January 26 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

The basis of the science of astrology is the horoscope table, a table that shows the layout of the planet at the time of someone’s birth, this is the simplest way to explain it. To create (or write) the horoscope, you have to find the position of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon at the time of birth, and in fact, all astrologers are, in a way, good mathematicians.

For the purpose of astrology, the Zodiac system is divided into 12 equal parts, where each of these parts is a 30-degree circle. Each sign of the zodiac was named for the dominant coordination through which the Sun, Moon, and Planets passed.

When we talk about the modern horoscope, we mainly think about the position of the Sun at the moment of someone’s birth; This is the most critical aspect of any horoscope. But it has been more than 2000 years since the zodiac signs got their names, and since it was determined what the signs represent.

Even more interesting is looking at your dates of birth, as they can provide an even deeper insight into your personality. In the text that follows, we will dedicate ourselves to explaining the traits of people who celebrate their birthdays on January 26.


People who celebrate their birthdays on January 26 are attractive people, and therefore, it is easy to recognize them in the crowd, they have a specific charm and they always have attention on them. In a way, they stand out from the rest, and it is their natural state.

Like all aquarius people, these people are intelligent and are always in the process of contemplating life, so it is best that they stay and live in the environment of people who have the same lifestyle. They can thrive better in such situations.

Aquariuses understand life, and people too, and everyone who belongs to this sign, even those of January 26, has a good power of introspection. All injustice, nonsense, and banality are abhorred by them, although they understand the inevitability, of course, with which they do not rest. A rebellious and revolutionary nature best describes these people. They take power from the spiritual dynamism that they possess, which creates a wide perspective in their mind and gives them the opportunity to see, even further, the future, also to predict, better than many other people.

They never stick to a single topic, they are conversational, but sometimes their mind is too fast and confusing for others, they jump from one topic to another, and then they can surprise everyone with such statements and actions that even the best visionary is not able to predict. They can be shy, mischievous, and patient at the same time, and on the other hand completely eccentric and strange.

But without a doubt, these people are strong and powerful in their own way. They are very selfish and energetic, they fight valiantly for everything they firmly believe in and they have many ideas to change the world. They will be very fierce in discussing the truth they believe, but if it turns out to be the opposite, it’s hard to change your mind - the people of January 26 are very stubborn.

They are resourceful and are mostly non-judgmental and quite tolerant of others. They are honest and open on their first contact and they are also idealists who connect romantically with the practical. Relationships for them require quantity rather than quality, and here we are talking about any relationship, friendship, or job. They know a lot of people, but their main goals are sincere friendships.

They are often selfishly isolated, and in this loneliness, they are left to their imaginations and visions of the future. Your thoughts and ideas are sure signs of the moment when some changes are coming shortly.


People born on this day are outstanding individuals who combine many interesting qualities. By their behavior, they simultaneously cause delight and hostility among others.

The neutral position of Venus in the sign of Aquarius affects the worldview of those born on this day so that they never care about the opinions of others. They always swim in their own current.

People whose birthday falls on this day are purposeful, persistent, always striving only for the best. At the same time, they do not possess special creative skills or intellectual abilities, they are well aware of this and try to fill the lack of talent, a solid social position, and popularity.

There are always a lot of people around them whom they call friends. In youth, they are popular, they see an active lifestyle, perfectly combining study, entertainment, and relaxation. They have the makings of a leader, in view of their perseverance.

They have a hot temperament. It’s difficult to recognize anyone’s superiority or dominance. This leads to the fact that they, against their will, but under the influence of emotions and circumstances, do not miss every opportunity to develop a conflict with the authorities, management, and representatives of public authorities.

They are reluctant to make concessions. Only when they feel threatened can they plead guilty. Being born on 26 January boasts excellent health. But once sick, they will squeeze out all the juices from their loved ones and family members. Here the capriciousness of their character will manifest.

Your life path number is 8, which means leadership, which is very suitable for your power nature.
Tarot Card Courage, emphasizes your hard work and determination.

