, it’s a love. He likes to protect the people he loves. As a mother she is a 10, because she is very affectionate with the little ones , but she is also firm when she plays. And with the people she loves she does the same: she is the one who can bring you soup if you are sick, but she is also going to tell you what you are doing wrong with total sincerity.

The strengths of the Taurus woman

Conservative: She doesn’t like change and, even, her tastes are more on the classic side. News is not her thing, she prefers that everything continues as usual. That’s what she needs to feel stable.

Sincere: The Taurus woman rarely lies or has dishonest or manipulative attitudes. She is very frank and calls a spade a spade. She is a very trustworthy person.

Demanding: Normally she is a lot, but with herself. However, because she sets the threshold so high for herself, she expects others to do the same. And she is disappointed if it isn’t.

This is how the Taurus woman is in love

They say that she is the most faithful in the horoscope and it is probably true, because once she has found love, she will not look for more. The rest of the men will become friends and she will never think of them as anything else. You can totally trust her in that.

The Taurus woman is very feminine and seductive. She is a romantic, so she has a very high opinion of love and will not settle for anything less. If she is meeting someone and has questions, she will take the time she needs to resolve them. And if she misses the opportunity, bad luck, better that than making a decision that she wasn’t totally sure about.

When you are clear that you like someone, it doesn’t cost you anything to take the first step. Of course, with a lot of flirtation. And during her relationship, her romantic nature will lead her to shower her partner with all kinds of sweet and surprising details that will fan the spark of love. Also, if there are problems, she will fight for the relationship without losing hope. Although yes, she is quite jealous and she can start a fight if she even remotely suspects that they are cheating on her.

Taurus Woman Career

She works hard for what she believes in and can do well in any job as long as there is enough silence to concentrate. She prefers routine to adventure, but routine is never boring to her. Taurus women can make everything look cozy. A Taurus woman’s house is comfortable. Her car always smells like new. When she plans the New Year’s trip, everyone will certainly feel good. Her farewell hug always feels warm and good.

Taurus women don’t give up on what is right for the sake of a fantasy. She knows right away when something is wrong or fishy. She is never the helpless maiden and has the strength to face all challenges and dangers. But she also has a soft and feminine side. She likes art, poetry, and cooking… These activities make her feel good—the world s more colorful in the eyes of a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman: Family and Home Life

The heart of a Taurus woman’s home is her living area. Her environment profoundly influences her, and she will ensure that when you enter her home, you immediately feel at ease and at home.

Her furnishings are functional and comfortable; they are frequently used and carefully maintained. You shouldn’t be shocked to see this earthy lady’s windowsills covered in crystals, succulent plants in pots, and found objects from the ground like pinecones, dried fungus, or driftwood. Hand-carved wood elements or rough-hewn pieces are always fascinating to her.

The female Taurus personality finds refuge in nature, and she is happiest when she can gaze out her windows and largely see trees. She naturally understands the seduction of the senses, and candles flickering make a cozy environment for it. She might enjoy frequently sprinkling her surroundings with sage or cedar, and the aroma of excellent incense often remains in the air.

Taurus women are wonderful nurturers and frequently make outstanding cooks, usually wholesome, hearty foods. A Taurus mother will never let her child lack anything, including food. All the beds have cozy blankets covering them, and sheepskins may be used to provide even more plushness to the chairs and sofas. Mother and child can relax, snuggle, read books, sing songs, eat healthy porridge, and wonder at this area’s fascinating rocks and lichens.

A Taurus values touch, making her a very hands-on parent who is always willing to provide a warm hug or hold your hand. In a Taurus household, routine is crucial, and discipline is upheld since it always makes perfect sense! All beings can thrive in a safe and secure environment created by a strong, grounded Taurus.

This is how the Taurus woman is in friendship

A Taurus friend is someone who will not let you down. She is the typical one you can call in the wee hours of the morning because you have gotten into trouble and she will come to the rescue. Of course, you have to be willing to do the same for her, because if not she will leave your life without a reproach, but at lightning speed.

They are stubborn, no one can take that away from them. And a little bossy when plans have to be made in a group. But since they are so competent in everything they set out to do, in the end most of their friends let them take the reins and everyone is happy. They are very good at preparing trips out of the city and looking for plans that involve contact with nature, which is where they recharge their batteries.

Taurus woman have a great sense of humor and know how to take the edge off everything that is not too important. They are positive and give importance to moments of happiness. They won’t miss a single one. And if you’re by their side, they won’t let you overlook them either.

The health of the Taurus woman

The Taurus woman likes gastronomy and good food. And that can lead to some health problems. Although the main one is those extra pounds, which she wants to get rid of, but she finds it difficult when they put a succulent dish on the table.

In general, she enjoys very good health. Its weak point is its throat, which tends to bother it with changes in weather. You can also suffer from hoarseness and it usually happens when you keep silent about too many things. Otitis is another ailment that haunts them.

Taurus women are burdened with a thousand responsibilities. Those who do not know how to stop in time can suffer from stress. Although since they are so spirited, by making some adjustments in their life they will be fresh as a rose again.

Famous Taurus women

They are persistent and that is the key to their success. That and talent, of course. Penélope Cruz, Adele, Renée Zellweger or Ana de Armas belong to this sign that builds a solid career step by step. The most determined historical figures, such as Isabella the Catholic, were Taurus. Megan Fox, Cher and Gigi Hadid also belong to this sign of women who don’t take no for an answer.

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