Birthday Number 21 In Numerology - Born On The 21st Day Of The Month

Were you born on the 21st? See what influence this day of birth has on your personality according to numerology.


Do you know those people who refuse to grow up? Who say that adult life is very boring and end up procrastinating responsibilities and want to live like young people throughout life? They usually are born on the 21st. See the description of the people born on the 21st and see if it matches your personality. If it does not match, it is more likely that other numerological influences will be stronger than the vibration of the day and have neutralized or even transmuted these characteristics into your personality.

The Positive Features Of People Born On Date 21st

Forever young: They are cheerful, communicative people who show a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. They are eternal youngsters even in appearance, take time to grow old and always say that this is because they do not care much.

Has talent for dramatic arts: It can excel in theater, dance, music, literature and the plastic arts. It has a special vocation for writing.

He likes fun and social life: Being surrounded by friends and spending your money on amusement is the rule for him.

It’s lovely: They are people who have a natural charm, a gift of enchantment with their calm, bare and carefree way. This makes people want to be close to him and “get” a little of that lifestyle of life unattached from problems and material life. It usually has several suitors, and loves it!

Negative Characteristics Of People Born On The 21st

Forever young: It can also be a negative trait because they are people who run away from the responsibilities of adulthood. They do not pay bills on time, they do not make health plans, they do not raise money for possible emergencies, they do not think about having a home or maintaining a serious relationship.

Individualist and independent: He likes to do what he wants, when he wants to. He does not like someone interfering with his individuality, likes how he is and suggestions of change are not usually welcome.

He does several things at once, but he does not: He begins many projects, but few times he finishes them or even initiates them, the majority is only in the idea or the same plans. It gives off a lot of energy because of that, and it spreads out of interesting things that could be successful if they were taken more seriously. When they finish a successful project, they receive lots of applause from the loved ones around them, and are satisfied with these applauses for a long time, not striving to achieve other larger goals.

Very emotionally unstable: They are people who go through many ups and downs. Emotion has great influence on your life, but its instability can bring you problems. He has a hard time stepping in with a single partner because he ends up becoming more of a friend than a partner. Relationships are usually peaceful and harmonious, but they are not usually very long-lasting due to the lack of maturity of those born on the 21st.

Psychosomatic diseases: As a very emotional person, you can develop psychosomatic illnesses when you suffer great personal or professional disappointments.

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