Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Dating, Obsession, Attraction and Breakup

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility Match

The horoscope gives the Aquarius-Cancer bond relatively good love compatibility.

The Cancer man is seductive, romantic, and shy; he likes beautiful, sweet, and feminine women. But these men need a strong and authoritative woman. The Aquarian is extremely feminine, responsible, and has a strong personality, so in this sense, they are very compatible.

If they achieve a good harmony from the beginning, this couple has a future ... otherwise, they will never achieve anything good.

Air and water sign combination

The combination of a Cancer man with an Aquarius woman can be quite strange. Although they both have a lot in common, they have distinctly separate personalities that can clash at times. A Cancer man is a homely person, while the carefree Aquarius needs his freedom. A little give and take are necessary to make your relationship work. But if both of you manage to resolve your differences, you can have an enriching relationship.

Cancer is a water sign whereas Aquarius is an air sign. Their combination is a challenging mix. What one wants and what he believes, the other might think otherwise. A Cancer man mostly wants a very personal and committed relationship while the Aquarius woman seeks friendship in their relationship. This could lead to confrontations, but as you both progress together in love and life, you could give in to each other’s needs and blend beautifully into a strong relationship.

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Cancer man

The Cancer man gives his home top priority. He is someone who can be trusted because he has a very strong intellect along with a soft heart.

A quintessential family man, he doesn’t stop himself to show his emotions. He is someone who can achieve a lot in life with his great determination and innovation skills. In this life partner, he would look for a woman like his mother.

For him, his mother is and will be the epitome of perfection, and he would also want the same attributes in his life partner.

When in a relationship with an Aquarius woman, he can offer his lifetime security regarding commitment, happiness, and love.

Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman is a very kind human being who has nothing to hide in her life. She likes to keep her life as an open book. There is friendship and transparency in his personality.

She is someone who stands miles away from diplomacy and is very open in her approach. Even though she takes the time to show her true compassionate self to people, she is quick to show her empathy.

When in a relationship with a Cancer man, she loves his welcoming side and likes to hear his fascinating ideas. But she is not very understanding in her relationships, and this attitude of hers saddens the Cancer man. Sometimes you feel insecure and unloved by an Aquarius woman. This attitude, if left unchecked in the initial stages, can lead to a breakdown later on.

Advantages And Drawbacks Of Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man Alliance


Both Cancer and Aquarius share a desire to win over their significant others. Yes, if an Aquarian has feelings for someone, that is also true for distant Aquarians. When they are together, both of these signs make sure they stay within their comfort zones and avoid placing one another in awkward situations.

They might go above and beyond to try out novel things. Because neither sign is good at saying no, the relationship might work well for both signs.

If everything goes as planned, Aquarius and Cancer may have a higher level of sexual compatibility than most other couples.

This couple has opportunities to learn more because of the differences in their personalities. They are able to communicate effectively and make things happen.


When insecurity seeps into Cancer’s mind, trouble can start. When activated, it will cause a number of problems for the independent Aquarius. Similar to how Aquarius may act out against Cancer when they feel constrained.

Additionally, it is known that Cancer and Aquarius have somewhat opposing natures, which can lead to problems. When things get tough, Cancer will withdraw into their melancholy shell, irritating Aquarius to no end.

Due to their lack of emotion, Aquarians may react unhealthily when they become angry or frustrated with Cancer. As a result, it will be a difficult obstacle for them both to overcome.

Relationship between the two

Both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman have different aspirations in life. The Cancer man is generally limited to his stated goals or desires in life and is often unaware of all the other wonderful qualities that he might possess. The strong woman of Aquarius introduces him to his hidden facets. The Aquarius woman convinces him to let go of his past and discover new horizons in life.

Despite being so opposite in their interests, they experience a strong attraction towards each other. The saying that “opposites attract” is true in his case. An Aquarius woman loves freedom in a relationship, while she loves to stay at home. He loves discovering new things in life where he loves familiarity and hates change. But when he’s in a relationship, he gets beaten up by the really bad Cupid. He loves her spontaneity and is drawn to her new outlook on life.

A relationship between the two of you can lead to a breakup after a few years if neither of them agrees to trade a little for each other. Cancer man treats his lady differently and as his priority. Also, you unknowingly try to teach her life lessons and try to convince her to do many things appropriately. But his preaching is not well accepted by the Aquarius woman who hates receiving instructions from someone.

The Aquarius woman places a lot of importance on humanity and compassion after freedom and independence, and since the Cancer man is very compassionate, she is willing to let go of a little of her freedom. An Aquarius woman is caring and very kind, but at the same time, she can be a bit insensitive to the feelings of others. She knows that her Cancer man is very sensitive to others and she loves this quality about him.

Here is a quick look at the key traits that determine how the relationship develops between these zodiac signs:


  • Emotional
  • Loyal
  • Dependable
  • Caring
  • Imaginative
  • Empathetic


  • Intelligent
  • free-spirited and receptive
  • Inventive
  • Original
  • Independent

While Cancerians are extremely emotional and loving, Aquarians remain in their own intellectual world. These symptoms might all exhibit a strong sense of resolve. But once more, they might require assistance in navigating their relationship and settling disagreements.