A happy gem is a black pearl, wearing it will bring wealth and harmony to your personal life.

Strengths: Confidence, perseverance, brilliant practicality.
Weaknesses: Bad mood, aggressive especially if upset by something.


The presence of prerequisites for the implementation of life plans requires you to be firmly aware of your goals.

Outwardly, you may sometimes seem detached, but inside you, there are strong feelings and desires that need to be directed in a positive direction.

When you wholeheartedly love and strive to help others, your character and your high ideals become a powerful driving force of good.

You have a natural business talent and the ability to communicate with people. Constantly evaluating your capabilities and advantages of a particular situation, you like to bargain and get your way. Even in the best of times, you may be afraid of running out of money. However, by keeping in touch with your strong spirit, you will always have more than enough.

Love compatibility

When it comes to love, people on January 26 enjoy experimentation, and when their love interest topic is more mysterious, they are more interested. Their ideal is a lover who is above all a friend, without excessive emotional demands and with great interest in their lives, beliefs, and ideas.

They rarely decide to marry, and if they do, of course, it is a sudden decision; there is no secret that they are spontaneous people; all your decisions are based on your inner feelings, whether you should do something or not.

People who celebrate their birthdays on January 26 look very interesting and unusual. They are recognizable by their appearance, and they are those who are fatal to the opposite sex, have special sexual charisma, and use it abundantly.

They are generally shy and affectionate, but always be ready to transform their personality into someone open and approachable. They fear the limitations of freedom and can disappear from their lives, and this is the characteristic they share with all Aquarius.

Aquarius Compatibility Chart

AquariusAquarius with… Compatibility
Aries Aries High
Taurus Taurus Low
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Medium
Leo Leo Low
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra High
Scorpio Scorpio Low
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Medium
Aquarius Aquarius High
Pisces Pisces Medium

Purpose and Career

Independent by nature, since all people who are Aquarians in the zodiac sign system, also those born on January 26, enjoy having their own company and their own business. These people feel better when they can make their own business decisions and when they can stick to their schedules.

They want to participate in group projects, where they will play a leadership role; It is the only way in which there is the slightest possibility of working with others. As lovers of knowledge and truth, they are easily found among historians or scientists related to the electronics industry; all the processes that require investigation and that analyze the past or the future interest them.

They have a remarkable sense of aesthetics, laxity, and balance, and are often expressed through music or some other art form.

They are comfortable in disciplines that contain the element of air and movement, some even try to fly, as pilots, but also as a hobby. They come across unusual activities like aviation, skydiving, or skiing. The point is that they need to feel independent and free no matter what they do; Also, they need to enjoy what they do, to the fullest sense of the word.

Symbols, lucky numbers, and colors.

This date of birth is related to the symbols of youth and happiness, and the ability to rejuvenate energy fields - they are blessed with a specific type of youthful energy.

A metal related to these people is gold, something that shines, and is valuable but also useful at the same time.

Like all Aquarians, these people who celebrate their birthdays on January 26 are ruled by the planet Saturn and a smaller part of Uranus. This implies that they have independence, energy, and also a partial mystery.

Their lucky number is 8 and 9, and their favorite color is also gold and for some representatives of this date of birth black.

Historical events on January 26

Recorded history can provide such valuable insight into some dates - we can see what kind of energy ruled at those specific times. In the next two rows, notice what marks the period of January 26 throughout history.

In the year 1500, the Spanish sailor Vicente Yáñez Pinzón discovered Brazil.

In the year 1531. - A powerful earthquake struck the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, it was completely destroyed and more than 30,000 people died.

In the year 1699. - Karlovac Peace was signed, and with this movement the war between Turkey and the Holy Alliance, after 16 years ended.

In the year 1788, British ships with the first settlers from England, including a group of rascals, sailed into Botani Bey Bay, Sydney, Australia, where they founded a colony.

In 1823, the English physician Edvard Jenner, who in 1796 invented a vaccine against human smallpox.

