Chinese Numerology: Lucky and Unlucky Numbers Meaning

Chinese Numerology - The Ultimate Guide to Lucky and Unlucky Numbers according to Feng Shui numerology and their meaning.

Many people know that each number, in addition to its mathematical value, also has a symbolic value. For example, the number 13 brings misfortune.

But this applies to western numerology, while there is eastern, Chinese numerology, which has a number of differences. And the Chinese believe that using this knowledge of numbers is not only a visionary, but also a wise attitude to life.

The most obvious of them is the relation to the number 4. In Chinese numerology, not only the four themselves, but also all the numbers that make up it: 14, 504, 724, etc. From the point of view of Chinese symbolism, the owner of such numbers in a house, car or apartment does not expect anything good.

Number 14 Lucky or Unlucky in Chinese Numerology?

By the way, the number 14 in Chinese numerology replaces the number 13 so frightening in the West. For example, it is believed that living in a house with this number is a big trouble. The number 13 is quite favorable.

However, each rule has its own exceptions: so it is here. Such an exception are the numbers 44 and 48, which among the Chinese occupy an honorable place among the most favorable numbers. And all because the number 44 gives 8 in total - a very favorable number. 48 consists of as many as six eights, according to the multiplication table, with which prosperity and prosperity are associated. Especially the figure eight is appreciated among businessmen and in the field of trade.

Number 9 Lucky or Unlucky in Chinese Numerology?

Another favorable number is 9 , which symbolizes completeness, completeness. Nine is special in that when multiplied by any number. The sum of the resulting number will in any case be equal to nine. Thus, the number 9 always remains unchanged.

Number 7 Lucky or Unlucky in Chinese Numerology?

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the number 7. In the Slavic tradition, the seven is also considered a very lucky number, a number of happiness - people say that they are “in the seventh heaven.” Among the Chinese, the seven is associated with reason and health.

Combinations of Chinese Lucky Numbers

Combinations of lucky numbers including 7, 8 and 9 are very highly valued in China. And to have, for example, a mobile phone number that includes these numbers is considered not only prestigious, but also a visionary, and even wise attitude to life.

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Summary of the meaning of numbers in Chinese Numerology

NUMBER 1 combinations in Chinese Numerology

1 - It is a person who has difficulty expressing his most intimate feelings.

11 - Can express himself easily, have a balanced view of life, and assess situations impartially. Has commercial savvy.

111 - The person can be very communicative or very introspective according to the situation. This person usually has an artistic gift.

1111 - The person tend to have difficulty expressing himself. It is usually misunderstood. The person can’t help himself, and he often says what he shouldn’t.

11111 - The person has great difficulties in verbal expression and is often misunderstood. The person prefers to use other means of expression, such as writing, painting or dancing. They may have imbalances concerning food, sex, drugs or alcohol.

NUMBER 2 combinations in Chinese Numerology

2 - When the person determines himself for something, he will be extremely resolute, firm and decisive. It will not be easy to change his mind.

22 -He is a person who has a lot of intelligence, sensitivity and intuition, with a strong memory capacity.

222 -  He had a childhood with fragile health. Very sensitive, develops fear and thus tends to live in a world of their own, and can often be lonely for fear of being hurt.

2222 - They are impatient. They tend to exaggerate their problems. Hypersensitive, often tend to be alone for fear of being hurt by others. They tend to overreact to the situation.

22222 - Life with a lot of imbalance is often difficult, sensitivity is exaggerated, self-doubt and cannot trust others either.

NUMBER 3 in Chinese Numerology

3 -He is a person who has good intuition and feeling. It tends to disperse from the objective previously proposed, and it needs to have focus. He comments on his projects in advance, which is often hampered by this. It may tend to gossip.

33 - He is a person who has intuition and an innate understanding of people and situations. He knows how to sniff out false friends and protect himself. He is a loyal person and even naive because he trusts and comments on his projects in advance, which is often prejudiced.

333 - Make the person very sensitive, immersed in their imaginary world, indifferent, distant, malicious. Let him be affected by the actions of others, real or imagined.

3333 -Impatience, malice, impulsiveness, the presence of many 3 makes the person unreliable, his intuition fails, since excessive imagination harms him.

33333 - It is not a good combination. It brings a lot of anxiety and accentuates all the previous problems.

NUMBER 4 combinations in Chinese Numerology

4 - The person has a logical, organizational, financial and technological instinct. It tends to make the person more skeptical and cautious in the face of some social contexts.

