March 20 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

People who were born on March 20 are energetic and active in life. If your birthday is March 20, you don’t like it when your environment projects too much calmness.

During your youth, you are interested in finding new experiences. However, it becomes more solution-oriented as it progresses through the years.

Here’s your special horoscope report to help you better understand your personality. Read on and be enlightened!

Your zodiac sign is Pisces. Your astrological symbol is the fish. The symbol of the two fishes plays an important role in the lives of those born between February 19 and March 20.

Your life is heavily influenced by the planet Neptune. This celestial body allows you to be intuitive and creative. It also allows you to enjoy the most pleasant things in your environment.

The main element that governs your life is water. This is the element of growth and change. It also works closely with Earth, Fire, and Air to balance your mood.

As such, your life experiences are more valuable.

Astrological chart

March 20 Zodiac sign Pisces
March 20 Ruling Planet Jupiter
March 20 Element Water
March 20 Lucky day Thursday
March 20 Life Path Number Life Path Number 2
March 20 Lucky Colors Wheat (light yellow)
March 20 Lucky Numbers 1, 3, 10, 15, 17, 20, and 33
March 20 Birthstone Aquamarine and Amethyst
March 20 Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible with Cancer and Scorpio

Those born on March 20 are people of the zodiac who are on the cusp of Pisces-Aries. This is known as the pinnacle of rebirth. Two planets, Neptune and Mars, have a significant influence on your life.

From Pisces, you get bravery, while Aries gives you energy. The combination of the water sign (Pisces) and the fire sign (Aries) gives you some unique qualities.

For example, you have a unique way of looking at things. Your perspective is fascinating to many people. However, not everyone will agree with your point of view. When you encounter opposition, don’t take it personally.

In addition, the two signs give you empathy and intuition. You have deep beliefs about how you intend to save the world. To advance this, you align yourself with like-minded people.

You are open and efficient and demand the same from your associates. However, most of them do not live up to your expectations. After all, openness and efficiency are not cheap qualities!

Your astrological charts indicate that you are in good health. However, you are prone to blood circulation damage as you age. You may want to take early action to mitigate this.

Love and compatibility

Zodiac people born on March 20 are very creative when it comes to matters of the heart. You have a great sense of adventure. Your happiest moments are when you search for the heart of a new partner.

Being charming and attractive, you generally score high on love affairs. Getting an exciting new partner is easy enough for you. However, you do not like to be committed to a lover for long.

Although you are sweet and passionate, your love is fleeting. You just don’t like attachments. This means that you will have a good number of lovers in your life.

However, you will settle at some point in your life. For this to happen, you must meet two conditions.

You must seek the love of a partner with whom you share most of the qualities. Your ideal partner is fun, energetic, passionate, gentle, and creative. Here, we are looking at people born under the zodiac signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer.

The stars indicate that you are very compatible with this partner. As such, you can form a strong and lasting relationship with them. This is more true if they were born on days 1, 2, 5, 7, 2, 16, 20, 23, 25, 28, and 30.

Warning! Planetary alignments indicate that you are less compatible with a person born under the Aquarius zodiac sign. You share very little in terms of characteristics with that person.

So it follows that a relationship with them will work out pitifully.

Do not even try! It will be nothing more than a waste of resources.

Pisces Compatibility Chart

PiscesPisces with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Medium
Taurus Taurus High
Gemini Gemini Low
Cancer Cancer High
Leo Leo Medium
Virgo Virgo Low
Libra Libra Medium
Scorpio Scorpio High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Low
Capricorn Capricorn High
Aquarius Aquarius Medium
Pisces Pisces High

What are the traits of a person born on March 20?

Those born on March 20 are people of the zodiac who are known to seek knowledge. As such, they accumulate a lot of relevant information throughout life.

You are an observant and analytical person. You are at the forefront of providing solutions to social challenges. This is because you understand what is going on around you.

You are a person with a good heart. Your caring trait is manifested in the ease with which you give to the less privileged in your community.

