Prayer Of The Miraculous Black Goat - For Prosperity And Love

The Prayer of the Black Goat is one of the best known prayers in the book “Black Cover” written by St. Cyprian. It is a powerful prayer, respected and feared by many. In this article, you will learn about two versions of this prayer: one for prosperity and one for loving binding. There are reports of people who have achieved great results through these prayers. See both below.


This prayer acts as a binding to bring love back, both men and women. However, it must be stressed that it is not magic. Cases where it worked are reported, but also other more complex cases were totally irreversible. Use prayer in a positive way, have faith in praying, but don’t raise many expectations. So if there are results, they will come as a good surprise. Pray in faith the Miracle Black Goat Prayer for loving mooring.

“ Miracle Black Goat, who climbed up the hill, bring me (desired name), which from my hand disappeared. (Name desired), just as the rooster crows, the donkey crows, the bell rings and the goat roars, so you will walk behind me.

Just like Caiaphas, Satan, Ferrabras, and the Chieftain of Hell, who all dominate, make (desired name) dominate, to bring me lamb, trapped under my left foot.

(Name of desire), money in the tub and in my hand shall not be lacking; thirsty you and I will not end; shot and knife, neither you nor I shall catch us; My enemies will not see me.

The fight I will win, with the powers of the miraculous Black Goat. (Name of desire), with two I see you, with three I arrest you, with Caiaphas, Satan, Ferrabrás.


In times of financial crisis across the country, we must strengthen our faith and lean on anything that is not illegal to maintain a quality of life. We do not need money just to survive, but also for our leisure, travel and all that is good for us. So, it costs us a little push in the destination to attract abundance and thus realize our main dreams as a desired trip, a new car, a house near the sea, etc. Pray in faith the Miracle Black Goat Prayer for prosperity.

“ Save St. Cyprian, make much money, wealth and fortune forever with me. St. Cyprian bring a lot of money, wealth and fortune to me.

Just as the rooster crows, the donkey rumbles, the bell rings, the miraculous black goat shouts, so you Saint Cyprian will bring much money, wealth and fortune to me.

As the sun rises, the rain falls, let St. Cyprian make money, wealth, and fortune over me (say his name here), so be it.

Trapped under my left foot, with two eyes I see money, wealth and fortune, with three I hold, money, wealth and fortune, with my Guardian Angel I ask that much money, wealth and fortune come to me. Like a creeping snake that money, wealth and fortune only feel very close to me, who can’t stay with the undeserving, who doesn’t stay with anyone but me, who meets all my wants, buying whatever I want, spending as I please, never make me suffer for running out of money, that when I always sleep and wake up money, wealth and fortune are inside my house, my purse, my pocket, from my business or wherever I am.

May money, wealth, and fortune not be far from me, that their values ​​are always high, very high, turned to me alone, that St. Cyprian money, wealth, and fortune be very valuable to me. So be it. By the power of St. Cyprian, so be it. May a great deal of money, wealth and fortune come after me, so that we may have comfort, fame, power, health, help the needy, have a good life and be happy.

I ask Saint Cyprian, that money, wealth and fortune seek me today, I ask this to the power of the Three Black Souls who watch over Saint Cyprian, so be it. May money, wealth, and fortune come all at once to my home, my life, my business, and my business. Let the enemies not see us, see us, so be it, it will be so, it is done.

O St. Cyprian and the Three Black Souls watching over St. Cyprian, heed my request.


Before praying, raise a candle and stand before it with a knife in your right hand;

- Begin to pray the prayer at 24 hours on a Friday;

Pray the prayer for seven days straight and then wait another seven days.

- If these 14 days pass and nothing has happened, repeat the ritual again. Pray for a week and wait for the results.

If you can bring your beloved back, or achieve financial prosperity, thank Saint Cyprian. If not, you may have to perform different prayers and rituals, or conform to the situation. The universe always reserves the best for us, even if we can’t understand it now.

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