Powerful Prayers of Saint Benedict Against Jealousy And Envy

Are you feeling overwhelmed? With a heavy heart, not understanding why certain things in your life stopped working? Perhaps you are being the victim of someone’s envy, or the perpetrator. The truth is that there are many people who really have a nasty eye, but there are also others who end up feeling envious unintentionally, and even without realizing it. Surely, you must have already gone through any of these situations. In order to free you from this evil, now know 6 prayers to remove this bad feeling from your life!

Prayer of Saint Benedict - Saint known for protecting against envy

São Bento, in holy water; 

Jesus Christ, on the altar; 

whoever is in the middle of the road will let me pass. 

With every jump, with every carelessness, 

São Bento in holy water; 

Jesus Christ on the altar; 

Whoever is in the middle of the road will let me pass. 

For I believe in Jesus and his Saints, 

that nothing will offend me, 

Me, my family 

and everything I create. 


Prayer of the Saint Benedict Medal

May the Holy Cross be my Light. 

Don’t be the Dragon my guide. 

Get away, Satan! 

Never advise me in vain. 

It is bad what you offer me. 

Drink your poison yourself! 

Pray for us, Blessed Saint Benedict, 

So that we are worthy of Christ’s promises. 

Prayers to attract good things

Prayer Against Envy

At this moment when I find myself in prayer in Your arms Jesus, I ask you for the grace to be free from this poison that is envy, brought to the world by Satan. Lord, I ask you to come to the aid of my weaknesses and weaknesses. 

I wholeheartedly deliver to You, Lord, all the moments that I experienced the feeling of envy, whether with friendships or material goods. I ask you, Holy Spirit, to come upon my heart and my life, freeing myself from the roots of envy. 

Come, Holy Spirit of God, give me a pure and simple heart, which rejoices in what I am and what I have. Come, Holy Spirit, open my eyes to the riches I have. 

Come, Holy Spirit of God, shield me with Your power to protect me from the envious, who want to harm me and my family. 

I renounce ALL ENVY in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 


Get rid of evil with the prayers of Our Lady of the Head

Prayer against envy and slander

“Jesus Christ, our lord, sower of good and charity, towards all people and animals. Through the meekness of his love, I sincerely ask you: keep me from all evil. Close my ears to all slander. Close my soul to all evil. Keep my tongue from empty words. May my spirit only be filled with blessings. Spare my mind from insane thoughts. Welcome in my heart only good feelings. Close my body against all envy, today and every day of my life. Amen!” 

Prayer to ward off envy

“Saint Barnabas, great prophet of the faith, with a heart full of light, goodness and courage, a saint who managed to gather many people and carry the word of God, through the gospel with the fullness of the holy spirit, keep me from any evil, injury , envy, because I want to live in peace. Bless the souls of those people who think of doing evil and place in their hearts the dignity and virtue of faith, so that they repent of being what they are. Support me, my Saint Barnabas, in your Christian spirit. So be it!” 

Dealing with the cause and consequences of that feeling is not easy. It seems that our hearts and souls take possession of everything that is bad. Our thoughts and vibrations change, and we become toxic people both for ourselves and for others. So bet on those prayers, wear amulets, think about the good every day, and have faith that things will get better!


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