Chinese Numerology: Oriental Number Magic

Chinese numerology

Many people know that each number, in addition to its mathematical value, also has a symbolic value. For example, the number 13 brings misfortune.

But this applies to western numerology, while there is eastern, Chinese numerology, which has a number of differences. And the Chinese believe that using this knowledge of numbers is not only a visionary, but also a wise attitude to life.

The most obvious of them is the relation to the number 4. In Chinese numerology, not only the four themselves, but also all the numbers that make up it: 14, 504, 724, etc. From the point of view of Chinese symbolism, the owner of such numbers in a house, car or apartment does not expect anything good.

By the way, the number 14 in Chinese numerology replaces the number 13 so frightening in the West. For example, it is believed that living in a house with this number is a big trouble. The number 13 is quite favorable.

However, each rule has its own exceptions: so it is here. Such an exception are the numbers 44 and 48, which among the Chinese occupy an honorable place among the most favorable numbers. And all because the number 44 gives 8 in total – a very favorable number. And 48 consists of as many as six eights, according to the multiplication table, with which prosperity and prosperity are associated. Especially the figure eight is appreciated among businessmen and in the field of trade.

Another favorable number is 9 , which symbolizes completeness, completeness. Nine is special in that when multiplied by any number, the sum of the resulting number will in any case be equal to nine. Thus, the number 9 always remains unchanged.

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the number 7. In the Slavic tradition, the seven is also considered a very lucky number, a number of happiness – people say that they are “in the seventh heaven.” Among the Chinese, the seven is associated with reason and health.

Combinations of lucky numbers including 7.8 and 9 are very highly valued in China. And to have, for example, a mobile phone number that includes these numbers is considered not only prestigious, but also a visionary, and even wise attitude to life.