Cancer Man Leo Woman Love and Friendship Compatibility


Love compatibility between Woman of the sign Leo and Man of the sign Cancer

The horoscope gives the Leo-Cancer bond a relatively good love relationship.

This relationship is not entirely good ... although they have many characteristics in common, there will also be many ups and downs.

The lion always demands a total, complete and perfect love; if you can find it, it will be sweet and kind. She needs a sensitive and loving man.

On the contrary, the Cancer man usually hides his temperamental character, he will always be calm. Nor is he usually faithful, especially if she does not satisfy him on a sexual and emotional level.

The Leo woman, meanwhile, always feels like a true winner in everything, she always finds the positive side of things. This can make it difficult for you to see clearly that you are not giving the Cancer man everything he really needs.

The Leo - Cancer Combination

Of all the water signs, a Cancer man is the best match for a Leo woman.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

The love between a Leo woman and a Cancer man likely stems from an emotional connection. They are literally opposites, ruled by fire and water, but they seem to understand each other. They both love deeply, though in different ways. If Leo and Cancer fall in love, it will be a simple love, not as dynamic as Leo with a fire sign.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man Sex Life

Leos tend to be more sexually adventurous than Cancers. If the couple enters the relationship expecting simple and innocent sex, it will work out. Not all Leos need an overly adventurous sex life to survive. And, a Leo could pull a Cancer out of her comfort zone and introduce her to more exciting sexual experiences.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man Marriage Compatibility

In marriage, Leo and Cancer work because they take on opposite tasks. The Leo woman is adventurous and outgoing while the Cancer man takes care of things at home.

The mutual understanding that allowed you to fall in love will keep you united in marriage. This relationship probably won’t involve a lot of explosive fights, although they will find themselves in small disagreements from time to time.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Leo woman and Cancer man
Emotional connection Average 3 STARS
Communication Below average 2 STARS
Trust and dependency Strong 4 STARS
Common values Below average 2 STARS
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS

How to improve the relationship in between Cancer Man and Leo Woman

The Leo-Cancer bond has a relatively good love compatibility. This means that there will be very good moments in this couple but also other moments of crisis. It is important to find the ideal balance so that most of the time in this relationship is pleasant.

At first, the characteristics in common between these signs will be very pleasant to both; in fact, they are likely to idealize each other, which can lead to disappointment when they come into contact with each other’s real flaws. It is important to put your feet on the ground and understand that we all have defects and that there is no Disney prince or princess in real life.

Then, over time, profound differences can emerge. She is very demanding, like a good lion, and will find trouble anywhere if her Cancer man does not know how to satisfy her.

Love and affection are the keys to making this relationship work. I know that it is difficult out there to express loving feelings in words, therefore you can do it with simple gestures or small gifts. If you like to feel loved and desired, then it’s always good to let your partner know too, right?

The Cancerian is more elusive, he often hides what he feels and is always seen calm. The problem is that it can accumulate all that energy and explode at any moment. Most lionesses know how to calm Cancerians, it’s something they tend to learn over the years of relationship.

She always needs to be very sexually satisfied, otherwise she will leave. Therefore it will be essential to innovate in bed. While these Leo-Cancerian get along very well, at least at first, on a sexual level; routine in sex can kill the relationship. Talking about sexual tastes, fantasies, and surprise in bed can improve this relationship. The woman should know that the man works differently in bed and, many times what is erotic for him is not for her and vice versa. Therefore detecting what can turn on and drive the other crazy on the sexual plane will help this relationship.

A very serious problem with the lion is her ego. She believes that she does things well and this prevents her from seeing clearly that she is not giving the Cancer man everything he really needs.

Another very important point is the family and friends plane. Being liked by your partner’s family and friends can help you, and you don’t know how! Gaining the trust of the environment will help you detect problems and, in addition, they will help you solve them. They know your partner better than anyone; they may even know him better than you.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility Reviews


Now I meet a man with cancer sign and I adore him. He always supports me, very romantic and loving. You can always count on him, although he is a little owner and controls me. In general, I think that this is an ideal union if you are ready to work on it.


I love Cancers men .... a little sensitive, but very caring and loving ... with him you will feel long-awaited and desired!


Cancer is the most incomprehensible sign for me. They have a split personality. I met with such a 9 months. He can love you and hug you, and at another moment he becomes very moody. In general, he knows how to support and console me. We also have common views on life and common goals, which is also a plus.

His arrogance is also very offensive. It is very difficult for him to understand what he thinks and feels, sometimes he just hides in his shell. Any attempts to pull it out are doomed to failure. ?  Never shares his deepest feelings.

At such moments you feel awkward and unsure of anything. All in all, he is very romantic and can be passionate in bed. Of course, when comparing all the pros and cons, the pros outweigh. He is sociable, loyal and ready to protect me. I’m not afraid to express my emotions and feelings, but you won’t get a word about love out of him. In general, this union has its own problems and they can very easily destroy relations, so you have to be careful.


My man is Cancer - amazing! We have been dating for several years, he is still romantic, loving and gentle. He always tells me compliments, but for a Leo woman this is very important. He has a little control over my communication with other guys, but not so much. Everything is perfect in bed, loyal, reliable and generous in life. Great union.


