Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship

She was married to a scorpion)) it was hell! Terribly incompatible, absolutely two different personalities, different views, thoughts .. actions at last .. With scorpions, you can be friends .. chat, well, or just be familiar) BUT in no case connect your life !! So dear “scorpion” do not waste your time on a Aries… spend a lot of energy and nerves .. and she too (((unfortunately this is a fact ((

Scorpion Man and Aries Woman love

Scorpio man and Aries woman,
He loves secrets and risk …
She is drawn to him inexplicably,
She is an ardent lady, fire and smoke!
Scorpio and Aries, passion and attraction,
He will always achieve his goal!
He is a warrior, a knight, makes a decision,
She sees in him the stability of love …
He is confident in himself, respects women,
She radiates light, is happy with him!
He steals her royal heart,
And with him she is a sheep inside …
Scorpio and Aries are a perfect couple,
He appreciates openness and honesty in her,
She has become calm, humble with him,
Their union is doomed to eternity …

Oooh … My scorpion wants to put me in a cage .. jealous!

Do not go there, who called, why do you need it. you won’t work. You’ll sit at home waiting for me. Do not talk with men! in the field he needs! or at least an imaginary field! And in general, we have just a Molotov cocktail! we don’t know how to compromise. unfortunately. I’m not saying that I’m right .. probably I should listen in silence .. how he humiliates, such as “women! be silent and listen to your man! ”yes, damn two! why should I cave in ?! I have my own opinion! There must be a balance in the relationship. I think this is not only horoscopic, there is also an atmosphere in his family .. (father is also with his mother (although they are far from an Aries scorpion! I love him madly .. and I can’t cry without him, I don’t know how disperse (probably die ..
in sex, full understanding, and in simple life – the battle of the titans (set the course for the wedding, but I’m afraid .. and I don’t want to. in everyday life we ​​are killing each other .. ((
in general. I’m glad I came across this conversation. say more (Happiness to you guys, no matter what.

I knew from an early age about all the signs of the zodiac (the Internet wasn’t in those days, there was only a book), who can / cannot with whom, is a scorpion himself! So I met a “Aries” a year ago, and now I can say with confidence that you don’t need to believe horoscopes by 100%, otherwise you can lose your destiny! We’ve been living together for 9 months, have never quarreled, what Molotov cocktail they write about here ???
CONCLUSION: stars are stars, but listen to your heart !!!

Married to a scorpion Man, I am Aries Woman, have a child.

Not a single person has exhausted me so emotionally as he did. We also have a vector marriage in addition. Like I’m a servant and he is the master. They write that over time I can completely lose my identity because of him. I agree with all the comments said earlier.

I live with a scorpion for a month. It was love at first sight, although it was also not my type at all, something subdued and hooked in it. I didn’t sleep the whole night before our first date, I was amazed at myself, I hadn’t experienced anything like this for a long time After that meeting, we almost never part, every day together. After work, I’m running home to him more likely, I miss you insanely. I understand that the deadline is very short, but so far there has been no quarrel, I’m very flexible and compliant when it comes to relationships, although it’s not typical for Aries. It is also inferior everything is perfect for me, you can’t imagine a better one. His secrecy upset me a little, I just really like to be frank, but when I start talking about some moments from my past relationships, he says: “I don’t want to know that” and I don’t he tells. But in general he has a wonderful sense of humor,

Thank you for the story about the Muscovite scorpion!) I’m starting a relationship with this sign .. very new things my new friend gets up to … even now I don’t know what to do ..) But, I like him terribly … really like under hypnosis, very much drawn to him .. Let’s see what comes of it all ..

I met the Scorpio Man. He is muddy and strange.

The spark arose at first glance and really liked it, although not at all in my taste, despite the fact that it was cute and well built. This person is stingy with emotions and compliments and generally with courtship. One gets the feeling that he himself does not know what he wants. He calls you or pushes you away. And you understand everything and still stretch. Like under hypnosis. In sex, of course, he tries to satisfy himself and does not want to fall face down in the mud, but if something like this happens, then he does not show that he is very upset, although it really is. It is important for him to prove that he is good at everything. Sometimes it seems that he is either stupid or pretending to be. You can’t get a word out of him, he is constantly silent and pestering. Although it can communicate on any topic and breed demagoguery. Absolutely does not tolerate tantrums. He is ruthless and at the same time may experience stinging and even help in something. A very strange and mysterious representative of this sign. He throws you, breaking his heart, and after a while he again wants to see you. You kind of recovered after breaking up and licked your wounds and it seems that everything is behind and love has passed. How it is not clear how again begins to excite your heart. Aries women are very patient and impulsive and too frank, although they can hide something, because everyone has secrets, and the same as partisans are silent about everything and can not be pulled out by ticks. They begin to endure the brain, in response, tantrums begin from a lack of attention and from strange behavior. What to do with Scorpio Men is not clear. Or run away from them without looking back, or succumb. The main thing is that if they decide to be with you, they will and you can’t do anything. Saturating your sexuality and energy, they can forget about you again, then they will remember and will certainly ask if there was a betrayal. The main thing is themselves uncertain in terms of relations, but loyalty on your part is important to them. It seems that there is absolutely no jealousy, but what are the questions? And they can arrange just a wild check for lice. For example, to transfer you to a friend, whether you are tempted by him or not. This is very rude, insulting and offensive. And you again forgive this person, even if resentment poured over the edge. A man is so confident in himself that he feels himself the ruler of the Universe and everyone should obey him. For some reason, he demonstrates that he has a lot of fans and everyone writes to him and everyone calls him and everyone loves him. They can calmly talk to them with you, and with you play silence and pester. It seems that they are not interested.

You know, I read comments, and, in general, everything is true, we are scorpions: These people are stingy with emotions and compliments … … It is important for him to prove that he is good at everything. Sometimes it seems that he is either stupid or pretending to be. You cannot even draw a word out of it, it is constantly silent and pestering ……. oh yes there is such a thing …. they can forget about you again, then they will remember and will certainly ask if there was a betrayal, loyalty on your part is important to them !!!!!!!!! that’s for sure!!!!