January 6 Horoscope


If your birthday is January 6, then your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

January 6 Zodiac Compatibility, Love Characteristics and Personality

People born 6 January are usually more emotional than the typical sign of Capricorn. The ruling planet on this day is Venus, which makes them tough on the outside, but tender on the inside. If your birthday is on this day, it means that you are a strong, ambitious and practical person. You are a creative person and know how to express your thoughts and ideas.

These men and women are very peaceful people who hate disagreements, as well as gossip and petty squabbles. They are quite discerning and kind, inclined to help others. Often such people experience everything inside and do not show their emotions.

Work and finance

These people are well motivated by money, they have a love for luxurious things and therefore the main condition for work is the size of their wages. These men and women are somewhat stingy financially. They are ready to work, but in order to satisfy their dear tastes. Born 6 numbers, as a rule, have excellent money management skills.

In love

Capricorns born on this day are more open emotionally and appreciate communication with other people. They do not like loneliness, prefer to play a leading role in relationships and are usually romantic and affectionate with their partner. They need a partner who will share and understand their aspirations and priorities, one who can maintain a harmonious balance between home and work.

In public, they do not like to show emotions, but on the one they are passionate natures. Over time, their love will only grow stronger, and they will fully devote themselves to the family.


Your energy level has a tendency to fluctuate, so you should always monitor how you eat. You need to get enough sleep, so as not to be lethargic. If you neglect yourself, you should expect constant bouts of bad mood.


loyalty and reliability, ideality as a partner / parent / friend.


sometimes they are naive, at times you overestimate your strengths.


Your number is 6, this number means “sociality” is a keyword that emphasizes your life path.

Your tarot card is Lover. It gives you special courage / femininity. She emphasizes your longing for your beloved and affection.

The stone is turquoise, wearing this stone will bring you positive energy and good luck.

Your advice is loyal, reliable and optimistic in nature can bring you success in life, the main thing is to use it to the fullest. If you learn to express your frustration, you can significantly reduce your stress level.

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