6 Calming Mantras To Ease Depression And Transform Your Life

6 Calming Mantras To Ease Depression And Transform Your Life

The troubled life, the countless commitments and the constant demands that we make on ourselves can make us angry, nervous and extremely stressed. We do a lot on automatic, and we can become someone we don’t want to be. When we realize this, it may be too late, and we have already lost loved ones who are not obliged to endure this type of situation.

A simple way to change this situation is by reprogramming our mind. For that, there are mantras. When we think of a mantra, we usually think of phrases that are difficult to memorize and that usually produce only sounds without much direct meaning. Still, in reality, any phrase said in repetition to train your mind can be considered a mantra. Based on this, we have separated some mantras that you can say to yourself whenever necessary and, in this way, start to have a calmer life and without major changes almost instantly. After all, a trained mind starts to react the way you intend and not automatically, which is what usually happens.

“I can’t control everything.” 

A large part of the reasons that take us seriously is our excessive desire to take care of everything. It is the old “embrace the world”. Being aware that you cannot account for everything you want or even need is essential to de-stress. Don’t cover yourself so much, and do what your body and mind allow.

“I have time.” 

We keep saying this to everyone and everything because we can’t fit in so many commitments and tasks 24 hours a day. However, we do many unnecessary things and end up missing important events and even staying away from loved ones. Make time for what is good for you.

“I don’t judge and criticize anyone else.” 

This can be a difficult exercise, but it is extremely necessary. Stop noticing others so much and wanting them to act, think and even dress like you. This creates internal competition and a generation of expectations that will never be met. It’s pure stress!

“I will dedicate myself to what matters.” 

Giving things real importance is the best way to live. Don’t give too much importance to what you don’t need, much less neglect the things that need your real attention. Learn to be discerning to understand what requires more care and what is not worth your time.

“I am patient.” 

Each time you feel that something has taken your cool off, memorize deeply and repeat yourself as many times as necessary above. Patience is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. Believe that you can be much more tolerant than you think.

“I did my best.” 

We always charge more than we should owe ourselves. Whenever you finish a task, repeat to yourself that you did the best you could and dedicated yourself as much as you could. Don’t act like you always need to be better than you already are.

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