Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Love compatibility between Woman of the Cancer zodiac sign and Man of the Taurus zodiac sign

The horoscope gives the Cancer -Taurus bond an excellent love compatibility.

The bullfighter is possessive and capricious, which the Cancer woman must accept, but always in the right measure. He is also very stable emotionally.

The cancer woman must also accept that he is very conservative, something that she is not. He must understand that Cancer women are very jealous… that jealousy causes her anguish and also sometimes depresses her.

At first the Taurus-Cancer relationship may not seem to work, but when they really meet they realize they are for each other.

On a sexual level they are very compatible.

The good thing about Cancer Woman and Taurus Man relationship

This is a good combination! You both need security and a sense of being connected to the other. Both the Taurus man and Cancer woman can love, be caring, and passionate.

Cancer brings more sensuality and imagination to this combination. They are sexually compatible and that is why they will have no problem pleasing each other.

The Taurus man can feel the changes in the mood of the Cancer woman, and this will help him to easily solve the problems that arise. Except for the bedroom, this couple could be a good fit in every segment of your relationship.

The Taurus man is naturally attentive, while the Cancer woman is compassionate towards the problems of her close people.

This game will get better over the years.

It can be said that Taurus and Cancer are ideally complementary: the weaknesses of one are outweighed by the strength of the other. If you both agree to give everything you are looking for, this is a great match from which a brilliant marriage will develop!

The Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Obsession

The potential that these two signs have is unfathomable, and given the compatibilities that emerge as a result, it’s not really a surprise that things turn out to be a success.

They like to do the same things, and with the same approach, follow the same principles, and have roughly the same views on life, all of which create a synergy between them.

This bond is likely to last until the end of time, because it is built on a mountain of similarities and shared factors that they both have between them.

Whatever they do, it is bound to be filled with an artistic flair, aimed at the peaks of what true beauty means. This is because of the Venusian ascension of Taurus, as well as the sentimental depth of Cancer that the Moon bestows on them.

Your life is one of self-realization just as much as it is one for the satisfaction of the senses. With self-realization you will surely achieve all your goals and desires.

None of them like to take risks and go into battle without a plan, and this makes everything easier and simpler to handle.

Additionally, they both understand the meaning of privacy, as well as common ideas and principles when it comes to establishing a family.

Ultimately, the relationship between these two is destined to flourish and flourish endlessly. As time goes by, they will only grow closer and more affectionate towards each other. That is a fact, thanks to the many things they have in common.

These signs will follow your wishes, hold hands and walk towards the sun with evident confidence and a taste for true happiness.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Cancer woman and Taurus man
Emotional connection Very strong 5 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Below average 2 STARS
Common values Average 3 STARS
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 STARS

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man compatibility in marriage

Taurus is a sign of steadiness, composure, pragmatism, orderliness, dependability, courage, and tenacity. The emotional sign of Cancer, on the other hand, represents imagination and feelings that are closely related to moods. The union of the two signals is similar to a slow dance. While Cancer is motivated to tend to their loved one’s needs, Taurus enjoys making their partner feel adored and safe. However, both signs get along well and can practically satisfy or assist the other person.

Taurus, on the other hand, can assist Cancer in calming down their emotions so they can be more effective. They may have an excellent family life together because they both want to be wonderful parents.


Together, Taurus and Cancer make a good team and fulfil each other’s requirements. Taurus and Cancer complement each other perfectly because Taurus is obstinate and Cancer gives in easily. Their shared home, kids, finances, and sexual life all complement each other perfectly.


Sometimes Taurus’ passive-aggressive attitudes annoy Cancer. Taurus might step on the toes of Cancer, a sensitive sign. Taurus can make Cancer feel suffocated if they aren’t given the breathing room they require.

Taurus and Cancer may have a very powerful and enduring affinity. Frequently, their bond goes beyond simple love or friendship. They are drawn to one another and often connect spiritually as well. It is because of their shared desire for stability in their lives that they have a loving and reliable relationship. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that makes Cancer feel at home and encourages easy communication. The bull and crab are frequently depicted as having a deep connection and being emotionally in tune with one another.

How to improve the relationship between Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

The cancer woman - Taurus man bond has an excellent love compatibility. This does not imply that everything is rosy. When a relationship is so compatible, many times they get used to it and stop taking care of it properly. This causes the bond to break down faster than less compatible couples.

The Taurus man is usually possessive and capricious. Many Cancer women accept this situation but, if you are among those who do not, you should talk to him about it. Luckily he is quite consistent and stable, so he probably understands you.

The Cancer woman must also learn to control her impulsive nature. Although she is not usually a jealous or overly problematic woman, when jealousy or other character problems arise, she uncovers herself like an erupting volcano. This can exasperate her man, break the relationship and the bond of trust.

He must treat his Cancer woman very well, as if she were a delicate flower, because she suffers a lot from lack of affection and, much worse, abuse.

Sometimes the Taurus-Cancer relationship starts off badly, but if you notice that it gets stronger over time, then you will be destined for a happy and lasting bond.

