August 12 Horoscope


If you were born on August 12, your zodiac sign is Leo.

August 12 Zodiac Birthday Personality

People born on this day have high intelligence, are witty and always ready to defend their opinions. The ruling planet on this day - Jupiter gives their character curiosity.

Born on this day have excellent communication skills, are full of new ideas and love diversity. They like to overcome obstacles and solve difficult tasks. They are friendly and open people, eager for new information and exchange of opinions.

They are calm and practical, have a rational mind. Always ready to help and take care of loved ones. They have a strong will and determination to bring to the end of any projects and tasks.

August 12 Zodiac Compatibility – Love and Relationships

In personal relationships, passionate and compassionate. They always take their partner seriously and will not exchange it for an extraneous romance. Some are not open in their feelings and emotions, especially in romantic situations. However, despite this they know how to love for real.

If they feel loved and needed, they shine with happiness and pride. As a partner, they seek a soul mate who will be equally faithful and faithful. They need a person of the same level of intelligence, ready to be honest, funny and witty. The bedroom is not selfish and always think of a partner.

Strengths: optimism, a brilliant sense of humor, determination.

Weaknesses: excessive sensitivity, moodiness.


The number of life paths is 3, it is associated with the keyword “Innovation”, which emphasizes your originality and innovative thinking.

Tarot Card - The Hanged Man, emphasizes flexibility, ability to overcome difficulties.

A lucky stone is amethyst, wearing this stone will increase the chances of achieving your goals.

August 12 Zodiac Career

Your integrity and responsibility combined with realism can help achieve many goals in life. Use your determination, honesty, generosity and then get a reputation as a reliable person. Try to get rid of the hypocrisy and uncompromising approach in communication.

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