Best Jobs for Taurus Male and Female: Top 10 Professional Careers and Occupations

The Taurus sign has an archetype closely associated with continuous work, material security and a taste for comfort and the good life. Given the general characteristics of this sign, which types of work best fit it?

Let’s take a look at top ten professions that match this stereotype of the Zodiac. But it is always worth mentioning that these suggestions are based on the archetype of the sun sign. For better guidance on which career suits you best, we always suggest consulting with a serious astrologer for the analysis of your Astral Chart. Moreover, in choosing the profession you should always prioritize what excites you and what makes you happy. Do what you love and have no doubt that your destiny will be privileged!

The best careers for Taurus are:

1. Director

In the corporate environment, the tireless work of the Taurean, combined with the ability to organize, are characteristics that companies seek for positions of high hierarchy. If the corporate world catches your eye, reaching a board position can be very pleasurable for a typical bullfighter.

2. Chef

Taurus is the zodiac sign that most values the pleasure of eating. Tastefully, Taureans can be great chefs. You’ll find the best ingredients to give that special flavor to all your dishes.

3. Public Relationship Manager

Working in government-related areas is a good option for the organized and practical bullfighting. Especially here in United States, work is not lacking in this area.

4. Farmer

With people’s increasing interest in organic food, a farmer’s job can be a great way for a taurine to contribute to his taste for good nutrition. And you don’t have to be a farmer with a lot of land to do this, starting with a small garden at home is a great way to spark interest in this kind of work.

5. Singer

In many astrological studies involving analysis of artists’ Astral Maps, Taurus was often found in singers. Try knowing your voice and maybe not use it to make good music?

6. Beautician

Working with the beauty of people can be a great field of work for Taureans (as well as Libras). Patience and good taste are always present in the energy of this sign and can help a lot in this kind of work.

7. Counter Manager

Taking care of money is something Taureans seem to have a natural gift for. They know how to invest, control and use money as efficiently as possible.

8. Architect

The long hours of work that architects spend will not be painful for a Taurus. With a routine that requires patience and continuous work, architecture can be a good career choice.

9. Researcher Jobs

Working as a researcher can give a working environment that Taurus people value a lot. Spending hours on tests and reading books to make new discoveries in science can be a great kind of work.

10. Career in Interior designing

The taurine’s taste for comfort naturally leads him to a profession that he can use to his advantage and thus help his clients in the best choices for decorating environments. Satisfaction at the end of the day is guaranteed.

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