January 28 Horoscope


If you were born on January 28, your sign Aquarius, the ruling planet of the Sun, it gives individuals an innovative mind, natural curiosity and energy.

January 28 Zodiac Compatibility, Love Characteristics and Personality

Restless romantics, dreamers adoring mysticism, sacraments and intrigues. Being far from their ideals and objects of sighing, they are very capricious, finicky.

They are used to life that they get all the best. To a greater extent, they try to meet the high criteria that they characterize themselves. In any company, they position themselves as a central personality.

Favorable for constant self-development, education. They are able to perfectly combine business with pleasure. The work is neat. They love cleanliness, and when everything is laid out on their shelves. Spend their whole lives in dreams of a brighter future.

From an early age they dream of flying away to live abroad. Being good connoisseurs of human nature, they easily give in to other people’s influence, manipulations.

Do not tolerate life routine. It is impossible to keep them at home. They love walks, parties, fun feasts. Their house is always full of guests. Do not save on your pleasure. Live today.

Even at times of financial tension, we are ready to give our last savings for fleeting pleasures, well aware that tomorrow will be spent in need.

A negative feature of people born on this day is financial irresponsibility and negligence. Being charismatic personalities, they achieve success in their careers due to their well-groomed appearance and eloquence. They become legendary politicians, TV presenters, show men. The public believes them, they are ready to follow them.

Personal qualities born on January 28

Artistic, sensitive and creatively gifted, you crave self-expression.

Being an optimist, at times you may experience dissatisfaction and indecision in emotional matters.

The source of inspiration for you is your idealism. Hating boredom, you constantly strive for new experiences in order to occupy your mind and cheer you up. Thanks to your intuition, you recognize the importance of higher wisdom.

Focused on success and able to think in large categories, you have far-reaching plans and are very entrepreneurial.

Being ambitious and decisive, you are naturally lucky and have good business acumen, but material well-being will not give you answers to all your questions.

This emphasizes the need to adhere to principles that can enhance your sense of values, sense of personality and self-esteem.

Work and vocation born January 28

Smart and quick-witted and not devoid of charm and the gift of words, you feel great in any profession related to contacts with people, whether it is journalism or social activities.

Wanting to expand their knowledge, born 28 January they will pay attention to education, science, literature or law.

Versatilely gifted, you are both a humane idealist and a successful pragmatist, and therefore able to excel in home counseling, social activities or the struggle for social or political goals.

Thanks to natural leadership, ambition and organizational abilities, you will succeed in large corporations and generally in the business world.

On the other hand, the need for artistic expression can draw you into the world of art and entertainment, especially music and theater.

Love and partnership born on January 28

Clever and decisive, you strive for those who love adventure and are able to intellectually stimulate you.

The tendency to easily get bored means that you also prefer active and active people.

Since you may have doubts about intimate contacts, you feel more comfortable in a platonic relationship when you share common interests. By falling in love, you are able to be faithful, gentle and patronizing.

Strengths:  Enthusiasts, have a strong will, are friendly and generous.
Weaknesses:  Harsh manners, act without hesitation.


The number of life is 1, it means that these people have determination, a passion for adventure and drive.

Tarot Card - Mage, it means a strong will, a tendency to mood swings.

A lucky stone is a ruby, it will bring good luck and save you from melancholy.

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