January 5 Birthday Horoscope

Birthday Horoscope

If your birthday is January 5, your zodiac sign is Capricorn

General Characteristics

People born 5 January are usually practical and persistent. The ruling planet on this day is Mercury, which gives these people a thirst for freedom and energy. These are quite convincing and resourceful people who intuitively feel when someone needs help.

You need to learn to strike an equal balance between what you give and what they give you. These are independent people, but they are quite sociable and can feel great in a crowd, unlike other capricorns.

You need to better listen to what your body wants, because it is in this way that you can best relax and rest.

What are they in work and their finances

An ingenious mind and entrepreneurial talents will allow you to succeed in any career. The profession where you can use communication and resourcefulness skills is best for you. You know how to manage money and build a reasonable financial basis.

Personal relationships

People born on January 5 adore their personal freedom and this can cause difficulties in personal relationships. They like to enjoy the company of friends to whom they are faithful and loyal, but it is not enough for them to just find a partner who would suit them.

You need a partner who can share your love for communication, he must be able to calm your anxiety and reveal your inner feelings. You should look for a partner who has the patience to win your heart.


Your fast pace of life can lead to irregular eating. This inattention to food can lead to problems. You are the type of person who is very important to get enough sleep, otherwise you become incredibly grumpy.

Strengths: seriousness and ability to control oneself in any situations, optimism and a creative approach to life.

Negative aspects: selfishness, excessive arrogance.


Your number of life is five, this figure is associated with the “Research” which makes you a curious person who wants to study all his life.

Tarot Card – Hierophant. They symbolize the pursuit of goals and understanding of all the secret and unknown.

Your gemstone is Diamond, wearing this stone will give you strength of mind and purity of mind.


Try to use your communication skills more often, they will allow you to more easily achieve your life goals. You should learn to control your ego. Relax more and never stop learning new information, this will allow you to satisfy your curiosity and the enlightenment of which you are so hungry.

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