I am 21, and the guy is 26, sometimes I feel that I’m ignoring me, I’m passionate in the bedroom, I like it. He is truly romantic and knows how to cheer up. I think this is a great union. Never meet Libra guys - I controlled everything and drank my blood. I met with 2 Libra guys - a terrible experience and boring things.


I meet a cancer sign man, he is very seductive, caring and gentle, but at the same time very moody. He never talks about his feelings, he experiences everything inside his shell. ?  Nevertheless, he is a very good person.


In love with the cancer zodiac man, he is caring and gentle, but very moody ... Just be prepared to be patient and tender with him and then he will reveal his feelings, good luck to you :)


I love one man of cancer sign for about 3 months. In the first meeting I felt emotional and physical attraction. After 3 months it is still very attentive, sweet and affectionate. But our sex life is not as intense as I would like.

There is another problem, he began to take me for granted in small things. He cannot refuse friends a walk breaking my plans. I tried to discuss it with him, but he only was rude in reply. He says that he loves, but cannot say no to others. I do not like it when they push me into the background. I want constant attention. I don’t feel confident from such behavior, but at the same time I love him ... a very strange feeling.

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    Susan Miller

    At first, a violent passion can be born between a Cancer native and a Leo native because they are opposite signs but, precisely for this reason, they are also complementary. The union is even more valid, especially if the woman is Cancer: sweet, affectionate, submissive, passively eager to be fertilized, she will be the ideal woman for the Leo man, wild and dominant. But a couple made up of a Cancer man and a Leo woman will be a little harder to cope with since it is very likely that the Cancer feels a bit overwhelmed with the strong presence of its Lioness, while it may feel choked by Your partner so homemade. In any case, if both propose it, they will be able to exchange their knowledge and have the necessary tolerance to carry out any labor or economic association. But, if they do not want it, each one of them possesses, in the Fire of Leo and the Water of Cancer, the power necessary to destroy the other, and they can use it without even realizing it until it is late and the damage It has already been caused to one or the other (or both). There are, unfortunately, some associations between the natives of Cancer and the natives of Leo since sometimes Cancer and Lions (or Lionesses) reverse their roles. The natives of Cancer are affectionate, sensitive souls, but sometimes it happens that the systematic dripping of the Water element over the years literally extinguishes Leo's fire and his confidence. The relationship can begin with a lion of the "shy kitty" type, which is perhaps sufficiently tolerant of the Cancer idiosyncrasy and objectives, and that allows his annoyance for not being sufficiently respected and adored, to become in lethargy, to the point where Leo's charism is completely submerged. On the sexual level, Leo needs a simple and affective partner, who makes him feel a true winner. On the other hand, Cancer hides his true carnal instincts behind his calm shell; But if someone Leo does not find someone who satisfies him as he wishes, he may look elsewhere for affection and intimacy. Both must work hard to conform to their partner, if they want to achieve good compatibility on the sexual level.


    Im a Leo woman currently in love with a Cancer man . I'm 21 and he is 24 and man oh man has this been the time and ride of my life. For starters we were both going through our own individual problems with our former ex's which made it difficult to jumpstart our relationship. Down the line I knew that I would have to grow patience (which of course to a Leo doesn't exist) but he helped me to grow that and it bettered me as a person. In the beginning we were miserable with life but 2 negatives made a positive. I brought out his true heart and he helped mines grow twice as big. He has a child while I do not. I am willing to be there for him and his child though because I love him and he's more of my family than my own. He finally told me after a year he loved me which I already knew because I loved him since the moment we met. Crazy enough we met through my brother and overtime it became me and him becoming closer both as friends and lovers. He's my protector and I'm his no matter what happens between us. He makes my heart sing with joy everytime he calls (which is everyday), text (which is all the time) and when I get to see him. Our communication is strong and our loyalty is deep. We still have a long way to go but this has been the best year and change of my life and I wouldn't have it no other way. My advice to my LEO WOMEN that are after a CANCER MANS heart, don't be too forceful (I know it isn't easy), but great things take time and its worth the wait. Treat him like he is already yours(they need to feel that protection) and adore him all the time even when he's moody. Don't be too clingy, and if he feels he needs space, then take it because no relationship should be compacted. If he's already on you then don't over step, they will come to you I promise, Im not selling false dreams. They don't say things for no reason sometimes (if they are that means they are playing you and you should RUN!) We are best friends and lovers and honestly that's not something you come across everyday so if you do have what I have take it and be happy he loves you for you!


    I met a guy he is a cancer and I'm a leo... oir bond is very strong. We don't fight much we like seeing each other... when we aren't together we always miss each other alot. Our relationship isn't based off sex... and that's a great thing. He is very caring and soft, gentle and the best personality. He always says what bothers him cause he is a person who doesn't hide it. If we fight I get soft and can't fight back at him cause that's just how it is I always start crying or something then we go lay on the bed and talk things out and say sorry. He has a soft heart for me and I also have for him. When we first met we had this instant connection. Never lost it since then. We are very private about oir relationship cause we don't like people always saying things and it's always better that way. He is protective never let's me go somewhere alone or something. Never let's me wear short things. He is caring and loving and goofy always having play fights or jokes. We all have ups and downs yes but work it out and love each other unconditionally.

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