Scorpio Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Scorpio Woman Secrets: Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love Compatibility

Enigmatic, strong, emotional. The Scorpio woman is a magnet that attracts a mystery to be solved, that of her intuitive and changing nature and that of her deep and extreme feelings.

Scorpio woman personality

Few women in the horoscope have as much willpower as the Scorpio woman. She gives herself unfailingly to the goal she has set for herself. And she has incredible strength, which leads her to achieve what she has set out to do. There is no obstacle that will stop her and woe betide that she will get in her way, because she will feel the force of the hurricane that she can become.

The determination she puts into everything she does is impressive. She overflows with passion and does not doubt herself for a moment. The Scorpio woman advances unstoppably towards a goal, which in many cases the rest of the world does not understand, but which is always the most appropriate for her and her people at that moment. She is a true warrior.

The Scorpio woman is the great misunderstood of the zodiac. Many times you don’t know what she thinks, because she puts on a neutral expression, but inside her there is a volcano. That’s because she is very introspective and she knows that the level of depth of her world cannot be shared with anyone. She fears being hurt and that’s why she may seem reserved.

The Scorpio woman: rebellious, loyal and vengeful

The Scorpio woman is a rebel and a nonconformist. Her fine intuition and great intelligence allow her to see the truth of the world and she is not about to simply follow a path that she knows is full of stereotypes. She leads the way, sometimes destroying and sometimes building, but always changing things for the better.

The native of this sign is a very loyal woman. If she is by your side, she will fight for you to the death. She will move heaven and earth to help you. Maybe in a way that the other person didn’t expect or wasn’t what they thought they needed. But she always gets it right. She always surprises. Somehow, she always guides.

Sometimes in silence, analyzing what is happening to the other person. Without saying anything, seeming indifferent, but totally dedicated to trying to help. What happens is that when they doubt her or when they directly betray her, then she transforms from her. She is devastating. Come on, she leaves no stone unturned.

The Scorpio woman is sensitive

The Scorpio woman’s anger is lethal. And they don’t go away quickly. If the wound is big, she will hold a grudge. If she believes that the person has been unfair, she will take revenge. Her intelligence makes her really dangerous when she is down.

But she suffers from it too. That’s the problem. She has been hurt and in her lethal response she is also hurt a little. But she cannot contain the torrent of feelings that assaults her , because despite her strength, she is a terribly sensitive woman.

The Scorpio woman is a tide of feelings that push her with such force that on many occasions they overwhelm her. She rarely regrets it, but it is true that she spends her life looking for ways to send her feelings to her instead of them sending her back.

The strengths of the Scorpio woman

Intuitive: She has a sixth sense that is overwhelming. It seems like she is connected to a higher force and she doesn’t miss a single one.

Explosive: When she gets angry, may God catch us confessing. It is not necessary for her to scream, her words stab like daggers. And, besides, sometimes she does scream.

Perfectionist : The Scorpio woman is very critical, she does not give up and she always wants to get the best. And she hopes others do too. At that point she can be both feared and inspiring.

This is how the Scorpio woman is in love

It is very difficult for a man not to fall at his feet. She is charismatic, beautiful, mysterious, feminine, almost feline… The Scorpio woman usually has no problem getting the attention of the man she is interested in. She has a harder time finding someone who really does it.

It is said that the Scorpio woman finds it difficult to commit, but it is not true. She looks for love, but not just any love: one as intense as the feelings that burn inside her, one so loyal and totally trustworthy that it deserves the absolute dedication that she is willing to make. When this happens, and sooner or later it happens, she devotes herself one hundred percent to her partner. In the meantime, she can have fun and inadvertently break a few hearts.

The Scorpio woman is an incredible partner, who will give everything for her partner and her family. She is also an incredible lover, full of imagination and passion, who can leave a man speechless. In intimacy she is a bonfire that consumes the most intimate feelings and the most secret fantasies.

This is how the Scorpio woman is in friendship

Having a Scorpio friend is an honor. And not everyone is prepared for it or dares to enjoy it. For this reason, most natives of this sign tend to have few, but very faithful, friends. Those for whom she would give her life and that she knows will always protect her.

The Scorpio woman is very jealous of her privacy and any comment without bad intentions about something she has confided in can be interpreted as high treason. In that case, she will delete that person as if she had never been in her life. In return, she is the person who will best keep the secrets entrusted to her. She will be a real tomb and she will not reveal anything she has been told no matter what.

The Scorpio woman is a homebody and makes her home her fortress. Only completely trustworthy people enter her, those who allow her to see her in sneakers, with whom she opens her heart and shows herself in a way that the rest of the world will hardly know.

The health of the Scorpio woman

She has iron health. The Scorpio woman is strong not only on the outside, but also on the inside. And the good thing is that she has a great capacity for regeneration and healing. Perhaps the influence of her ruler, Pluto, the planet of her transformation helps her recover from any ailment in a very short time.

The throat can be a weak point and can also suffer from sinusitis. Some Scorpio women will have to endure discomfort in the reproductive system, such as infections or painful periods. If you cannot get rid of this type of discomfort, it is best to go to a specialist. Some are quite reluctant to go to the doctor and there is no need to suffer.

The Scorpio woman must listen to her body and stop when it tells her that she can’t take it anymore. She tends to overload herself with work and emotional tension and that is not good for her health. Playing sports and having contact with nature will improve her quality of life.

Famous Scorpio Women

Beautiful, seductive, rebellious and with very clear things. These are the Scorpio women who at some point in their lives have been involved in a scandal. Julia Roberts, Katherine Hepburn, Demi Moore, Grace Kelly or Winona Ryder. They don’t follow the rules, they make their own rules.

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