44 -  The person must be careful not to be a dogmatic and obstinate person, and must always observe himself so as not to disparage other people and their ideas. The person must learn to listen with respect and affection to people, as all our actions return to us in one way or another.

444 - Extreme difficulty in accepting other points of view, which can lead to serious problems, such as not getting along with others. The person tend to become a lonely person.

4444 - The imbalance is very large and difficult to resolve. In any case, the obstinacy here goes to extremes, and the difficulty of understanding can be so great that the person does not understand and does not even accept himself.

NUMBER 5 combinations in Chinese Numerology

5 - The person has the potential to find the emotional and intuitive balance in himself to choose the best path to follow.

55 - He is a person with strong determination who cares too much. In addition, it can generate and leave strong energy very concentrated inside (in your body), turned towards itself, which can lead the person to high indulgence and addiction because of that, be it chocolate, drugs or sex.

555 - A lot of energy and the person tends to have difficulty dealing with it, it can lead to indiscipline and serious relationship difficulties. To want to dominate everything and everyone.

The person may take to have moments of rebellion, want to be against, or indiscipline. The person can have serious relationship difficulties when wanting to dominate everything and everyone.

5555 -It’s a bad combination. It can lead to suicide because the person need to put out what’s inside. It’s like a pressure cooker.

NUMBER 6 combinations in Chinese Numerology

6 - The person tends to enjoy being at home and at home, with routine and habits to feel welcomed.

66 -  He is a very creative person and benefits directly or indirectly from material success and increases the concern and need for home, family, and relationships. He tends to think that he is the father and mother of everyone and wants to take care of everyone. For that reason, it can generate financial disorganization.

666 - Family concerns and an exaggerated anxiety.

NUMBER 7 combinations in Chinese Numerology

7 -He is a person who seeks perfection and may be interested in metaphysical phenomena or if some belief and/or religiosity binds him. Believes or fears a Force Majeure.

77 - Even if he likes the material side of life, not only the philosophical one, the person feels guilty for his success and material achievements. Suppose one does not work on these internal blemishes (negative patterns). In that case, it causes a process of internal sabotage, self-harming (self-sabotaging) because of the unconscious feeling of guilt, becoming his enemy.

777 - It can lead to manic depression or philosophical radicalism.

NUMBER 8 combinations in Chinese Numerology

8 - He is a person who seeks balance in his actions with efficiency and meticulousness, charges himself a lot and tends to perfectionism.

88 - They have STRONG characteristics that favour business in general, the capacity for judgment increases opportunities. Its negative aspect may be the excessive concentration on the material aspect of life to the detriment of others.

888 - This person tends to be favoured by prosperity in adulthood. Mistakes made in youth serve as a lesson for adult life (40 years), and maturity brings the wisdom to create the opportunities necessary for success.

NUMBER 9 combinations in Chinese Numerology

9 -The person has intelligence, idealism and ambition, and interest in new technologies (whether electronic or new techniques), in addition to ingenuity. It tends to have academic success or in legal professions.

99 - The person has a strong intellectual ability, a taste for study, idealism associated with serious thoughts. This person has deep thought and is usually great in a profession that requires this skill.

999 -  The person has exceptional idealism and ambition. It seeks intellectual development. It has several centres of interest. The negative aspect of this configuration is the possession, the burning of the temperament, and an imbalance of the mind concerning the physical, as it does not prioritize physical activities.

9999 -It presents all the characteristics of the numbers 9. When engaged in physical activities, it is much more for the group itself than the performance of the activity with a focus on improving health, which harmonizes more the energies accumulated in the body and its tensions.

The reading of lines with numbers, whether smaller or complete, has meanings, denominations, and information depth. Briefly placed here.

Meaning of the existing smaller lines:

1 and 3 - This Line makes people appreciate the details.

3 and 9 - He is a person who involves in all sorts of problems, as he always wants everything justly and transparently around him, even interfering in the situation of others to protect someone from injustice.

9 and 7 -He is a confident person and combines determined logic with active spirituality. The person can therefore face difficult situations with security and serenity.

1 and 7 - Thirst for knowledge, for knowledge. A curiosity that turns the person into an excellent researcher or even an investigator, if necessary. He is interested in metaphysical studies as well.

Existing complete lines

Having the numbers 4, 9 and 2

Has STRONG intellectual capacity and memory, tends to use reason instead of emotion.

