Gemini Man Capricorn Woman Love and Friendship Compatibility


Love compatibility between Woman of the Capricorn sign and Man of the Gemini sign

The horoscope gives the Capricorn-Gemini bond a low love compatibility. Both are very different, it is difficult for this relationship to work. But not all is lost. Let’s look at the more difficult details of this relationship first.

The Gemini is not sincere, he is a bit rough in love and he is only affectionate on rare occasions. He is also cold and difficult to trust.

The Capricorn hardly falls in love with a man like that. Although he does not usually give up easily, if a relationship does not work, he will quickly give up on it.

In addition, the Capricorn woman is generous, something that the Gemini man does not have.

The difficult future of this relationship

A Capricorn woman and a Gemini man can never make a great match. Capricorn woman and a Gemini man are the opposite. A Capricorn woman lives a planned loyal life, and remains committed in a relationship, while a Gemini man will never be able to live the way a Capricorn woman does. So this relationship will never last.

Specific characteristics of each one

The Gemini man is an indomitable windbreaker, devoid of a sense of responsibility, fearless, an active fighter for his freedom. For a long time he remains single, carefully taking care of his space, with difficulty he decides to get into a long relationship.

The Capricorn woman is wise, it seems that the experience came from her birth, and not for years of being judicious and responsible.

In this relationship there is always a place for reproaches, mutual claims. The Capricorn woman demands persistence, growth, stability and tranquility, the Gemini are blamed for arrogance, haughtiness, and thinking “too much.”

The Capricorn woman has an inquisitive mind, is curious, analyzes everything in the actions committed by strangers. She can become a faithful wife. Feeling fear of a true “natural disaster,” the Gemini man will give (or should give) his Capricorn woman the complete freedom to pursue her personal interests.

In a Capricorn woman there are many special and perfect qualities. She is intelligent, erudite, well versed in art, music, and theater. She has a practical approach to housekeeping, she is a trustworthy, honest and fair as a person in her demeanor. The Gemini man can openly surrender, feeling his apparent superiority.

The possible breaking point of this relationship

In your relationship, there may come a time when you both say, “Let’s get some rest from each other,” and break up for a while. Most likely, the Gemini man can not endure the day, and runs to return to his loved one. The dual nature of the Gemini man can experience both passion and passivity in intimate relationships.

The Capricorn woman is realistic, looks at life with sobriety, has experience, wisdom, and the ability to adapt to any circumstance. The Gemini man is impressionable, he finds it difficult to be sure; he constantly needs feedback and confirmation of the correctness of his actions.

A Capricorn woman will naturally boost the life, career, and professional development of her Gemini man. She is impressed when a man earns well, because he likes to pamper his family with lavish gifts.

Loose points in this relationship

The compatibility of the Gemini man and the Capricorn woman is possible, but the couple should avoid violent attacks and movements.

If there is uncertainty in the relationship, she will lose the sense of security and support. It is important to strive to maintain love till the end. The Gemini man should be softer and more accommodating. Then harmony and romantic charm will be assured, and happiness will illuminate the union.

Capricorn woman and Gemini man obsession and compatibility

The compatibility between the Capricorn woman and the Gemini man is far from being called “ideal.” If they are united by true love, they can live together to enrich each other with new experiences.

The Capricorn woman is responsible and serious, whereas the Gemini man is mobile and curious. Very often their union resembles the friendship of people with a great difference in age, even if they are of the same age.

They both have absolutely different views on life, different temperaments, and varied interests. Therefore, when they are together the people around them will not be able to decipher how they work. After all, the couple, as a rule, are perceived as a single whole, but in this case they look like completely different people, each with their own position in life.

Capricorn-Gemini marriage and family

But, despite the colossal difference in point of view, they can feel very good when they form a family.

For a Capricorn woman, the distribution of roles, the hierarchy, the clearly structured relationship system are very important. Once the roles in the couple are well defined and distributed, she feels comfortable and enjoys life.

All other differences and inconsistencies for her are already minor details, with which she easily copes.

