St. George's Prayer For Love, Enemy, Paths, Work And Protection in 2024

St. George is one of the most popular saints in Brazil. Known as the holy warrior, he is famous because he has devotees in different religions: Catholic, Spiritist and also Afro-Brazilian religions. Meet the powerful  prayer of St. George and other famous prayers of this Saint.


When to pray to St. George with this beautiful prayer of St. George and his cloak. Then thank God the Saint who was Saint George and ask him for his graces. Always ask with great force and, above all, with great faith:

“I will walk clothed and armed with the weapons of St. George, that my enemies, having feet not reach me, having hands not catching me, having eyes not seeing me, and not in thoughts can they hurt me. Firearms my body will not reach, knives and spears break without my body touching, ropes and chains break without my body tying.

Jesus Christ, protect me and defend me with the power of your holy and divine grace, Virgin of Nazareth, cover me with your sacred and divine cloak, protecting me in all my pains and afflictions, and God, with your divine mercy. and great power, be my defender against the evil and persecution of my enemies.

Glorious St. George, in the name of God, extend to me his shield and his mighty weapons, defending me with his strength and his greatness, and that my enemies be humble and submissive under the feet of his faithful rider. you. So be with the power of God, Jesus and the phalanx of the Divine Holy Spirit. St. George Rogai for Us. Amen ”


Pray this powerful prayer of St. George with great faith and always thinking of the evil that haunts him:

“O my St. George, my Holy Warrior and protector,
Invincible in faith in God, who sacrificed for Him,
Bring hope in your face and open my ways.

With his breastplate, his sword and his shield,
Which represent faith, hope and charity,
I will walk clothed, so that my enemies
Having feet do not reach me,
Having hands do not catch me,
Having eyes do not see me
And no thoughts can have, to hurt me.

Firearms will not reach my body,
Knives and spears will break without my body reaching,
Ropes and chains will break without my body touching.

O Glorious noble knight of the Red Cross,
You who with his spear in hand have defeated the evil dragon,
Defeat also all the problems that for now I’m passing Glorious St. George,
In the name of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ
Extend me your shield and his mighty weapons,
Defending me with your strength and greatness
From my carnal and spiritual enemies.

O Glorious Saint George,
Help me to overcome all discouragement
And to reach the grace I now ask you (Make your request) O Glorious Saint George,
At this very difficult time of my life
I beg you to fulfill my request
And that with his sword, his strength and his power of defense
I can cut off all the evil in my path.

O Glorious Saint George,
Give me courage and hope,
Strengthen my faith, my spirit of life and help me in my request.
O Glorious Saint George,
Bring peace, love and harmony to my heart,
To my home and all around me.

O Glorious Saint George,
By the faith which
I lay in you, Guide me, defend me, and protect me from all evil.


The Holy Warrior can also intervene in the search for work. Pray this prayer of St. George for work and ask to improve your professional situation.

“O Saint George, brave,
bold and winning knight ;
open my ways,
help me get a good job,
make me well regarded by all;
superiors, colleagues and subordinates, may peace,
love and harmony always be present in my heart,
in my home and in service, watch over me and mine,
always protecting us,
opening and illuminating our ways,
helping us May we also transmit peace,
love and Harmony to all around us.


“Just as St. George ruled the dragon,
I will rule this heart,
which will be closed to all women (or to all men)
and open to me alone.”

After the prayer is over, pray 3 more Our Fathers and pray the prayer of the beloved guardian angel as well as your guardian angel. To make your prayers even stronger, pray this prayer on Fridays, especially on St. George’s Day, April 23rd.


St. George, by his position as a soldier and his strength to fight evil, is known as a holy warrior and also as a holy protector. He is a patron of England, Greece and a secondary patron of Portugal. He is patron of several cities including London, Barcelona, ​​Genoa and Moscow. April 23 is St. George’s Day, the beloved saint who has many prayers and even songs with his achievements and victories.


Historians have doubts about the true history of St. George, as there are several controversies about the fantastic convictions about the dragon’s death, which accompanies it. However, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, there is no basis for doubting the historical existence of St. George.

St. George was a Roman soldier in the army of Emperor Diocletian and was revered as a Christian martyr. Legend has it that he killed a dragon to save a princess. This is why he is depicted in soldier armor on a white horse with a sword or spear in his fists, killing the dragon.

The symbolism of St. George is that:

  • Armor represents the strength of faith in overcoming evil.
  • The spear or sword means the inner weapons to combat life’s problems.
  • The white horse represents the purity of faith in God and in himself.
  • The red cape signifies the strength and self-confidence to overcome obstacles in life.
  • The dragon represents the enemies and the evil to be fought

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