To achieve this, you keep the company of people who support you. As such, you have nothing to do with selfish and materialistic people.

However, despite your more prominent qualities, you do have some flaws that need to be worked on.

For example, you look like an attention seeker. You are capricious and indulge in drama only to gain the compassion of others.

Trust me; if your birthday is on March 20, your energies are better spent in more constructive ways!

Plus, you make crucial decisions based on whims. You may not go very far with this. Instead, use logic. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

In general, you have what it takes to fly at higher altitudes. Work on your self-esteem to achieve it sooner. People like you. You better do the same!

Famous people born on March 20

You share the birthday of March 20 with various famous people from around the world. Here are five of them:

  • Ovid, born 43 BC - Roman poet
  • Cecilia of York, born in 1469 - Countess of York
  • Richard Dowden, born in 1949, English educator and journalist
  • Masahiro Inoue, born in 1989 - Japanese martial artist
  • Sloane Stephens, born in 1993 - American tennis player

Common characteristics of people born on March 20

On March 20 the people of the zodiac are in the 3rd decan of Pisces. This decan belongs to those born between March 11 and 20.

The planet Pluto plays a fundamental role in your life. As such, it possesses the strongest characteristics of this celestial body. For example, you are idealistic, focused, and creative. These are the most outstanding qualities of Pisces.

Your strongest characteristic is loyalty. People value you for this. Also, they like to be around you because they know you have their back.

But you have to be careful around some of the people around you. Not everyone thinks highly of you. If anything, some despise you. However, they stay with you because you won’t stab them in the back.

Use this as an opportunity to move forward in your life. See it as an opportunity to improve your finances, career, and humanitarian concerns.


People born on the last day of the third decade of Pisces will have very strong character traits, thanks to the influence of the patronizing planet of Mars.

March 20 is the end of the astrological year, which could not affect those born on this day. As a rule, those born on this day have special character traits. They have firm outlooks on life and a strong will. These people do not know defeats, and confidently overcome obstacles in their path.

They are very purposeful and self-confident, they never depend on anyone for hope. They are very balanced and calm. Therefore, having thought it over well, they begin to act. People born on this day are rarely in a large company of people. They always act independently.

They try to avoid places where there can be a large crowd of people. They prefer a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. People born on this day are comprehensively developed and very gifted. They have a large number of talents, throughout their life they always strive to improve their knowledge.

They are very well educated and have aristocratic manners. Together, these character traits give them the opportunity to express themselves in various fields of activity. Therefore, they almost always find their calling in life. Perfectly coping with the chosen business.

Fate will be disposed towards these people, therefore, they will be able to avoid many problems and failures. Not infrequently, they are capricious and spoiled, because a lot of things in life go to them easily. If they do not even have big difficulties, they can easily become depressed.


Idealistic and practical, you are adventurous and ready to fight for noble goals.

Despite the strong need for material security, you do not accept any compromise in matters of principle to you.

Nevertheless, you are always ready to help and give practical advice. You need the support of others, and your love of harmony and peace means that you will do everything possible to defuse tension and restore balance.

Having believed in the matter, those born on March 20 put their heart and soul into it and are able to convince others. Always ready to share their knowledge, they are able to make a great contribution to joint efforts.

Romantic idealist, you crave true love and affection, but in reality, you are practical, take care of your safety, and rarely lose your head from emotions. However, in your quest to help others, you need to try not to interfere with others’ lives.

Career horoscope

You can excel in any field of your choice. Do you know why this is so? It’s because you’re good at reading people!

You see, any field has enterprising people. These people tend to rise to the top of the hierarchical order. The good thing is that you know how to detect them.

Once you identify them, you can position yourself to rise with them. And they will be more than willing to help you with them because you are loyal.

Final thought ...

Wheat is the magical color of those born on March 20. This color signifies life and warmth.

The wheat color reflects your personality. You bring people to life and they find comfort in your loyalty.

Your lucky numbers are 1, 3, 10, 15, 17, 20, and 33.

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