Taurus Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality

Taurus Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality

Taurus women have both their feet on the ground. They have a calm and tranquility that the restless can only envy. Mindlessly chasing dreams and illusions is not their style. For Taurus women, what matters is what is here, what is real, and what they can achieve right now, at this moment. And when a Taurus woman decides she wants something, no force can stop her.

Taurus Woman Personality

Not born as a hasty one, the Taurus woman likes to dedicate herself fully to what she sets her mind to. Then she lives one moment at a time, with full focus and clarity. So if you are a Taurus woman, remember this trait to notice the details, and everything you touch will be well done. She is sophisticated and sensitive and seeks the best life can offer. She is about being dressed in pajamas and flip-flops: She has an air of natural elegance for those who know how to appreciate all the simple and sophisticated joys of life.

Taurus women don’t cry for a small thing or dramas. She is known to hide a wall behind her sometimes serious face. The Taurus zodiac sign is known for strength and constancy. It is the anchor for any storm. Sometimes it expresses itself as stubbornness under the pretext of determination. After all, she doesn’t like to shuffle, is dedicated, and is always ready to face another challenge.

Taurus Women’s Love and Sex Life

Their sensuality is not revealed in everyone’s eyes, for they are subtle in expressing love and sexual passion. But it’s intricately woven in her eyes, curves, and smile. Taurus women seduce in such an engaging way that even before you know it, their partner is already in love. There is no hug hotter or more intense than her kiss. Taurus women’s surrender to love is only rivaled by her taste for a fine meal.

Do not expect to find Taurus woman announcing her love to the world. Their practicality and discretion go against these exaggerated outbursts of passion. What she appreciates is fidelity, affection, sincerity, and complete surrender. It is what she gives and what she expects in return. She will see right through you if you give her half-truths or just a portion of your love. This the Taurus women do not accept and surely do not deserve. They may run away from fights and conflicts to uphold peace and harmony, but when they lose their temper… the one who provoked her is sure to regret it greatly. It takes a lot to get off a Taurean woman’s hook. They are known to prefer coldness to violence.

Taurus Woman Career

She works hard for what she believes in and can do well in any job as long as there is enough silence to concentrate. She prefers routine to adventure, but routine is never boring to her. Taurus women can make everything look cozy. A Taurus woman’s house is comfortable. Her car always smells like new. When she plans the New Year’s trip, everyone will certainly feel good. Her farewell hug always feels warm and good.

Taurus women don’t give up on what is right for the sake of a fantasy. She knows right away when something is wrong or fishy. She is never the helpless maiden and has the strength to face all challenges and dangers. But she also has a soft and feminine side. She likes art, poetry, and cooking… These activities make her feel good—the world s more colorful in the eyes of a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman: Family and Home Life

The heart of a Taurus woman’s home is her living area. Her environment profoundly influences her, and she will ensure that when you enter her home, you immediately feel at ease and at home.

Her furnishings are functional and comfortable; they are frequently used and carefully maintained. You shouldn’t be shocked to see this earthy lady’s windowsills covered in crystals, succulent plants in pots, and found objects from the ground like pinecones, dried fungus, or driftwood. Hand-carved wood elements or rough-hewn pieces are always fascinating to her.

The female Taurus personality finds refuge in nature, and she is happiest when she can gaze out her windows and largely see trees. She naturally understands the seduction of the senses, and candles flickering make a cozy environment for it. She might enjoy frequently sprinkling her surroundings with sage or cedar, and the aroma of excellent incense often remains in the air.

Taurus women are wonderful nurturers and frequently make outstanding cooks, usually wholesome, hearty foods. A Taurus mother will never let her child lack anything, including food. All the beds have cozy blankets covering them, and sheepskins may be used to provide even more plushness to the chairs and sofas. Mother and child can relax, snuggle, read books, sing songs, eat healthy porridge, and wonder at this area’s fascinating rocks and lichens.

A Taurus values touch, making her a very hands-on parent who is always willing to provide a warm hug or hold your hand. In a Taurus household, routine is crucial, and discipline is upheld since it always makes perfect sense! All beings can thrive in a safe and secure environment created by a strong, grounded Taurus.

3 Secrets of the Taurus Woman That You Must Remember

A Taurus woman is very much like a lady of the desert who doesn’t care much about what people think about her. So if you want to attract this type of woman and make her feel at ease around you, these Taurus women’s secrets will be very useful for you.

A Taurus woman would be very interested in letting you know what things are comfortable to her and the things that would cause her stress. Taurus women often try to avoid being in situations where they have to deal with unnecessary stress. It’s one thing to know the secrets of a Taurus woman, but it’s another thing entirely to master these secrets to achieve the kind of relationship you want with her.

One of the best Taurus women’s secrets is that she will not like to talk about sex. Even if it’s something that she finds exciting, she won’t admit that she likes it because she knows she might be judged harshly by you. This will drive you crazy, but she will not care if you feel that way. If you can avoid bringing up the subject of sex for conversation with her, then she will never even remember the actual event.

Another thing that she might find annoying is keeping in touch with friends and family when you’re constantly on her phone. She might get tired of you very quickly if you’re just wasting her time. She wants to have a good time with you, not spend all your time together worrying about what people say about her and you two if you can make sure to keep yourself busy with work or any other job that does not involve too much talking (especially when with her,) then you can easily make her appreciate you more.

If you want to make her happy, you need to make her feel important. The last thing you want to do is to annoy her with your useless company. If you find that you do not have much to offer in terms of advice or friendship, try to do what you can to make her feel like she is the only person in the world.

If you follow these Taurus women’s secrets to the letter, you can win her over very easily. The sooner you can do this, the better because she will likely be very open to the idea of you dating her. Once you have gained her trust, then there is nothing that you cannot do to make her happy.

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    I am an 11 year old taurus muslim girl and inshallah everyone will understand taurus's now!

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