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Sexually

In bed they are very compatible. In fact, when problems arise, there is something that never fails in this bond: sex. In fact, it is usually the characteristic that unites this couple, at least at the beginning of the relationship.

Finding characteristics that bring you together in the long run is critical, because the relationship could end suddenly as quickly as it started.

A lot of initial sexual passion can be a problem later on, because, you may wonder, what happened to our relationship? Before we were closer and we got along very well in bed. What happens, and it is something very common with many couples, is that the evil routine and tedious boredom tend to appear. It is important to find solutions to this if you want this relationship to improve. The couple must speak without conditioning, tell each other their fantasies and what the “ideal sex” would be like for each other. Not being selfish in bed (especially this is for him) can be the beginning of a better sex life.

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility Reviews


I am a Cancer woman and my boyfriend is Taurus. I must say I have never met such a loving and passionate man. We have an amazing sex life. Cancer and Taurus are the best union.


I am a Taurus man, my wife is a Cancerian, she is an amazing mother / wife / lover / friend. Very caring and sensitive. Cooks very well. I have never been so happy with other signs. We have been together for 6 years and it was a great time.


I am a Cancerian woman, engaged to a Taurus man. I must say, I have never been so happy. He is wonderful and passionate about everything. Our sex life is beyond description. He always finds tender and sensual words for me.


The best union of all. Really made for each other. He has the gentleness and charm of a calf. He is also the most loving and caring man. Everything is perfect in bed too.


Taurus is too emotional and moody for my Cancerian taste. His extreme stubbornness and inflexibility infuriates me. There is only one correct opinion - his.


Could not believe for a long time that there is a man who will be so fond of all my needs. He is my king, and he treats me like a queen. This is really a dream for me! I recommend this combination to everyone!


A very reliable union. It seems to me that we can communicate telepathically. I feel safe with him. Outwardly, he is not the most handsome man, but I simply have an irresistible attraction to him. We are real like-minded people and this is the best feeling that I have experienced.


Finally met him after so many bad relationships. I am 34, and he is 44, sometimes I think that he reads my thoughts. The bedroom has an extraordinary passion, a great understanding in all areas. In general, we are very close. He is always protecting and supporting me. He is like a male calf that very strong within and very tender without.


I’m a Cancerian woman, we talked a little with our bodies, but still can’t get it out of my head, even after 4 years. He has no idea how much I love him. Cancer woman and Taurus man is an absolute success.


His voice is amazing and he has incredibly penetrating eyes. Whenever we met for the first few times, he did not make any efforts to seduce and was generally quite selfish. We parted several times, but then he decided and admitted that he wanted a relationship. Now I think if he uses me (very selfish)? I will be glad to hear any advice.


I am a Cancer zodiac sign woman, I consider my body to be a true half of the Taurus man. I was married to a Leo man for many years. Not a good combination. Later, I met a Taurus man and it was love from the first second. I myself asked for the second date. He does not choke me, unlike Leo. He is gentle and that just makes me melt. Sex is passionate and amazing. I want to be with him every second. We can communicate without words, with just smiles and touches.

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    Susan Miller

    The relationship between Taurus and Cancer has its greatest compatibility for marriage, especially if the woman is Cancer: born protective, sweet, romantic and madrassa, she will prepare for the Taurus man, a house and a perfect family. The only risk is that, being both hypersensitive and emotional, they can get bored or shipwrecked in a glass of water in front of practical things, especially during the courtship period. In a relationship, both enjoy showing their affection to their partner. They are motivated by romanticism, passion and will always project a well-planned future to guarantee a wonderful stay at home that they decide to build. The family they form will be protected by harmonious and loving parents, who will prioritize respect and companionship. Children born to a Taurus - Cancer couple will receive a lot of affection and protection. In order for this couple relationship to finally triumph, they must overcome the great mood swings that characterize them and respect the differences of opinion that may arise between them. In turn, they must learn to respect each other's times, understanding their mood changes and not taking them so tremendously. Both professionally and in friendship, this combination can be valid and useful reciprocally. Both signs have very compatible tastes, are sensitive and enjoy the simple things in life. A calm and homely atmosphere is the preference of these signs since they enjoy harmony and well-being to develop any activity they decide to undertake. These signs will be understood very well also in the field of business because both Taurus and Cancer have two priorities in their lives: security and stability. Both are cautious and careful with expenses. Taurus will provide its practical sense while Cancer will provide its innate sense of protection. Perhaps the differences that may arise are caused by the familiar stubbornness of Taurus that does not allow reaching a decision together. In any case, Taurus will help to stabilize the emotional character of Cancer, at the same time that he will contribute his practical sense to relieve the tension present in Taurus. On the sexual level, Cancer and Taurus reach a very special degree of excitement and warmth. Taurus will enjoy frequent demonstrations of love from his partner Cancer, achieving both a very high and sensual climax.


    I am a Cancer woman. Met MY Taurus man about 6 years ago. To say you have to have patience with him is an understatement. He has only "pecked" me on the lips. Now, unfortunately I am 40 years his senior. But he KNOWS I still function. And I DON'T look 66, so.......we shall see! But, definitely, SOULMATE.

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