Regarding the distribution of roles in the couple, it usually occurs without a power struggle. A Gemini man, regardless of his age, will always be psychologically younger than a Capricorn woman.

Living together, each one gains something that is lacking in life. Thanks to the Gemini man, the conservative Capricorn, who does not have a broad vision, gets a lot of interesting information about new opportunities, options, and possibilities. And she herself brings to life the order and stability of Gemini, which the Gemini cannot do on their own.

Other serious problems that may arise

Sometimes the Capricorn-Gemini relationship can be very problematic. After a fairly short following the honeymoon, when passion and romance subside, the Capricorn woman begins to experience difficulties living with a Gemini man. First of all, she can be very upset if he has absolutely no plans for the future.

A Capricorn woman simply needs to have a clear plan for the day, the week, the month, the year… And the Gemini man is used to changing according to circumstances, he does not push himself to certain limits, and also he is inclined to joke on serious matters. It should be noted that it is a good quality, but the Capricorn woman begins to appreciate it only after a while, and before that it gives her a lot of trouble.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Capricorn and Gemini, for her family to have harmony, the Capricorn woman must adapt to her man. It is believed that a grown man cannot be reeducated. It’s true, but it doesn’t apply to Gemini. The Gemini man’s psyche is so mobile that they easily learn new rules. If the Capricorn woman manages to agree with him and explains why he needs it, the Gemini man will gladly comply with all his requests. But it is important not to invade the freedom of Gemini, Capricorn must remember that he is an adult, although sometimes he behaves like a child.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Capricorn woman and Gemini man
Emotional connection Average 3 STARS
Communication Average 3 STARS
Trust and dependency Below average 2 STARS
Common values Weak 1 STAR
Intimacy and sex Average 3 STARS

How to improve the relationship in between Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn-Gemini bond has a low love compatibility. This does not mean that they cannot achieve a happy partner, but that they will have to work a little more than the rest to maintain it.

The Capricorn-Gemini bond has quite different characteristics. Both have very different ways of seeing the world.

Usually it is the Gemini who never agrees with the Capricorn for not giving the arm a twist. And that the Capricorn is usually somewhat stubborn too, very typical of her sign.

So also the Capricorn woman is very demanding of affection, love, and gifts; if she is a good Capricorn she always needs to feel like a queen. Sadly most Geminis are not caring enough for these demanding women.

From the beginning the Capricorn-Gemini couple can argue, usually this is settled without problems and they achieve harmony. It is important that both of them learn to highlight and value the good characteristics that they have, downplaying the bad ones. This does not imply denying reality, of course, but it should not be a relationship where there are constant recriminations because they will not work that way.

Beware of the insincerity of the Gemini! If she discovers any lies, it could be the end of this love affair. The main problem that can arise, usually at the beginning of this relationship, is that the Capricorn does not finish trusting the Gemini man.

Luckily for the Gemini, the Capricorn is usually organized, patient and stable, especially when she is more mature. They are ideal characteristics to be a good wife and mother, something that the man who seeks a stable relationship values.

At times she may feel insecure and unloved by her partner.

Capricorn Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility Reviews


I am a Capricorn woman, happily married to a Gemini man. We have been together for about 7 years now, and every day that we live makes us closer. He is a kind, not greedy, and the most helping people among all those who I have met. He is of the kind who is always ready to give the last shirt if you need it. My favorite thing in relationships with a Gemini man is his playfulness, we flirt with each other. He is the only person in my life. Accepts all my shortcomings and loves me even in my bad mood.


I lived with a Gemini man for 17 years. He really is my best friend. Very generous, kind, and attentive. I always read in horoscopes that these two signs do not combine for love relationships. This is certainly not true.

He is usually more affectionate than me, but over time I began to learn openness in emotions. The beds are very compatible. I love a little aggression in this area, but he is not against it.


I just don’t understand him. I met a Gemini man for 1 year and during this time we parted 5 times. He does absolutely nothing for our relationship, I have to drag everything on myself. I am ready to share with him everything that I have, and from the very first days he accused me of deception and lies, which naturally offends the living hell out of me, because I am the exact opposite of it.

