Calculate and apply your wealth / money code number according to numerology

Of course, the wealth code number will not make you billionaires and will not put you on the list of the richest people on the planet, but with its help you can learn more about your money habits that you may not notice.

This code will tell you more about you and your spending, and with this you will understand what to look for when receiving and spending money.

Calculating wealth code and money code with numerology

To calculate your wealth code number, you need to add all the numbers in your date of birth. First add each of them, and then add the resulting number. And so on until you get one digit.

  1. If your code of wealth is the number one, then you are a born leader. You always easily manage to make money, but you spend it the same way - without looking. If you have not achieved financial success, it means that you are simply not trying. A couple of small efforts are enough for you, and they can easily earn the necessary amount. The only downside is that, people with this code of wealth do not know the value of money and spend it easily. If this continues, then luck will leave them, so it is worth weighing all the expenses.
  2. People born with this wealth code easily find money. Any work is given to them easily, and the salary literally falls into their own hands. However, it is better not to trust them to spend their savings. If you are going to the store, it is better to bring along a loved one who will control himself and restrain impulsive purchases. Finances, too, need to be entrusted with the storage of the person you trust. Avoid casinos and gambling, they are your main enemies.
  3. This figure is the most favorable in the role of the monetary component. If you decide to connect your life with finances, then obviously you have not lost. The only thing that can stop you from making money is complete inaction, so it’s better to beware of it. In many areas, luck accompanies triples, but in terms of money, it acts most actively.
  4. The number four is considered a sign of stability and confidence. The four do their job well and get as much money for it as they are supposed to. They are good at saving money and always adhere to the financial plan that they have developed. If you were born with a code of wealth four and you do not have a calendar or plan for spending money - it is better to get it. He will show you how to optimize your income and expenses.
  5. Numerologists often call this number naive, and this is true. Such a quality of fives can play a cruel joke with them. People born under the code of wealth five need to be more careful in many transactions or when signing a contract. If you do not have sufficient knowledge in this area, it is better to contact professionals. You shouldn’t waste your money thoughtlessly and always consider whether you need big expenses now.
  6. The number six is ​​a transition between the spiritual and material worlds. People born with this wealth code are very nervous about financial problems. They only make this behavior worse, as their savings are related to health. To make your income bigger, don’t worry too much about money problems. As soon as you “release” it, life will become much easier, and the right amount will be found.
  7. Representatives of the seven need to avoid gambling. These people believe in themselves so much that they cannot be stopped by crooks and deceivers. It’s better not to prove your point once again, but to keep your savings to yourself. Remember the price of money and do not treat them like pieces of paper, and then the bills will fall in love with you and will often be in your wallet and pockets. In order not to succumb to the excitement, ask for help from a loved one who can “pull you out”.
  8. The number eight symbolizes not only infinity, but also balance. These people are doing well, they know the value of money and do not waste it on trifles. In addition, they always calculate their earnings and know how to save. Eights can only be advised to act more, then they can achieve success and financial well-being.
  9. Those born under the code of wealth with the number nine are very fond of borrowing. These people are constantly short of everything, but do not take more than you can give - it will end badly. Nines need a “magic kick” that will clear the mind and make it work. It can be a loved one - a spouse, parent or child. You just need to understand for what or who needs work.

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