Capricorn Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Confident, persevering and determined. There are no limits for Capricorn men, they have come here to achieve what they set out to do and they will fight hard to achieve their goals.

Capricorn man personality

This sign is very responsible. He doesn’t shrink from any challenge. He gets down to work, without making any fuss, and works determinedly in the direction of the goal he has set. That is very important for the Capricorn man: setting a goal that will structure his daily life.

They are very organized and do not like to skip steps. They also do not improvise, although they do not remain paralyzed if they have to do it. But your thing is to draw up a plan, no matter how long and complicated it may be, and follow it to the letter. And once he’s gotten what he wanted, he likes a little recognition. It is not a sign that brags, but it is very appreciated to feel valued. He knows he is brilliant and he likes to dazzle from time to time.

The Capricorn man: dignified, practical and somewhat shy

The Capricorn man is extremely sweet and polite in his ways. He will rarely be seen to lose his temper or shout. That doesn’t mean he says yes to everything. Not at all. He knows how to calmly argue his points of view and rarely lets himself be stepped on. More than pride, he has a dignity that he does not renounce for anything or anyone.

He is very practical and has a lot of common sense. He gets dizzy about people who make movies out of nothing. He also doesn’t like those who complain. He never does.  He assumes his responsibilities, no matter how many they may be, because he knows that that is what he is up to and that complaining will do no good. In fact he would turn him into someone he is not: a person who is not willing to put in the effort.

You will rarely see a Capricorn man ask for help. That is because, on the one hand, he is shy. On the other hand, he does not want to show that he is not capable of something. But the main thing is that he doesn’t want to bother. He is very respectful and believes that his problems do not have to bother others. On the other hand, in the opposite case, he will provide his help to the people he loves because he understands that it is part of his duty.

The Capricorn man is sensitive and stubborn

The Capricorn man can have a fatalistic view of life. He thinks everything is struggle, effort and problems. But that doesn’t make him throw in the towel. Quite the contrary. He is driven to persevere because he is convinced that only with his effort will he be able to move forward.

Sometimes, his pragmatism leads him to consider life as a big business. This vision is not cold but practical. And it helps him not to be disappointed, because despite everything he may seem, he is an extremely sensitive man.

The Capricorn man is very sure of what he does and that, on some occasions, can lead him to be a little stubborn. It is not that he wants to convince others that he is right, it is that he will never allow them to tell him that he is not right or that he could do things differently. For him these opinions are like hearing rain. He doesn’t pay any attention.

The Capricorn man is very organized. Sometimes even obsession. Some need to do things in a specific order and never alter it. It’s not superstition, they are convinced that only that way things turn out well.

The strengths of the Capricorn man

Analytical: He has a privileged intelligence that allows him to analyze any situation with great precision. He rarely makes mistakes because he uses reason without allowing his feelings to get in the way.

Homely:. The Capricorn man is capable of building a stable and happy home for his loved ones. He will always be working for it and will have a hard time relaxing, but he will be happy to have achieved it.

Confident: The Capricorn man does not doubt himself. He may be shy and not brag all day about his achievements, but deep down inside he is convinced that he is doing things very well.

This is how the Capricorn man is in love

There is something mysterious and magnetic about the Capricorn man. An enigma to discover that attracts women. That shy air combined with that confidence is an explosive cocktail. But this sign is very demanding in love and although he is aware that he arouses interest in the opposite sex, he will wait until he finds someone who touches his heart.

He doesn’t really like having short-term romances, although he may go through periods in his life when he does. He wants to fall in love, to get rid of that seriousness that characterizes him and to be able to open his heart. And when he does it, it is a gift for his partner, because he becomes thoughtful, funny and, at times, even a clown.

When a Capricorn gives himself, he does so with a sweetness and intensity that moves. He will be willing to give everything for her partner and make her feel like the queen of the world. Because in her eyes he is, since with how demanding he is, otherwise it would be impossible for him to be with her.

How to conquer a Capricorn man

Slowly and with good writing would be the best advice to steal the heart of a Capricorn. He loves long and deep conversations. He is a very cultured and intelligent man and he appreciates that his partner is also that way.

The Capricorn man will be attracted to special, but discreet women who are sincere and authentic. He does not tolerate vulgarity, nor people who shout or criticize, nor does he take well to being reproached.

Love for the Capricorn man is not usually a crush. It is something that grows little by little, until it floods his feelings and that is when he becomes the most romantic person in the world.

This is how the Capricorn man is in friendship

The Capricorn man is highly respected among other men. His dignity and iron will, as well as his intelligence and ambition, arouse admiration among his colleagues. He may have many acquaintances, although with his friends he is very exclusive. With these, for example, he likes to play competitive sports in which he gives everything to win. Instead, he has a very select group with whom he talks about the things that matter to him. If he feels that they don’t quite understand him, he will withdraw into himself again, although he will continue to appreciate them.

His impeccable manners mean he also has many friends. Some may be attracted to him, but in most cases it will be a genuine friendship without any other intention. He can feel very comfortable talking about a thousand topics and revealing his vision of the world.

Capricorn cares about his friends, but many times he does not show it as they expect. But if they know him well, they know that he is there and that he will help them in whatever way he can. What he can’t stand is pressure and friends who are too absorbing. Basically it’s something he doesn’t understand, because he would never behave that way.

Famous Capricorn men

Capricorn men are really interesting. They have a special halo that makes them very attractive. Among the best known, we find Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, Kit Harrington, Martiño Rivas or Ricky Martin himself. There are also those a little more original like Marilyn Manson or Jim Carrey.

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