February Zodiac Sign - Facts About Adults and Babies Born in February


What are the zodiac signs corresponding to the days of the month of February?

The zodiac sign of people born in February can be Aquarius or Pisces. The zodiacal symbol associated with a person born in February will depend on the exact date of birth.

That is, if the person is born between the period between January 20 and February 19, the sign of the zodiac that will correspond to him will be Aquarius and if the person has a birthday in the period from February 20 to March 20, his sign will be Pisces. Therefore, you cannot directly associate a zodiac symbol with a month, you must take into account the exact day you were born.

What personal characteristics are associated with the zodiac sign of those born in February?

As mentioned above, those born in the month of February can be Aquarius or Pisces .

In the case of Aquarians (January 20 to February 19) they are usually very sociable. They are people who are usually very altruistic and they love to help others. As a negative aspect of their personality, they are a bit unpredictable and stubborn.

In the case of people whose zodiac is Pisces (born from February 20 to March 20) they are usually tolerant. They are usually people who are usually excellent couples, since they are quite romantic, affectionate and kind. Although as a negative aspect of their personality, they are excessively clueless and somewhat shy.

The good thing about babies born in February

Following astrological studies, babies born between January 21 to February 20, according to astrology, are born under the sign of Aquarius . They are people with a great ability to function in social circles and they love to help others. Aquarians are honest, they like to learn from the past and have fun. They are idealistic and sincere. They also have a great creative capacity, they are curious and imagination is one of their great allies. Their artistic side is more developed and they love freedom.

If your baby is born between February 20 and March 20 , he will be born under the sign of Pisces , so he will be prone to have a calm, patient and kind personality. Pisces boys and girls are tender, sensitive and highly imaginative. They have a lot of empathy with others and are very compassionate.

Being born in the first months of the year favors children in their school development since they have a great advantage compared to children born at the end of the year. This difference is more present especially in those countries such as Spain in which children born, for example in February, with children born in December coincide in the same class or year , between whom there is almost a year difference and at early ages. This can benefit or harm children on a case-by-case basis.

The bad thing about babies born in February

If your baby is born under the sign of Aquarius, he will have a propensity to be stubborn and unpredictable. They find it difficult to make friends easily as they are distrustful. They are very independent and could sometimes be considered even cold. They are rebels and also nonconformists. Children born in February are characterized by having a rebellious character, they are hyperactive and temperamental.

Children born under the sign of Pisces have a pessimistic personality . They are characterized by being melancholic and are people who find it difficult to make themselves known emotionally. They are forgetful and very sensitive people. Sometimes they are overly trusting people.

The children born in the winter months are more prone to suffer from neurological disorders such as schizophrenia or depression due, argue some scientific studies, that in his early life exposure to sunlight is less than they receive such children born in summer.

Days of the month of February and its zodiac sign

Below is a table with all the days of the month of February so that the zodiac of each day of this month of the year can be consulted in an easy and simple way.


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