April 30 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

Were you born on April 30? If so, you have a no-nonsense personality. However, you can be impulsive at times.

People know they can depend on you. You are kind to others. This greatly improves the atmosphere at any gathering. In fact, your wit and charm are important ingredients in such gatherings.

We have compiled this horoscope profile just for you. It gives you all the important details related to your personality.

You are born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Your astrological symbol is the Bull. This symbol is intended for everyone born between April 20 and May 19. The Bull represents tact, patience, and stubbornness.

The planet Venus has a lot of influence on your life. This is the planet of sexuality, curiosity, and desire. It has contributed a lot to improving your love life.

The Earth element is its main guiding element. You work closely with the Fire, Air, and Water elements to give your life its full meaning.

Astrological birth chart

April 30 Birthday Zodiac Sign Taurus
April 30 Birthstone Diamond
April 30 Zodiac Symbol Bull
April 30 Strengths Trustworthy, Kind, Understanding, and Organized
April 30 Weaknesses Lazy, Dependent, Jealous, and Stubborn
April 30 Life Path Number Life Path Number 3
April 30 Ruling Planet Venus
April 30 Element Earth
April 30 Lucky Day Friday
April 30 Lucky Colors Green
April 30 Lucky Numbers 1, 3, 18, 27, 33, 49, and 88
April 30 Zodiac Stone Sapphire
April 30 Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible With Virgo and Capricorn

The people of the zodiac born on April 30 are on the cusp of Aries-Taurus. This is the pinnacle of power. The planets Mars and Venus rule these cuspers.

These heavenly bodies affect your life in a very intense way. The planet Mars adds a masculine component to your life. It is the yang. On the other hand, the planet Venus is more sensual and feminine. This is the yin.

The peak of power has allowed you to be a good financial manager. You are a very astute saver and investor. People will invariably come to you for financial advice.

Your astrological chart indicates that your health is fine. However, you must be careful around infections in the neck, ears, eyes, throat, and shoulders. As a Taurus, you are prone to injury to these parts of your body.

Taurus Compatibility Chart

TaurusTaurus with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Medium
Taurus Taurus High
Gemini Gemini Medium
Cancer Cancer High
Leo Leo Low
Virgo Virgo High
Libra Libra Medium
Scorpio Scorpio Low
Sagittarius Sagittarius Medium
Capricorn Capricorn High
Aquarius Aquarius Low
Pisces Pisces High

Love and compatibility

The people of the zodiac who are born on April 30 are very passionate as lovers. You are willing to offer your lover the best possible life experience.

You are not one of those who jump into relationships just for the sake of it. You prefer to enter into serious and mature relationships. It means that you take the time to study your potential partner before committing your life to them.

You prefer to be cautious with love affairs. This is a good strategy if you want to avoid the risk of disappointment. Most of your relationships will stem from platonic friendships.

Also, you are quite fussy. You don’t settle for just anyone who comes along. A person who believes that he or she is below their standard does not receive a second consideration.

The stars indicate that you will settle down at some point in your life. This will happen when you meet a partner with whom you are compatible. You will be a supportive spouse and a loving parent. Your family will enjoy tranquility and happiness under your guidance.

You seek love with partners that reflect your attributes. Your ideal partner is enthusiastic, passionate, loving, and outgoing. Here, we are looking at those born under the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Virgo, and Capricorn. People from these signs are best suited for you as partners.

You have a lot in common with these natives. It means that you are highly compatible with them. As such, you can establish a very stable and long-term relationship with them.

This is more true if they were born on days 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 19, 21, 23, 27, and 30.

A word of caution!

The planetary alignment warns against your romantic relationship with those who are born under the zodiac sign of Aries. The truth is that you don’t have much in common with these natives. Their views on critical life issues are irreconcilably opposed. Furthermore, they do not operate from the same emotional platform. Therefore, a relationship with them will not do either of you any good.

What are the traits of a person born on April 30?

The people of the zodiac who are born on April 30 are very trustworthy. You are interested in establishing security and stability in your family and community. You want everyone to feel comfortable.

You are averse to pointless arguments. You prefer to be on top of things by being very decisive. Generally, you win by creating harmony in your surroundings.

People are drawn to your down-to-earth attitude. This ticket will take you places.

You are ambitious. You have great ideas that you would like to see implemented in your life. To achieve these, you have spent considerable time and resources gathering knowledge. Clearly, you are one of the most knowledgeable people in any meeting.

However, you do have some flaws that you need to rectify. These weaknesses must be decisively addressed. Otherwise, they can cause you harm when you least expect it.

For example, you are too rigid. This will expose you to situations that will leave you feeling irritated. Try to be a little malleable. Accept that others have a contribution to make in your life.

Also, you tend to avoid problems rather than face them. Burying your head in the sand has never solved any problem for anyone. Challenges will only make you stronger. Face them!

All in all, your success will depend on your golden reputation. Do not compromise that reputation in any way. You need it to fly to the highest heights.

Famous people born on April 30

You share your April 30th birthday with various famous people from around the world. Here are five of them:

  • Philip III, born in 1245 - King of France
  • Gaston III, born in 1331 - Count of Foix
  • Barrington Levy, born in 1964 - Jamaican musician
  • Wang Yafan, born in 1994 - Chinese tennis player
  • Adam Ryczkowski, born in 1997 - Polish footballer

Common characteristics of people born on April 30

The people of the zodiac who are born on April 30 are in the 2nd decan of Taurus. You are in the same category as those born between April 30 and May 10.

The planet Mercury exerts a lot of influence in this decan. As such, you exhibit the most positive characteristics of Taurus. For example, you are resourceful, consistent, and results-oriented.

Your strongest characteristic is your confidence. People trust you from the first moment. While some people look quite dubious, it just creates a contrasting impact on people. It means that people are more than willing to trust you with their valuables.

I’m sure you now understand why people have such high expectations of you. It means that integrity must be worn at all times.

The birthday of April 30 is synonymous with such outstanding qualities as reliability, enthusiasm, and hard work. Use these qualities wisely!


Normally, people born on April 30 are Taureans who tend to have an impetuous character, that is usually very calm. They are people who have a lot of patience and ease of saving. In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are stubborn and somewhat grumpy people, a little spiteful and a little greedy.

The Taurus zodiac sign is usually associated with Friday as its day of the week and green and blue as its color. Its star is Venus and Earth and its related element is the Earth element.

For people born on the thirtieth day of the fourth month of the year, their associated season is spring . This season does not have to be related to the season of the year associated with the day of birth, since April 30 is spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the south.

Therefore, if you were born on April 30, it is normal to share the aforementioned characteristics and associate very directly the different elements related to this zodiac sign.

Career horoscope

You can excel in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. Your key quality of reliability will come in handy in these areas.

Investors find it easy to trust you. With your resources, you can build a business that will positively transform your society.

Many people are quite talented. However, they do not have reliable leaders. Mother Nature has given you the power to fill that void. You are the leader people are looking for! Go ahead and fulfill your mandate!

Final thought ...

Red is the magical color of people born on April 30. Red means passion. Like red blood, this color represents life.

Red reflects your personality. You provide a life for people with trust issues. In your presence, they feel warm and protected.

Your lucky numbers are 5, 6, 11, 17, 40, 45, and 51.

April Zodiac Calendar

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