Cancer fears

Although the Cancer man recognizes the gentle spirit of his Aquarius woman, he worries that one day he may leave it. He fears a deep break inside and tries to tie her to himself. But both of you can sense mutual feelings for each other and know for sure if your relationship will last long or end in a breakup.

On the outside, theirs is a strange relationship, and people would wonder how they get along in the first place. But a little give and take are all it will take for this romance to blossom forever.

An Aquarius woman, when in a relationship with a Cancer man, can get very irritated with his unpredictable moods. The Cancer man should stop expecting her to read his mind every time and instead tell her why he is upset. She often falls into a moody silence that irritates her infinitely. The Aquarius woman prefers open discussions. You both need more verbal communication with each other.

The good part is that an Aquarius woman is a stable sign and does not give up easily. If she is committed to making the relationship work, she will do her best and make sure it doesn’t break up. The Cancer man will also deal with his determination to make things work and therefore rarely can end in a breakup. It is this shared willpower that works so well. Their romance may not be very easy, but their breakup is a rare occurrence.

Chemistry of love

The chemistry of love between them is contagious and evident, but only if they also feel it from within. To the extent that they feel happy, one can feel an aura of happiness around them. The energetic and fun Aquarius woman manages to show new horizons to the Cancer man and he too, in love with her, agrees to explore new things.

An Aquarius woman, on the other hand, feels warm and secure in her love and begins to understand the value of real love. A Cancer man brings humor and tenderness into his love life while balancing it with freshness and fun. They both fall into a true romance with each other. After a few years in love, they will understand and accept their differences and will enjoy the company of others.

Cancer Man Aquarius Woman Sexually

When talking about your sexual compatibility in between Cancer man and Aquarius woman, it is important to understand its different elements. When air and water physically come into contact with each other, it can be a very gentle combination.

A Cancer man considers sexual intimacy to be the most important aspect of their relationship, while an Aquarius woman finds it comical and fun. Only when the two of you grow closer emotionally can you make your romance more passionate.

Sexually, their relationship is not very good at first, but the Cancer man manages to explain the importance of sex in their relationship, and little by little he surrenders wonderfully to its charms. Their excellent power of imagination takes them to great heights sexually.

For the Aquarius woman, sex is not a priority in a relationship, and this attitude of hers will irritate and sadden the Cancer man. She understands how important sex is to him and will make efforts, but her lack of interest will make him deeply saddened. He would have preferred her to have the same enthusiasm for sex as him.

But he will appreciate your effort and will forgive you. She, however, cannot commit to him what she wants. If the Cancer man leaves certain things based on time and circumstances rather than being demanding, their relationship could be smoother on the sexual front.

How to improve this relationship?

The Aquarian-Cancer bond has relatively good love compatibility. But do not rest on your laurels ... if you do not build a solid foundation in this relationship from the beginning, any problem can trigger a major relationship crisis.

From the beginning, Aquarian-Cancerian bonds have an irrepressible passion for each other. Unfortunately, this, that which brought them, together can be the breaking point of the relationship because, they wonder, what happened to that past passion? Will there no longer be love? Do we love each other?

In Aquarian-Cancer couple relationships that have been going on for several years, a major problem that can arise is boredom.

You should look for more fun and different activities together, it is good to be encouraged to do things that would never occur to you: practice a sport together, grow a plant and wait for its beautiful flower, share a book and then discuss it with each other, etc. They are tiny changes that help to get out of the routine.

The Aquarius woman always has to be beautiful for this man; he hates that she is not always well-groomed for him. I clarify well, for him, because also the Cancer man can get very jealous if he sees her go out too beautiful to places where he will not be.

The family and friends level is of the utmost importance in this Aquarian-Cancer couple. Having a relationship with your partner’s family and friends can help you a lot. Gaining the trust of the environment of your love serves to get to know each other better and they can also help you solve problems because who better than them to know exactly what may be happening to your partner in a certain problematic moment?

Harmony in this couple must be achieved from the beginning; if things did not work out at the beginning of the relationship, it is difficult to go back.

Finally a key, especially for the Cancer man: be generous in bed. The Aquarian woman will always appreciate it.


The final verdict on this combination is that although it is a bit difficult at first, these two enter into a harmonious relationship over time, be it sexually or day-to-day. They both appreciate many things about each other.

The Cancer man finds her very original in her attitude, but at the same time is saddened by her easy approach in a relationship. If she shows a little more concern and sensitivity to his feelings, that would be great.

An Aquarius woman, on the other hand, loves her man’s determination and prudent nature but does not approve of the way he clings to his past. If he understands your need for freedom, he may be delighted with it.

An Aquarius woman should respect the Cancer man’s need for privacy and give him plenty of space. The Aquarius woman should try to be a little homier to her husband. She should let her man take over the house on his own, and should just try to add color and warmth whenever possible.

