Aries Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Determined, restless and creative. This is what first catches the attention of an Aries woman. But there is much more… we will tell you!

In addition to her strength, the Aries woman hides a heart of gold and a noble character like few others find in the horoscope. A woman who fascinates because of her vitality and her willpower, but also because of her tenderness and her desire to help.

Aries Woman Personality

The Aries woman is a warrior and she is right, because she fights for what she believes in and does not mess around. She is a creative, determined woman, but full of humanity who is capable of achieving whatever she sets out to do with a smile.

She can look bossy, be stubborn, take work. But this is just another way for Aries to show where she came from. It’s not a matter of arrogance, it’s just safety of herself. Which delights, but also scares those who are not prepared to take the blow. She does not accept to be silent, does not bow her head and knows that her place is where she wants to be.

Nobody knows where the Aries woman gets so much energy from, because in that aspect she is the envy of the horoscope. She always has a thousand plans and she manages to organize herself to get everywhere. The secret is that she prioritizes. She doesn’t waste time on trifles or thinking about what to do. She does it and that’s it.

Plus, she always has time to get some exercise. You will hardly find an Aries woman who is not an accomplished athlete. Her ruler, Mars  , the god of war, encourages her to be physically active. And no matter how little she does, her athletic figure notices the benefits immediately. Her mind also appreciates more than any other sign the peace of mind she achieves when she sweats her shirt thoroughly.

The Aries woman: intuitive, mysterious and demanding

The Aries woman is also very intuitive. She is clear about what she has to do at all times and trusts her instincts. However, this can lead her to be a little impulsive and on some occasions – at least – to screw up. Therefore, the great subject pending for her is to combine her wonderful intuition with a little reflection.

One of the characteristics of this fascinating woman is that she is mysterious. She may seem like an open book, because she is very spontaneous, but there is a very reserved part of herself that only comes to the surface when she is with someone very special. She is then able to confess all her weaknesses and doubts and show a sensitivity that she usually hides.

Many call the Aries woman demanding and they are right. But that demand begins with herself, who sets very high goals. And she hopes that the rest will also be able to achieve them. She doesn’t like people who give up before trying. However, if they try and fail, she will be at their side to help them get back up.

Among her many qualities is helping others. She goes out of her way to ensure that the people she loves don’t lack anything. And she also gets really involved in her problems, providing very practical solutions and spreading her positive attitude towards life.

The Aries woman is very independent

She usually makes a living from a young age and it is not strange to see her in male environments or in the business world setting her own rules of the game. She usually supports herself and manages her domestic economy very well. Many achievers have been born under this sign.

Of course, the native of this sign is a little jealous. She gives herself to her people and can frown upon them prioritizing someone else’s friendship. In love she is even more jealous, because she can’t stand anyone overshadowing her. Although with all the virtues she possesses, it is quite difficult for that to happen.

The strengths of the Aries woman

Imagination: Although the Aries woman is known for her determination, she also has a very creative side that helps her solve problems in an original way.

Independent: The Aries woman knows how to navigate life and sometimes they prefer to make mistakes rather than have someone make decisions for them.

Close: The Aries woman, despite her strength, is very empathetic – except when she is upset, everything has to be said – and she is capable of understanding others and helping them in everything she can.

This is how the Aries woman is in love

Romance, by the way, is not the center of your life. Living in dreams and expecting the enchanted prince is no fun for an Aryan. She doesn’t run after someone who didn’t give her a ball, she doesn’t annul herself to live a love and sees no problem being alone. She, in the first place, loves herself. This security seduces, is almost a magnet attracting the eye of those who care.

But she is faithful until the end when real love arrives. She doesn’t want a master or a doormat, but someone who stands by her, supports her, and can be proud of. Aries likes a compliment, but it’s not worth flattering just to get something. It only tolerates truth. Life beside her is not calm. It is emotion. She will demand the best of her love, but instead she will devote herself to him like no other. But if he hurts or betrays her ... Forget it, he has no chance of forgiveness. Aries has little tolerance for those who do not treat it as a priority.

The Aries woman is very passionate and does not settle for half measures. She falls in love with strong, creative characters who live up to who she is. But she is also not attracted to those who are excessively bossy. She likes to be seduced, but she can’t stand it when people decide for her, because she is very independent of herself. The Aries woman needs to be admired and she has enough qualities to achieve it instantly. She never allows herself to be underestimated.

In love she can be impulsive, for good and bad. It may have details that leave your half open-mouthed. But she can also be very harsh if she feels like she is being hurt. On occasion, she realizes that she has overreacted and will try to fix it, although she rarely apologizes because she is too proud. She can leave a toxic relationship easily. As much as she loves the other person, she did not come to this world to suffer.

When in love, the Aries woman becomes deeply romantic. She is capable of giving her all and making her partner feel in heaven. They are faithful companions as long as they feel that the person they are with is a unique being who lives up to what they are. And above all, that she is capable of innovating day by day and ensuring that the relationship does not fall into monotony.

Aries Compatibility Chart

AriesAries with… Compatibility
Aries Aries High
Taurus Taurus Medium
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Low
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra Low
Scorpio Scorpio Medium
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Low
Aquarius Aquarius High
Pisces Pisces Medium

This is how the Aries woman is in friendship

Whoever has an Aries friend has a treasure, because she is capable of supporting her loved ones to the last consequences. Her decisive nature makes her an excellent advisor.

The Aries friend can get on her nerves when she sees that the person she appreciates is going down the wrong path. There she can be very tough, but she will always do it with the best of intentions and her advice will be very valuable.

The loyalty of the Aries woman sometimes leads her to mercilessly attack the enemies of the people she loves. She does not dwell on many reflections, she acts to defend her own. But if she thinks that someone she trusts betrays her, she can also be somewhat vindictive.

The health of the Aries woman

The natives of this sign have a lot of energy and vitality and are not sickly at all, but they do have their weak points. The main one is the head, as they can suffer from headaches, migraines, dizziness or vertigo problems. Also sinusitis or problems related to both life and hearing.

The Aries woman is the typical one who can suffer from a very high fever, which leaves just as it arrived. Her recovery capacity is endless and these feverish states usually occur when she is very stressed and her immune system suffers.

The energy of the Aries woman means that on many occasions she ignores some discomforts. This is an attitude that should change, because the body is wise and if it complains it is necessary to listen to it in order to prevent greater evils.

Famous Aries women

They came into the world to innovate and they all achieved it. Whether in ancient centuries or today, Aries celebrities have marked their own path regardless of their profession. Here are a few examples:  Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Bette Davis, Joan of Arc, Saint Teresa of Jesus.

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