In the year 1885. - The Sudanese uprisings of Muhammad Ahmed Abdul occupied Khartoum and executed the English general Chardon Gordon. The British re-assumed authority in 1898 and Sudan remained under British rule until January 1, 1956.

In 1891, a German engineer, Nikolaus August Oto, who manufactured the first gasoline engine in 1861, and in 1876, invented a four-stroke engine with internal combustion, known as the “Oto engine.”

In 1905 - In Pretoria in South Africa, the world’s most important diamond, “Kalinin”, was found. In the raw state, it weighed 622 grams and had 3,106 cards.

In the year 1930, Mahatma Gandi, leader of the Indian Independence Movement, started marching to India due to the salt tax. “The Salt March” should encourage Indians to independently produce (salt) as a symbol of independence.

In the year 1934: a ten-year German-Polish non-rape pact was signed, which Hitler broke with an attack on Poland on September 1, 1939.

In the year 1942 - The first American troops arrived in Europe in Northern Ireland, during World War II, and in the battles of the European Rift, they entered the 1943 attack against Italy.

In the year 1947 - In Denmark, in a plane crash, Gustaf Adolf died. Five children were left without a father, including the current King of Sweden Karl Gustaf XVI.

In 1950 - India has formally proclaimed a republic within the British Commons.

In 1965, Hindi became the official language of India, causing riots in the south of the country, where the population spoke other languages.

In 1972. - Above Czechoslovakia, after a bomb explosion, a JAT “DC-9” plane crashed. 26 passengers and crew members were killed, only stewardess Vesna Vulovic surviving.

In 1990. - American film actress Ava Gardner died.

In 1993. - Vaclav Havel was elected President of the new Czech Republic after the dissolution of the Czechoslovak Federation.

In 1994.- In the old Warsaw Pact, Romania was the first country to sign the NATO Association for Peace document.

In 1996. -The United States Senate approved the “Start 2” agreement on reducing the number of strategic nuclear missiles in the United States and Russia.

In 2001. -In the 7.7 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale in western India, around 18,000 people died.

Famous people born on January 26

1497.- Go-Nara, 105th Japanese car.

1781.- Ludwig Achim von Arnim, German poet.

1877.- Kees Van Dongen, painter of Dutch origin.

1892.- Bessie Coleman, an American civilian pilot. She was the first African-American pilot and also the first African-American woman with a pilot’s license.

1908.- Stephane Grappelli, a French jazz violinist.

1918. - Nicolae Ceauşescu, Romanian politician and statesman.

1921.- Telmo Zarra, Spanish soccer player.

1922.- Akio Morita, a Japanese businessman, and creator of Sony.

1925.- Paul Newman, American actor, director, and producer.

1928.- Roger Vadim, a French director.

1947. - Michel Sardou, is a French singer, songwriter, and occasional actor.

1948. - Jörg Haider, an Austrian politician.

1949. - Jarmila Kratohvilova, a Czech athlete

1950. - Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a Danish politician.

1951. - Eddie Van Halen, a Dutch-American musician.

1958.- Ellen DeGeneres, is an American comedian, actress, and television director.

1958. - Anita Baker, is an American jazz singer.

1959. -Wayne Douglas Gretzky, a Canadian hockey player.

1963.- José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho, Portuguese soccer coach.

1971.- Dorian Gregory, an American actor.

1977.- Vincent Lamar “Vince” Carter, is an American basketball player.

1979.- Sara Rue (Schlackman), is an American actress.

1987.- Sebastian Giovinco, Italian footballer.

1990.- Sergio Pérez, Mexican Formula One driver.

If we wanted to conclude this cross-section of the characteristics of people who are born on January 26, we will say that they can be described by conformity, vigor, and the tendency towards beauty and art.

Very often other people do not understand them, they are not mysterious, but she seems unusual. The only one who can understand the volatile and dominant people of January 26 is someone similar. Emphasized intellect and expressed dynamic mental processes are apparent characteristics of this date of birth.

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