Although in most cases, a Cancer man and an Aquarius woman are not like the usual happy couples because their relationship gets a bit stressful after a few years with the Cancer man who wants more intimacy in the relationship. But if they can resolve this flaw, together they could lead a wonderful life.

It may seem like a roller coaster with these two signs, but with love and effort, you can build a life of happiness.

Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man Reviews


I am an Aquarius woman, dating a Cancer man for almost 6 years. He is very demanding in terms of feelings and emotions. He always needs words of love, and he simply does not understand that love can be expressed in different forms. I know that relationships are not easy and I have enough patience, even though he constantly drives me crazy, in general, he is kind and does everything for me that he can.

Cancer man knows how to respect women, so I feel how much effort he puts into our relationship. I hope that over time he will learn to accept me as I am, then we can move on to the next step in our relationship.


I am an Aquarius woman, I met a man of Cancer sign. At first, everything was like in a dream, but the dream ended in a nightmare. Throughout her life she met with two men of this sign, both were liars and manipulators. I had never believed in horoscopes and believed that I should follow the call of my heart, but now I understand why they write about our incompatibility.


Now I meet a man of the Cancer sign, at first everything was cute and romantic. At first, I played a friend, but then I noticed that he just fell in love and began to get on my nerves with his obsessive love. He needs attention and love, which just depressed me. I reacted aggressively to my desire to walk with friends, in general, they were not a couple to us.


I am an Aquarius woman, dating a Cancer man for over 8 months. I love him ... it’s very easy to fall in love with him. In the beginning, it seems that he has all the necessary traits of character. But over time, you realize how paranoid he is in love, he constantly needs feelings and tenderness .... not to mention his jealousy.

God ... this relationship just drains me emotionally. The most trivial of words can upset and touch and affect his tender heart, and the Aquarius woman will just sit and think ... what I did wrong. His grievances are puzzling, if these relations do not improve, I will look for Libra or Pisces.


I am a Cancer man, dating an Aquarius girl with a child, fell in love with both. But she constantly disappears, does not call or write, I have to miss. I do not mind giving her free space, but it seems to me that she is simply not interested in me. He asked her if I was not pushing her, she was silent ... maybe I’m just wasting my time ...


I am an Aquarius woman, dating a man of cancer sign for 3.5 years. After reading the comments above, I must agree with everything. In the beginning, he was very sweet and I wanted to marry him. I loved him more than anyone in the world. But his paranoia and unreliability eventually surfaced.

With him you feel constantly guilty, for everything else you do not trust me, constantly manipulates emotionally, and if you do not give him what he wants, he becomes evil. Even after we broke up ... continues to be jealous and pester me. Probably no longer when they start to twist with Crayfish. Aquarians are very faithful, but they need to be able to trust and give personal space.


I’m married to a man of cancer sign, I knew that the time would come when he would need me to constantly hold his hand and say words of love. It’s just their perception of love, and that’s all they need. Despite my turbulent career, I continue to put my family first. And with his cherishing, I have no problem. My work is at home, so at any time I can cuddle with him. If you pay more attention to him, he will have no reason to worry. When he comes home from work, I stroke him on the head, and then I sit down to do my own thing.


Criterion Compatibility Degree: Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man
Emotional connection Average 3 STARS
Communication Below average 2 STARS
Trust and dependency Strong 4 STARS
Common values Strong 4 STARS
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS
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    I am a 63 year old Aquarius my man is 65 year old cancer we have been dating for two years now and I cannot wait to see him when I’m not around him and when I am with him it’s like we can’t keep our hands off each other I don’t bother about the shell that he hides in at times,I just relax and wait for him to come around,I love this man so much,I would do anything to keep our relationship going.I know he love me but he has never said it,we have the most amazing sex.I feel we’re just starting and it will get better I use to hate when I would text him and he text me back 4/5hours later.I’ve gotten over it he’s so loving and adorable I love everything about him. He’s very arrogant But he loves me.

    Kaci Oswald

    I am an Aquarius woman absolutely in love with a Cancer man. We have been together for 4 years. While cancer may be more open emotionally, is because of this that I have actually broken out of my shell, learn to communicate better, and found a lot of inner peace. Normally I would shy away from speaking about my feelings, but he refused to let me hide. He pointed out My best qualities, and made me aware of the ones that weren't so good for me, but he never made it feel like it was a flaw. As an Aquarian, I do not like to be told what to do, and he realizes this and approaches me in a kind and compassionate way. He's very intelligent and I don't have to dumb myself down for him, which I love. As far as our sexual relationship goes, this is the best that I've ever had. It's good every single time. I mean every single time. I love this man and I'm so happy that I met him.


    All of this is true and compelling I guess I would say! I'm an Aquarius woman that has met a Cancer man online and am madly in love with him. Sad part is I have NO PATIENCE and so I have some work to do in being calm and patient AT TIMES because I already know I won't do it ALL THE TIME. But I truly feel that he has already made me look at some flaws in myself. They are definitely flaws but uhh do we Aquarians even have flaws??? I'm kidding but I think this is going to be an interesting ride.

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