Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility: Love and Relationship

Love compatibility between the women of Aquarius sign and Man of Gemini sign

The horoscope gives the Aquarius-Gemini bond relatively good love compatibility.

The Aquarius is very feminine, she is sensual, and knows how to conquer and seduce men. If Gemini is jealous, this will be a big problem in the relationship.

She is also generous and kind, something the Gemini man likes; whereas the Gemini man is usually unfaithful, something that the Aquarius woman would not bear.

It is difficult, but not impossible, for this relationship to achieve a good bond.

The Aquarius-Gemini obsession, connection, and compatibility

The relationship between these two is highly efficient and productive, in the sense that they can accomplish just about anything they set their mind to.

If something cannot be done by anyone else, you can be sure that they will manage to do it, in such a simple way, that you will feel like beating yourself up for not having thought of such a simple and seemingly obvious way to do that particular thing.

Both Gemini and Aquarius are air signs, and therefore their intellectual fervor is unmatched and this means that they primarily vibrate at the mental level.

Never before has such a cultured, curious, and frankly, amazingly intelligent couple been seen by the world.

These two are interested in anything to do with culture, art, humanistic domains, and just about everything they could learn. First of all, they are each other’s best friends, supporting each other and being there when the other needs a helping hand.

Secondly, they are also amazing and caring lovers who will always be able to sense that there may be a problem in the relationship, quickly proceeding to resolve it.

The fact that both of them are very intelligent and mentally sharp, it is only natural that they learn to respect each other, mainly because they know that they would never have a chance to meet someone as good as them.

And even the oddities that most people would find annoying as well as irritating, they learn to put aside and ignore.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Aquarius woman and Gemini man
Emotional connection Below average 2 STARS
Communication Strong 4 STARS
Trust and dependency Weak 1 STAR
Common values Strong 4 STARS
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS

How to improve the relationship between Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius-Gemini bond has relatively good love compatibility. To guarantee a happy relationship will require extra effort.

Although the Aquarius is romantic, she does not ask for as much affection as other signs. The problem is that many Gemini men are usually not as affectionate as the Aquarius woman would like. This is a subject that should be discussed in depth so that the Gemini learns to express, at least with small gestures, the love for his Aquarius woman.

A major problem that arises over time in the Aquarius-Gemini couple is monotony and routine. To improve, you should look for activities different from the usual ones.

Small daily changes, even insignificant ones, can change a couple’s routine and ultimately positively influence the mood of both. Some simple examples: share a book and then comment on it, instead of a typical Hollywood movie change to a European one, play a board game together, etc. These are tiny changes that alter the daily routine and help to strengthen the bonds of love.

Then they can also try making bigger changes to give the relationship more oxygen: like radically changing the vacation spot, finding new mutual friends, building a mini-nursery together. The satisfaction of sowing and waiting for the harvest or flowers together can be truly exciting and it strengthens their bond.

The Gemini can be very jealous, be careful with this! Do not generate mutual jealousy because they affect the relationship. The Aquarius woman who is sensual can be very attractive to other men and the Gemini will notice it.

If there is something that the Aquarius will never bear, it is the Gemini’s infidelity. And, precisely, he is a man who is not characterized by being completely faithful.

Gemini Man Aquarius Woman Sexually

The passion in bed begins very well in this Aquarius-Gemini couple. The problem is that as time passes, it is not the same as before and you may wonder ‘what happened to our relationship? Do we truly love each other?’

Unfortunately, it is something that happens in most couples over the years, they get stuck in routine and boredom. Seek to fulfill fantasies, incorporate new things in bed, do not be afraid to say what each one wants. It is important not to be selfish in sex.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility Reviews


Gemini Man - is my true love. I am an Aquarius woman as you understand. He is very smart, funny, and seductive. I love his boyish qualities and the ability to stay young. He is always on the move and loves adventure as much as I do. Even though he flirts with others, I love him. We can talk and laugh for hours and just enjoy each other’s company. The Aquarius woman and the Gemini man suit each other very well.


I am an Aquarius woman. I was just friends with a Gemini man. We were best friends, we always got along. There was no need to even say something to enjoy each other’s company. Now he is my fiancé. We are never bored, and our relations change only for the better. Over time, we became much closer, it is so amazing.


