Why Is 3:33 a.m. Known As The Devil's Hour? - Know The Biblical Meaning

3:33 in the morning is a mystical hour that causes fear in those who believe in paranormal things . And it is that they assure that it is not by chance to wake up at that precise moment that is when more cases of ghost sightings have occurred, at least that is what those who have seen them indicate.

The hour of the devil, also known as the hour of the dead or dead time, is when paranormal activity enters its peak, that is, when demons and spirits are most active, according to the astrologers.

Believers of the paranormal assure that, this time is the peak of activity of the dead.

Those who know the subject assure that 3:33 has a satanic symbolism since it is half of 666, the number of the beast or the devil . To this theory, the time at which Jesus would have died on the cross (3 in the afternoon) and the age at which he died (33 years) is added, resulting in 3:33, according to numerology.

Beyond these arguments, it is believed that at 3:33 the world of the living comes into contact with that of the dead, allowing demons and spirits to cross and communicate with people more easily.

There are even those who believe that terminally ill or very old people are prone to transcending into the afterlife because the body is energetically weakened.

What science says about 3:33

While there is no scientific evidence linking devil’s time to sleep paralysis , many people develop this disorder between approximately 3 and 4 in the morning.

Various studies suggest that it is between those hours of the morning when the body is most vulnerable to foreign pathogens , as a result of both circadian rhythms (the physiological cycles that our body experiences throughout the day), as well as the greatest exposure of our immune system. This would be an explanation of why more deaths are usually registered at that time.

Another rational explanation has to do with collective fear. It is believed that the senses are heightened and we are on guard (unconsciously) for the fear that we could have of the dark.

Also known as Witching hour

The timing of the Witching Hour is also under question, in addition to its intended use. The witching hour is now at what time? Despite the fact that 3AM is the generally accepted time, some individuals believe that midnight or the beginning of a new day is the real Witching Hour. The debate regarding timing is contentious, in addition to the obvious problems with time zones (Does the devil merely attack each one by one?). There are a few reasons why the Devil’s Hour occurs between 3 and 4 AM. The main argument comes from religious scriptures; according to tradition, since Jesus was crucified at 3 PM and 3 AM is the opposite of that, it was an hour when demons were active.

A new notion It’s very typical for folklore to explain weird occurrences with fantastical narratives that, when you consider the information at the time, actually make sense. Modern medicine and a better understanding of our reality have disproved many urban legends and ingrained worldviews, and it’s possible that the Witching Hour phenomenon will be next.

REM sleep

The Witching Hour may perhaps be more about biology and sleep cycles than it is about witches, demons, and the devil. Most people experience 3AM around the time their bodies enter REM sleep, the deepest stage of sleep. It slows down your heartbeat, lowers your body temperature, and generally dulls as many bodily functions as it can so you can experience deep sleep. If you wake up suddenly in the middle of a REM phase, whether from weird sounds or because it’s time for a mattress upgrade, you’re going to feel super, crazy weird. We can’t help but instinctively panic when we feel utterly different from when we went to sleep—we can’t help but instinctively panic when we feel so bewildered and even chilly than usual.

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