Virgo Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

Virgo Woman Secrets - Love, Sex, Career, and Personality in 2023

She is logical, elegant and dedicated. She is a virgo and lives in a relentless pursuit of perfection. You will never find a tidier home than hers, and even her desk seems to have been well organized. Her mind is restless, she is able to analyze charts, tables, and budgets as easily as other people eat ice cream.

It is always thinking of something, but it is not given to daydreams or impossible dreams. These are concrete plans, which she imagines paying attention to the smallest details. Sometimes you get lost in your worries, but all you imagine, the virgo rolls up its sleeves to build. Don’t expect to see her mourning a missed opportunity - the past is behind us and what matters is what you can achieve in the now.

Even in romance she is practical. It is not affectionate to declarations of love, nor to exaggerated gestures. He likes to be conquered gradually, steadily, with companionship and friendship. By the way, you think the best kind of relationship is what starts between two great friends. Not usually jealous or demanding, just want the same freedom that gives the partner. It’s because she hates being controlled in any sense, especially by someone else. He does not let himself be dominated by his own feelings and tries to suppress any emotion that tries to overcome his logic.

She doesn’t give spontaneous pimps or kisses in public, but when she falls in love it’s all taken care of. It is methodical in relationship too, want to know, study and explore the partner. You’ll learn in a few days what it takes to please you, and you’ll always have a good idea in mind.

The Virgo surprises those who confuse her shyness with passivity, or her dedication with submission. More often than not - she herself, who loves her quietness - will want to go out ballad and return only at dawn or abandon all her plans to follow a new idea. She is a free spirit and although rational and even perfectionist, she does not care about the opinions of others. If it makes her happy, she invests. Of course, after planning a lot. Your life, after all, is not just rules and work - your dedication extends to happiness as well. She searches for her tooth and nail.

You are always reading a book, trying to learn more, you never settle down, and you always think you can do better: whether it is at work, at home or in your mind. He likes to talk but does not open his heart to anyone who does not fully trust. Her feelings are a secret world she doesn’t like to reveal.

She is not at peace in the mess, and always has to have a routine. Grieves at the problems of the world. If I could, I would fix each one with his own hand. It may not be affectionate or motherly, but conveys care and confidence in every gesture. Being by her side is synonymous with feeling good.

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