He has a lot of mental and academic ability, a good memory, and shows himself to be logical, analytical, ingenious, and articulate.

The person may be a snob and want to show his high IQ all the time. If the person develops, he has a talent for the exact sciences.

They have the numbers 1, 5 and 9

It tends towards self-centeredness, obstinacy, stubbornness, inflexibility, dogmatism, and dynamism and perseverance. In his desire to achieve a goal, that person may neglect others, overcoming his feelings. He is an argumentative and ambitious person. He has leadership quality and can be a good politician or any other profession that needs resistance, combativeness and leadership.

They have the numbers 2, 7 and 6

He is an excellent person, more as an executor than a planner, so he may have difficulty setting priorities. It does a lot, but it doesn’t always get the best results. It is excellent that the person do physical activities to release and transmute energy and have more focus.

They have the numbers 4, 3 and 8

Organized people, like to plan, but they tend to neglect the details. They appreciate the discussions as long as the subject interests them. These people are cunning, plan carefully and analyze the results of their actions.

They have the numbers 8, 1 and 6

The person has characteristics that show how easy it is to deal with the material side of life while having a certain facility in making money, competitions. One must work internally to avoid developing arrogance and selfishness.

They have the numbers 8, 5 and 2

Determined, persistent and persevering person. He is an entrepreneur, and knows how to act schematically. Demonstrates elasticity in the face of adversity and patience in the face of obstacles. Resist and persist in his goals. Patient and persevering and knows how to wait for time to reach them.

They have the numbers 4, 5 and 6

They develop confidence and a certain philosophy of life throughout their lives, as well as serenity. This line brings intuition, sensitivity, calm and kindness.

They have the numbers 3,5, and 7

The person is propitiated to have understanding and emotional balance, gift of healing, search for the spiritual or the esoteric, metaphysical, occult, etc. With maturity, these people tend to achieve peace and serenity. As well, it denotes obstinacy. When the person put something on his head, nothing stops it.

Power failures - missing lines

Missing numbers 1.5 and 9

This person tends to cause problems in general in their lives, frustrations, disappointments, etc. He does not accept others as they are and expects too much of others. It tends to disappoint in all aspects.

Suffers from an immense desire to be loved and accepted. He cannot defend his points of view.

Numbers 2, 5 and 8 are missing

The person is subject to disappointments and bitterness. Disappointments can be loving, in family and career, or any other area.

This person learns from the fall and develops a strong spirit. So it would help if he thought long before he act to avoid so much pain.

Numbers 3.5 and 7 are missing

He is a hypersensitive and easily offended person. He learns to hide his feelings to protect himself. It generates a lack of true friends, has no feeling to choose well.

More connected to success, this person does not invest much in relationships and may suffer from loneliness in old age.

Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are missing

He is a suspicious, sceptical and sometimes cynical person. Sees life grey, and his constant worry causes headaches. He often suffers from a bad mood.

Despite being an affectionate, honest, loyal person, he does not know how to express his feelings easily. It is always half-hidden as if it were kept in the shade. He is a romantic person, and he can be visionary and intuitive.

Numbers 4, 3 and 8 are missing

This person’s life creates confusion and disorder. Since that person cannot organize and plan, that person lacks a method. He is not a practical person with finances. Cannot carry things on for a long time, and he has no strategic posture. He has difficulty taking his plans to the end. The result is bad and not as desired because it is difficult to achieve things and achieve balance and stability in life. When the person achieve something, it is with the support of another person, and if he leave on his own, it will always be very difficult.

No matter how hard he tries to discipline himself, this person has a confusing financial and emotional situation. It can affect professional and spiritual life as well.

Numbers 4, 9 and 2 are missing

This lack may indicate an intellectual difficulty, especially memory difficulty with age. He usually has greater learning difficulties in childhood.

Numbers 2, 7 and 6 are missing

In general, he can only realize a small part of his latent potential. When he has a well-established goal, he can be a pioneer and innovator, he has original ideas, and can lead others to see and discover the new, as long as that person develops this ability. He usually blames the circumstances for his failures on third parties. As a result, it rarely succeeds.

Numbers 8, 1 and 6 are missing

Life develops purely on the intellectual and emotional levels, generating unrealistic, idealistic people who have difficulty dealing with everyday life. But they are excellent in the theoretical domain, not in the practical one.




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