January 29 Birthday Horoscope

Zodiac Sign Birthday Horoscope

If you were born on January 29, your sign Aquarius, the ruling planet is the Moon, it gives the person high intuition and creativity. If you were born on this day, you have broad views, are sociable and rational.

General characteristics

The penultimate day of the first decade of the sign of Aquarius. Venus, having completed the cycle completely, reduces its tendencies in this sign. For this reason, gentleness of character and emotionality are not character to people born on January 29th.

On this day, persistent, courageous, responsible, courageous individuals are born. Fate has prepared for them an intense lifestyle, full of obstacles and trials. They never rely on luck.

They always achieve their goals, providing themselves with wealth and authority. At a time when others are having fun, enjoying life, these Aquarius are working tirelessly. Very hardworking. Always rely on themselves and their strengths.

Patience allows you to diligently engage in what they do not like. Obstacles do not scare them. Those born on this day are rational in financial matters. From an early age, starting to earn money and gaining material independence, they truly know the real value of money.

Being strong and courageous, they never enter into conflicts if their personal interests are not involved. They do not care about other people’s troubles. Their success and safety are positioned above all.

Throughout life, many enemies gather around themselves. Enemy relations are formed as the struggle for power. Despite his radical life principles, he is always at odds with his conscience.

They respect people of high rank. All my life I am driven by tendencies to become better and better. As a rule, they support themselves in excellent physical shape.

Eat right, demonstrate a complete rejection of bad habits. Subject to mechanical injuries, neurological diseases.

Strengths: Sociability, impartiality, cheerful character. 
Weaknesses: Impulsiveness, excessive talkativeness.


The number of life is 2, it means that these people are prone to compromise, and avoid confrontations. 
The Tarot Card is the Priestess, it characterizes you as a patient and intuitive person.

A successful stone – pearls, will bring happiness and prosperity to your life.

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