August 27 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

Birth chart

August 27 Birthday Zodiac Sign Virgo
August 27 Birthstone Blue sapphire
August 27 Zodiac Symbol The Virgin
August 27 Strengths Helpful, Honest, Organized, Reliable
August 27 Weaknesses Stubborn, Critical, Jealous
August 27 Life Path Number Life Path Number 9
August 27 Ruling Planet Mercury
August 27 Element Earth
August 27 Lucky Day Wednesday
August 27 Lucky Colors Green
August 27 Lucky Numbers 5, 14, 23
August 27 Zodiac Stone Peridot
August 27 Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible With Capricorn and Taurus.

August 27 - Charming and determined with natural leadership ability, you have a birthday that suggests you are a practical and astute visionary. With your ability to discipline and hard work, once you have a defined goal you persevere to the end. You are able to express a wide range of emotions. You can be compassionate and sensitive, but also powerful and domineering.

With the sub-influence of your decan ruler, Virgo, communication is particularly emphasized in your life. With your strong mental powers and sense of definition, you have a quick grasp of situations and can spot mistakes, and understand complex problems. Having high standards and wanting method and order also means that you can sometimes get carried away and become overly critical.

When channeled constructively, your strong emotions can ensure your popularity, especially when it ignites your special charisma. You may need to avoid becoming impatient with others when they are too slow and feeling widespread dissatisfaction with yours.

Being intuitive, practical and mentally astute, you seek inspiration and work well in the service of others. Idealistic and generous, you possess a strong sense of duty but can also be witty and entertaining. Many men who have this birthday have developed the feminine side of their nature.

Until you are 25 years old, your progressed Sun is in Virgo, emphasizing the importance of being mentally focused and discriminated against. At the age of twenty-six, when your progressed Sun moves into Libra, there is a greater need to associate and relate to others. Your sense of balance, harmony, and beauty is likely to enhance, with the possibility of exploring literary, artistic, or creative outlets in some way. This continues until the age of fifty-six, when your progressed Sun enters Scorpio. This is a turning point for you, one that will highlight a growing need for emotional and spiritual regeneration, as well as accentuate joint finances.


People born on this day are distinguished by a kind, warm and responsive character. The ruling planet on this day - Mars gives them a strong sense of direction and purpose. These are insightful and optimistic people.

They are able to convince and lure to their side. People born on this day are curious and cannot stand any injustice. They are attentive listeners who love to help with advice. At times, they can be too straightforward and stubborn. They like to relax with family and chat with friends. They look at the world somewhat idealistically and are ready to try for world peace.

Virgo Compatibility Chart

VirgoVirgo with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Medium
Taurus Taurus High
Gemini Gemini Low
Cancer Cancer High
Leo Leo Medium
Virgo Virgo High
Libra Libra Medium
Scorpio Scorpio High
Sagittarius Sagittarius Low
Capricorn Capricorn High
Aquarius Aquarius Medium
Pisces Pisces Low

Love and Relationships

Dynamic and sensitive, with powerful emotions, you are generally attracted to creative people who know how to express themselves with words and ideas. Romantic and dramatic, you may need to be careful not to get drawn into inappropriate relationships. Loyal and socially inclined friends, you can be generous and supportive. Since you often fight for powerful positions, you can be a faithful but demanding partner who needs a strong expression of love for yourself and others.

In personal relationships, they have a huge circle of friends and fans. However, in spite of a large group of friends, they always strive to choose one person. They are incredibly romantic and love physical intimacy. In a long-term relationship, charming and open-minded in their feelings.

They expect the same openness from a partner. They do not rush into love with their heads, but as soon as they decide that this is the same person, they become faithful and devoted partners. Equality and support are the keywords in dealing with them. The bedroom loves eroticism and spontaneity. In essence, these people are romantic, jealous and sentimental, full of surprises.

Your secret self

Ambitious and hard-working, you are success-oriented and always looking to excel. By releasing old worries or frustrations, you will find it easier to muster the self-discipline necessary to reach your great potential. By experiencing discontent and giving up too easily, you can get caught up in other people’s dramas instead of focusing on your own sense of purpose.

As you are often universal in your approach to life, you may find deeper fulfillment by finding an outlet for your latent humanitarianism, spirituality, or vivid imagination. Even if you are willing to make sacrifices for others, it is necessary that you do it from the goodness of your heart, without hidden agendas. Your generosity and kindness often pay off many times over.


The 27th birthday indicates that you are intuitive yet curious, with a depth of thinking that can be greatly enhanced by developing patience and self-control. You are often energetic, determined and observant, and can pay great attention to detail. Generally idealistic and sensitive, with a fertile and creative mind, you can impress others with your original thoughts and ideas. Developing good communication skills helps you overcome a reluctance to express your deepest feelings. Education is especially beneficial to the people born on the 27th of August, and with the right qualifications you can achieve success through writing, research, and working in large organizations. The sub-influence of month number 8 indicates that you are mentally active and perceptive.


You may be at your best when working selflessly for a cause or ideal, which can lead to a career in politics, charities, or the healing professions. Since you like to share your knowledge with others, you can be an excellent teacher or writer. Appreciation of color and sound often indicates a taste for the arts or music. This also suggests that you may be successful as a merchant in the world of art or antiques, crafts and design. A sense of structure can also help you in careers like math or architecture. Although you are efficient and thorough, if you are in business, you may do better when your sense of vision is employed creatively, such as in advertising or publishing.

Your practicality and insight can help achieve any goals. Use your friendly character and open-mindedness, all this will help to surround yourself with the right people. Try to control your self-doubt, relax more and eat better.

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