Scorpio Man Secret Desire, Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Confident, unpredictable, charming, brave, daring… Scorpio men have a special charisma that makes them very special. Getting to know them is quite an adventure because they easily reveal their intimacy.

Scorpio man personality

It is a box of surprises, because Scorpios can behave very differently, depending on each person, but it is always surprising. It is not a predictable sign, far from it. Always surprising. In fact, he surprises himself because he often lets himself be carried away by his feelings without knowing where they will take him.

A Scorpio man is usually a little bossy, why deny it. At work they usually hold positions of responsibility. And in relationships they tend to impose their rhythms. They don’t even realize it and since they do it with so much charm, it doesn’t usually cause much of a problem in most cases.

Scorpios are tremendously sensitive. They are strong as a rock on the outside, capable of the greatest feats, but inside they beat a volcano of feelings. And many times they cannot control them. That is one of his main problems, because he often loses control. Both as for well and for worse.

The Scorpio man: stubborn, noble and successful

The Scorpio man when he wants something, there is no one to stop him. It becomes an obsession for him and he will pursue whatever he has set out to do with an enviable will. He is one of those men who never gives up. That earns him the admiration of people who know him.

Nobility and caring for others is something natural in the Scorpio man . He is very deep, his feelings are burning and perhaps that is why he has a great ability to empathize with the people he loves. A Scorpio man never fails, but if they fail him… his anger will make his enemies tremble. And he won’t go out, because he’s quite spiteful.

The Scorpio man has a changeable character. He is sometimes close and other times colder. Sometimes he is enthusiastic and other times somber. It’s not something he seeks or provokes. Nor is it a strategy to act interesting. He is the first one surprised by these mood swings that he cannot control.

The Scorpio man is proud and dedicated

The native of this sign is never wrong. It’s not that he doesn’t admit it, it’s that he is convinced that it is the others’ fault. He has a hard time realizing that there are attitudes he could change. But in a way, that’s what keeps him going. He thinks too much about his feelings to question his analysis of them. That’s why he convinces himself that it’s everyone else’s fault.

The Scorpio man is proud to die for. Rather die, literally, than give in. They are capable of making great sacrifices and great renunciations to keep their dignity intact because if not, they would not be able to look in the mirror and they would not tolerate that.

The love they give to their loved ones is one of the most authentic and intense there is. He goes out of his way for his people and puts in all that devastating strength that he has, becoming someone unforgettable for those who love him.

The strengths of the Scorpio man

Captivating: They tend to be tremendously attractive, but if they are not handsome according to the canon, they are magnetic in their gestures and, above all, with their gaze.

Enigmatic: The Scorpio man does not lie, but it is difficult for him to discover what he feels or his mood. That makes it even more seductive.

Bossy: He is used to taking responsibility and leading others on his path. But he always does it with great respect.

Scorpio Man Compatibility Chart

ScorpioScorpio Man with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Woman Medium
Taurus Taurus Woman Low
Gemini Gemini Woman Medium
Cancer Cancer Woman High
Leo Leo Woman Low
Virgo Virgo Woman High
Libra Libra Woman Medium
Scorpio Scorpio Woman High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Woman Medium
Capricorn Capricorn Woman High
Aquarius Aquarius Woman Low
Pisces Pisces Woman High

This is how the Scorpio man is in love

Scorpio men are a bit absorbing. They need a lot of attention. Not because they are dependent, because they are just the opposite. But because whoever wants to be intimate with them must show their dedication. Otherwise, they will not take the step of opening their hearts.

The Scorpio man is quite demanding and will not date anyone for fear of loneliness. He may have affairs, but until he is convinced that he has found the right person, he will not truly commit. When he does, he will build a solid, almost indestructible relationship.

Of course, the Scorpio man is quite possessive and jealous. In general, they have a tendency to distrust, because he fears that they will hurt him. And when he opens up about his feelings to a partner, any suspicion can provoke an attack of jealousy. He has to stop his feet.

How to conquer a Scorpio man

The Scorpio man looks for a sensitive woman who understands his way of being and who is by his side unconditionally. For him, love has to be like this: in body and soul. That’s why he will take his time to get to know the other person and see if it is what he wants to find so much.

It is therefore better not to put pressure and play at seduction. Don’t let him get his way either, just flirt a little and see what happens.  Scorpio likes conquest and the game can be very fun.

There are a couple of things that will cause Scorpio to flee like hell. One is that he rebels at anything about his privacy. That’s high treason for him. The other is that his way of being is questioned or reproaches are made that are irrelevant.

This is how the Scorpio man is in friendship

The Scorpio man does not have many friends. They are few and very close and you usually have contact with them very often. And if he doesn’t have more friends it’s not because he can’t, but because he doesn’t want to. For him, friendship is something very important, to which he dedicates a lot of effort and he cannot give that level of involvement to many people.

In friendships or with his closest family is when he really shows himself as he is and free of all pressure, he frees himself from everything and is able to show his authentic feelings, which are many and precious. Because the Scorpio man is a friend who never fails and will always defend his own.

For him, as has been said, friendship is very important and he hopes that it will be the same for others. But sometimes he demands a lot and if for any reason he feels rejected, he suffers a lot and may withdraw. But in general, the friendships of Scorpio men last a lifetime. He has invested a lot in them and they mean a lot to him, so he will do everything possible to keep them by his side.

Famous Scorpio Men

Scorpio men have come into the world to transform it. We find among those born in this sign revolutionaries like Leon Trosky, geniuses like Pablo Picasso, and nobles like Charles of England. There is no shortage of powerful men among the natives of this sign. Nor charismatic actors like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds or Leonardo DiCaprio. Also singers like  Kevin Jonas or Drake. The latter is so proud of the sign of him that he released an album titled Scorpion.

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