Now we live together. He has no respect for me, and the feeling og falling in love is gradually leaving. I am 30 and I am in the very dawn of strength and I want love and affection all the time. Any disputes immediately turn into disagreements and wars. I read in horoscopes about the sign of Gemini, I try to change my life a little based on it, because I love him and without him feel lonely. Any attempts to talk with him about the relationship do not give results. He immediately runs away and evades the conversation. He never apologizes, even if he is wrong. He has a son, he loves him. With friends, he’s always open and ready to apologize. For the past few months, I have only been thinking about leaving or staying. But I love him, I don’t know if I can leave forever.


I am a Capricorn woman, meeting a Gemini man. In general, I really like our relationship. Everything was built very gradually, at first there was friendship. He’s never bored with me, and I don’t like to be bored. You can always enjoy jokes and laughter with him. We argue a lot at times, but no matter what, I will not give it to anyone. As for the incompatibility of signs, I think, in fact, a lot depends on the internal qualities of a person.


Fell in love with a Gemini man. I love everything about him: his touch, his mind, and his tenderness. I made a mistake telling him about it, he got scared. But a year later he returned. But such leaving didn’t suit me, I continued to live my life, and ignored him, it brought him out. He offered to be just friends, I agreed. Now he is my best friend and our relationship is growing every day. With him it’s always fun and interesting. Introduced me to all his friends and family. They, too, have become a big part of my life. From such a dynamic development of the event, I get scared, what can you say about this?


Met with a Gemini man for about 10 months. Disputes and disagreements seemed inevitable and I was always to blame. Everything was fine in bed, then he went to his father for his birthday and did not return. He just tricked me, I don’t even know what to do, he doesn’t do anything either. Probably we’re just not made for each other.


I broke up with a Gemini guy about a year ago. We met for about 1.5 years. As a result, he left me for a married woman. Overall, he was very selfish, used me for sex. As soon as I became frank in my feelings, he immediately pulled my tail and ran away. It took me a long time to get out of depression and frustration. But now I am independent and happy.

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    Susan Miller

    It is a somewhat difficult combination to get along with: they are too different and each of them has incompatible defects with the other. The Gemini native is often frivolous and lazy for the hyperactive, taciturn and practical Capricorn . Also in the emotional and sexual plane they are very different: the Capricorn native is "healthy" instinctively, although he is rationally controlled; and Gemini is rational, but driven by mental stimuli rather than carnal. Anyway, although they make up a complicated couple, they can somehow get a satisfying encounter if they make their way through diversity. The union of the Twins with a Goat, can be interesting because both always have projects and are working to achieve them. The Goat unconditionally supports the originality of the ideas of the Twins and these in turn, provide their companion, the affection and warmth he needs. Through the conversation, Gemini will get to know the curious, thoughtful, prudent and traditionalist Capricorn , and he, the susceptible, expressive, indecisive and dreamy Gemini. The patience and sanity of the Capricorn native will easily adapt to the agitated and changing personality of the Gemini native. On the labor level, both signs will cooperate to achieve the established objectives, complementing very well with respect to who executes the ideas and who proposes them. They will both know how to negotiate their interests, achieving the dream economic success. In turn, the intellectual collaboration between both signs will be very fruitful, they will be able to understand their diverse points of view and they will be handled with total practicality. The Goat will give his "kick" on time and in the exact place, while the Twins will bring new ideas and innovative solutions. It could be said that an employment or corporate relationship between these natives will be more compatible than a couple's relationship. On the other hand, the somewhat negative temperament of the Goat will be balanced by the optimism and joy of the Twins. If both natives understand this, they will be able to take advantage of the union in all the fields that are linked. On the sexual level, they may not be understood very well at the beginning because of their differences in character. But it will be through conversation that they will be able to meet and finally connect in intimacy, with the love and passion that they both keep stored inside.

    Juicy j24

    Capricorn women can be very obsessive over a gemini man apparently you don't know nothing about a gem geminis can be easily detached if they standards are not met again they are very intelligent and always couple steps ahead meanwhile with a capricorn woman can be very toxic and make poor decisions about partners finances love or anything they do in life

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