Birthday Number 11 In Numerology - Born On The 11th Day Of The Month

Were you born on the 11th? See what influence this day of birth has on your personality according to numerology.


Whoever is born on the 11th of each month comes to the world with high doses of affection and dreams infiltrated in his personality by the vibration of this day of master number. See the description of the people born on the 11th and see if it matches your personality. If it does not match, it is more likely that other numerological influences will be stronger than the vibration of the day and have neutralized or even transmuted these characteristics into your personality.

The Positive Features Of People Born On Date 11th

It is affectionate: Those who are born on the 11th have naturally the gift to be a caring person with everyone around them. He likes to be always surrounded by friends, family and spouse and relates in an intense and special way with each one of them. You need the people you love around to feel safe.

It’s diplomatic: He is a reliever, he can be sociable with everyone around him and he tries to solve conflicts always in the best way, trying to listen to both sides without judging anyone.

It’s intuitive: His intuition is very sharp thanks to his mediumship well developed naturally on the day of his birth. It is common for people of that day to ignore their intuition and let reason speak louder because they are rationally very intelligent, but their intuition can not be wasted, often it overlaps with rationality, it will allow their great potential to manifest itself unusual mode.

He loves intensely: They give themselves up to love, both for friends and for relationships, they are always best friends and that boyfriend / woman everyone would like to have such a dedication that he / she has with loved ones.

He is a dreamer: It is a person who has dreams of changing the world, of his reality, believes that the good are the majority and dream from small with the will to make the world better.

Negative Characteristics Of People Born On The 11th

Dramatic: So much love, affection and intensity make people born on the 11th quite dramatic. If the people around you do not devote so much to it, you feel devalued and frustrated. When it tries to impose its point of view and is annoyed, it is very drama.

They care a lot about what they think about you: He has difficulty countering the opinion of others, especially the people he loves. Stop doing things you like because the mother or spouse will not like it.

He dreams more than he does: Here is the point at which a positive trait becomes negative. Although he has big dreams for the world, to improve the context in which he lives, he rarely performs his ideas, he does not put his hand to the masses to fulfill his dreams. You are not a practical person, and you need to control your dreamy side and try to become a director.

It has fragile health: You have to be careful with exaggerations, risks and addictions because your health is not favored by numerology.

He’s very nervous: Many emotions result in a whirlwind of nerves and tensions. Although they seem calm people, the reactions of people born on the 11th are exaggerated, for good and evil. As 11 is a fundamental number, those born on that day live constantly in high vibration and need to keep their nerves balanced because they tend to have them in the blossom of the skin.

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