Virgo Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Kind, detail-oriented, perfectionist and charming. This is the Virgo woman, who makes things easy and seeks harmony around her. She is also discreet and decisive like few others. She follows her path and overcomes problems with elegance.

Virgo woman personality

There are signs that like to wallow in drama and complain about everything. Virgos do not militate in these ranks, they are just the opposite. A Virgo woman rarely complains – although she often has reasons – because what good is she? She is practical and she does not allow herself actions that lead to nothing.

This way of facing life ends up being very healthy, both for her and for those around her. The Virgo woman is analytical and when something doesn’t work, instead of despairing, she stops to think why. She very logically examines the reasons and finds the solution. She is like a mechanic in that she finds parts that don’t work and repairs or replaces them.

The Virgo woman: intelligent, discreet and perfectionist

All this makes the Virgo woman pessimistic and optimistic at the same time. This is a very curious quality. She has no hope that everything will turn out well, but she doesn’t see that as a big problem either. She accepts that life is like that and resolves the setbacks she encounters one by one , with great precision and without regretting it.

The Virgo woman is intelligent, but she doesn’t let anyone know. She puts her prodigious intelligence at the service of what she wants to achieve. She doesn’t have to prove to anyone that she is the smartest, something like that would never occur to her. She takes advantage of that gift to make her life and the lives of those around her better. And that is very nice.

One of the reasons why the Virgo woman behaves this way is that she is very discreet. There are people who like to be on everyone’s lips, but Virgo is not like that at all. In fact, she resents his excessive attention. She again she is due to the practicality of her. She doesn’t see the point, so she prefers to be on a more discreet level and thus move towards her goals, which is to build a stable and peaceful life.

The Virgo woman is very perfectionist. And that allows you to achieve what you set out to do. But taken to the extreme, it ends up being a bit complicated. Because she demands a lot of herself. Some Virgo women live in the world of obligations, in the “I have to” and are very little enjoyable. They understand life as a succession of tasks and can sometimes get stressed.

The Virgo woman is demanding and orderly

Furthermore, that perfectionism with which they judge themselves, they also apply to others. And that can sometimes cause them to be very demanding with the people they love. But it is also true that they will bring out the best in them and show them that it is okay to sacrifice a little and try harder than they had planned.

The Virgo woman is also very organized. She will have the house like gold, she will relax organizing drawers or buying classifiers. And she’s really good at finding a way to organize anything. Everything will be fine if she doesn’t end up becoming obsessive about the subject.

The Virgo is very generous with her time and knowledge . She will help her people and even those she doesn’t know as well, because she has a pure heart and gives herself to any cause she considers just. And she is also deeply honest.

The strengths of the Virgo woman

Organized: Few signs are as organized as Virgos, they need harmony and order around them to find stability.

Perfectionist : She always tries to bring out the best in herself and also in the people she loves. It’s demanding, yes, but it’s worth it.

Honest: A Virgo woman has a pure heart that never lies. That is a safe value.

This is how the Virgo woman is in love

The Virgo woman needs her time. She is not one of those who will feel the crush just by meeting a person. She needs her time to get to know, analyze and decide that this is the person she wants to be with. In that sense, it is as if she is examining the other. That’s the first sentence, but when she passes the exam, everything changes.

Then she really gives herself. The Virgo woman is really romantic and she will take care of her partner. She will do everything possible to make her feel good and will have details that will make her life easier. She’s more about doing than telling, so she may not spend the day singing the praises of her partner, but she will spare no effort to make her feel good.

The Virgo woman is loyal and very faithful. She will hardly cheat on her partner and in most cases her fidelity will be a non-negotiable value for her. She couldn’t forgive a betrayal no matter how much she loved her partner. Although she, well, sometimes she may flirt a little, without going over the line, because she is also human. And Virgo women are usually very attractive.

Virgo Compatibility Chart

VirgoVirgo with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Medium
Taurus Taurus High
Gemini Gemini Low
Cancer Cancer High
Leo Leo Medium
Virgo Virgo High
Libra Libra Medium
Scorpio Scorpio High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Low
Capricorn Capricorn High
Aquarius Aquarius Medium
Pisces Pisces Low

This is how the Virgo woman is in friendship

The Virgo woman is a loyal friend who can always be counted on, both for good and bad. When it comes to celebrating, Virgo is sincerely happy about the achievements of the people she loves without a hint of envy. She doesn’t know that word because she is noble like few others.

In low moments, Virgo will come without being asked. She has great intuition and since she is not very controlling, she knows where the people she loves are at. And if it’s a bad moment, she will show up like a fairy godmother to support and solve whatever is necessary.

The Virgo woman is an exceptional advisor. She asks a lot and analyzes everything from different points of view. She does not get carried away, in most cases, by emotionality, so she has practical solutions for everything. It is well worth paying attention to all of her advice.

The health of the Virgo woman

The Virgo has good health in general, but she has a problem: she is a bit hypochondriac. Since it analyzes everything, it also does so with minimal hassle. But there, her sense of logic betrays her. She is not a doctor and therefore she cannot reach proper conclusions. And she lets herself be carried away by her own ideas, which in most cases are wrong.

That hypochondriacal part has to be controlled in any way possible, as it can lead it to self-medicate and that can have consequences. It can also cause a lot of anxiety. If you realize that you cannot manage it, it would be best to see a specialist.

The Virgo woman often has stomach problems.  She is the typical one whose nerves go to the stomach, since it is her weak point. Constipation, diarrhea, vomiting or heavy digestion are some of the typical ailments, which must be combated by going to a specialist and following appropriate treatment so that they do not become chronic.

Famous Virgo women

Virgos are tenacious women who will not abandon their path to success and will be able to sacrifice themselves for it. But without complaining and happy with what they have achieved. This is how we find Beyoncé, Zendaya or Salma Hayek. They are also very authentic, like Amaia Montero or Cameron Diaz . Furthermore, they are always perfectionists and bring out the best in themselves, like Michelle Williams, María Teresa Campos or Sydney Sweeney. The most famous case of perfectionism: Queen Letizia.

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