Top 20 Powerful Mantras Of 2024 For Positive Energy, Peace And Harmony

Many words are reflections of our thoughts and feelings. Who never ended up saying what they shouldn’t and later regretted it?

It is not a matter of repressing feelings and not expressing oneself, but care must be taken when saying anything. Words have the incredible power to please or hurt people. They are also extremely responsible for positive and negative impacts on our daily lives.

So that words are not destructive weapons, we must make them conscious. Kind sentences are capable of providing a much calmer and more serene state of mind. Speaking positive words helps to reduce anger, depression, moodiness and irritability.

In order to make the routine more positive, some people use mantras daily. Mantras are able to ward off negative thoughts and turn them into good energy.

The mantras originated in Hinduism. The word is a Sanskrit term meaning “mind control.” The mantra can be sung or recited, always repeated for a few times the words contained in the mantras have the power to aid concentration during meditation and to filter and purify negative energies and thoughts.

Thinking about the power words have in our lives, we select 20 phrases that are true mantras:

1. Let the light of friendship shine through my whole being, drawing worthy people to me.

2. Practicing tolerance helps us control the fearful and angry mind.

3. Today I experience determination and patience as the foundation of success.

4. Free yourself from animosity and you will become fearless.

5. There is no better nutrition than happiness.

6. There is a rust worse than all: it is called ignorance.

7. When joy becomes sadness and well-being unfortunate, patient souls will derive pleasure even from pain.

8. Allow yourself to be what you are and also accept the limits of others. Acceptance makes the face more beautiful, the body more relaxed.

9. I can claim unlimited fortune for my future lives through self-transformation and service to humanity.

10. Knowledge crowns efforts with success.

11. Honor is repaid with honor and love with love.

12. Purity means a return to the original qualities of a complete being.

13. When I take the first step to overcome barriers in relationships others will change as well.

14. The discovery of your own lightness attracts and elevates others.

15. If man remains in harmony with the cosmos all imbalances cease to exist.

16. It’s good to get involved in many things. The person who has done one thing, and only one thing, becomes very fixed and change becomes difficult.

17. True freedom has a totally different dimension. It is not about the outside world, any of it; it emerges from our interiority.

18. The other becomes a mirror for you to know yourself.

19. Laughter is much more powerful than any nuclear weapon.

20. A happy person is one who understands life and accepts its polarities.

Always have this list of mantras at hand! To develop, purify, and clear your energy channels, repeat as you see fit.

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