I am a Gemini man who met an Aquarius woman. We fell in love with each other for a week. Very shared a very good understanding and sensuality. We can talk about anything in the world for hours. We never get tired of each other.

Aquarius woman

I met with a Gemini man. I must say that this union has a special connection, so strong that nothing will break it. Recently gathered that waking up next to each other is such happiness! Together we have a lot of fun, one look at him warms my heart. I love him with all my heart!


I am an Aquarius woman who I madly in love with a man under the Gemini sign. I feel the chemistry of love from our first meetings. I have a strong feeling that our relationship will last for a very long time. But for now, we are just very close friends. But I know this is only the beginning.


I am an Aquarius woman. Find your Gemini man. Be happy! The end of the story!


I’ve been meeting with a Gemini man for only a week, but he’s driving me crazy ... in a good way. I am constantly thinking about him and he feels the same. But there is a problem, he was married and then divorced but he continues to live with her in the same house. They have a daughter together. He says that they live separate lives and stay together only for their daughter, but I do not know whether it is worth believing. He invited me to over the weekend. I love him, but what should I do? I do not want to destroy anyone’s marriage. HELP!


Dating a Gemini man for over 8 months. His split personality is driving me crazy. BUT we are so similar in character. Communication with him is a pleasure. I have so much love for him, I know him for me too. I hope our friendship will last forever because it drives me crazy in a good way :) ...

Aquarian Woman

Elena, who is dating a guy who was married, but lives separately - I had an identical situation. He always deceived me, but I could never prove it. We had completely different work schedules, and he used it to deceive me. Yes, he is handsome, smart, and in bed everything is amazing. But he often plays the role of a victim to gain empathy among women. It was all so believable that I trusted him for a long time. Until the husband of one of the ladies, he was fooling around with appeared at my door! Good luck to you! Maybe everything is wrong with you, but he lied to me even in the details.

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    Susan Miller

    The union between these natives can be very positive, whatever the plane that develops because they have many characteristic similarities; The native of Gemini can perfectly complement the native of Aquarius . Both love novelties, travel and reading. The Gemini - Aquarius union establishes one of the most compatible relationships of the zodiac because they have a very strong karmic connection. Both expect similar things for their lives and have shared approaches. In the intellectual they estimate each other. A work or student bond will be very helpful if it is a Gemini - Aquarius combination . Aguador's behavior is relentless in terms of the degree of loyalty, originality and “transparency” he demonstrates, while the Gemini native is characterized by his great analytical capacity and intelligence. A common work can be a real success. Both natives enjoy being in the company of friends, setting up talks and exposing their ideas, they have the same hobbies so a friendship between them is likely to be nurtured and grow in the long term. The friendship between Gemini and Aquarius will always be full of exciting adventures. Both Aguador and Twins need their moment of independence and solitude. Other signs of the zodiac, many times can not understand this and problems arise. But this couple knows how to naturally respect the times of the other with which, they can harmonize even when they are in different tunes. Aquarius will seduce Gemini with its degree of originality and capacity for innovation, while he will enjoy the "constant unpredictability" of his companion Gemini . The couple will never fall into boredom. The nature of both natives will make them known in unusual places. The high compatibility between Gemini - Aquarius is also understood because the native Aquarius tends to be a characteristic “rebel without a cause” that seduces the native Gemini, who tends to be restless and changing most of the time. Other characteristics they share are their skills as communicators and "reflexologists." Long conversations referring to both intellectual and spiritual conversations will lead to a highly compatible pair of signs. On the sexual level, being both emotionally cold and sexually cerebral, they will not be united by a deep passion, but by reciprocal affection and understanding. The native Aquarius must learn to trust his partner and be more romantic, while the Gemini native must demonstrate a greater commitment to the couple, if they want to live intimate moments full of love and happiness.


    I am on the Gemini side of the Gemini-Taurus cusp, which makes me a little steadier than the average Gemini, but I still feel the attraction to the Aquarian woman. My Aquarian friend makes me crazy in the best of all possible ways. She gets me; I get her. When she is in the room God is in His heaven and all is right with the world. She calms me like no-one else, and she loves my crazy. She is the only woman I have met in my life that makes me think of raising children, not just having sex. It is weirdly wonderful having someone who can make me think of the big projects, not the immediate pleasures.

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