Seeing  equal times on the clock  is a recurring thing for many people, but many don’t even realize that those numbers can carry a message from our subconscious minds. See below what is the meaning of equal hours whenever you look at the clock it is pointing equal hours and minutes according to numerology.

Equal hours is when you look at a clock and see the same hours and the same minutes with equal numbers, such as 11:11, 12:12 or 21:21. It is believed that when this happens and you see the same hours on your watch, it has a significant meaning in your life, given the number that appears on the watch.


There are numerous beliefs about this. Many people when faced with equal hours think, “Someone is thinking of me!”, Others believe that this is a possibility to make a request to the universe. The truth is, the one who tells us to look at the time and control our schedule is our brain, right? Therefore, it is our subconscious mind that may, through equal numbers, be trying to convey a message to us. Each person is “chased” by a different number or set of numbers, so each person receives from the universe a specific message or direction depending upon what you are living at, at that time. Since these are beliefs its important to use one’s own discernment and carefully experiment with these beliefs before applying them to one’s life.


It’s simple. For example, if you repeatedly encounter an equal time, such as 13:13. The numbers 1 and 3 bring you a symbology, as well as their sum: 1 + 3 + 1 + 3 = 8. Therefore, you should look for the meaning of 1, 3, and 8 for this moment of your life, especially if this timing recurrently catches your attention.

If by chance the hours you see reach a sum equal to or greater than 10 just add the digits again. For example: 3:15 pm, you will add 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 12. Then: 1 + 2 = 3. You should look up the meaning of 1, 5, and also 3.


This phenomenon is simply the doubling of a two digit number. This is believed to be associated with a connection to another person at the same time. Therefore, in addition to the usual meaning of time, there is also a heart connection with another person who thinks of us as we turn our attention to the clock at the exact same time we see it.

Below are some questions and meanings that each number may be giving you by duplicating the number sequence each time you look at the clock. You need to reflect and understand what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you with that message or question, as it can point you in an important direction for your life.

In this list we show the possible meaning of each number of equal hours on the clock:

00:00 - Make a wish and it will be fulfilled
01:01 - He or she loves you
02:02 - Soon you will have a date
03:03 - With you he or she is happier!
04:04 - Someone far away thinks of you
05:05 - You’ll receive an invitation
06:06 - You’ll do everything for your love
07:07 - Like you
08:08 - Today he thought of you
09:09 - Gifts from your love
10:10 - Someone else loves you
11:11 - You’ll get a call
12:12 - News will make you happy
13:13 - You’ll have a beautiful boyfriend
14:14 - It’s time to invest in that special person
15:15 - You’ll get a special compliment
16:16 - Someone thinks of you
17:17 - You’ll see that your friend is more than just a friend
18:18 - Someone loves you and misses you
19:19 - Your days will be filled with joy
20:20 - Some good days will come
21:21 - You will see the person you want
22:22 - The one you love will be with you
23:23 - You’ll never be betrayed


Beyond the more simplistic meaning we presented to you above, seeing equal times on the clock can mean that your subconscious is trying to contact you. If you often encounter this situation often, your subconscious may be sending you messages or a direction based on the science of numerology. See below what each schedule means.


If you often come across the same hours and minutes, here’s what it means.

01:01 - It’s the number that inspires the new. Start a new project, start a new physical activity, start a new course, learn a new language, or simply get a new haircut. Your body and your mind yearn for newness.

02:02 - Invest in new social relationships. New friends, new groups of visitors from the same environments, new colleagues. This renews our spirit; a succinct discovery makes us more sociable and friendly people.

03:03 - You may need energy balance. Your body and mind must be oscillating a lot between negative and positive energies without achieving balance. Seek alternatives that bring you to your center to your point of balance.

04:04 - Beware of excess worries. Try to be an organized person, make a list of the tasks you need to do, and do it one by one until you have done everything and take the burden off your head.

05:05 - You may be hiding from the world, not showing who you really are, your true essence. If you are shy, look for a way to learn to express yourself and accept yourself through therapy or expression practices such as theater or dance.

06:06 - You may be interfering with your family members. As good as it is to be close to our relatives, excess of anything can result in karmic imbalance. Preserve your privacy, do not interfere with your family’s free will, and preserve yourself energetically.

07:07 - Dedicate yourself more to your intellectual side, try to study something you enjoy and this study will be enjoyable. Knowledge is always good and annihilates ignorance.

08:08 - Pay more attention to your financial life. It’s time to put the bills at the tip of the pencil and balance your profits and expenses so you don’t get into debt. You need to start saving systematically - perhaps open a savings account.

09:09 - It’s time to finish projects that you started but haven’t finished. If you have a project that has lost interest, eliminate it from your life for good and pursue those that are not yet complete.

10:10 - It’s time to clear the past and focus on the present. Start with your home: donate everything you no longer use, leave nothing accumulated, leave only what is used at home.

11:11 It is time to look for a way to lift up your spirit. Look for a therapy or religion that will help you evolve.

12:12 - Your spiritual plan is warning you that you need to strike a balance between your physical, emotional, and mental, and spiritual body. Seek it through contact with nature, the contemplative state, relaxation, or meditation.

13:13 - Search for the new - new songs, new favorite bands, new movie styles, new restaurants to try, new ways to go.

14:14 - This time is an ear tug that serves as a warning to get you out of the cocoon! Go socializing, make new friends, indulge in new activities. If you don’t do it then you will be sad, melancholic, lonely, and may fall into depression.

15:15 - Free yourself from the opinions of others. Stop worrying so much about what others think of you and make your decisions based on your taste and desire.

16:16 - There are 3 wise ways to evolve: study (in the form of audio-visuals or reading), silence, and resilience. Practice them!

17:17 - Direct your focus on a prosperous state of mind. When we say prosperity we are not just referring to material goods, but abundance of good relationships, happiness, health, and money.

18:18 - Send away everything that makes you unhappy: toxic people, tight clothes and shoes, or something that bothers you. Send it all away!

19:19 - Find out what your mission in the world is. Have you ever stopped to think about it? You may be wasting your life, living in vain!

20:20 - It’s time to act! What is holding you back? Believe in yourself, recollect your dream projects, and get to work! Don’t wait for everything to fall into your lap!

21:21  - It’s time to help people find a way of light. When was the last time you did a charitable act. Help your neighbor as much as you can: with your effort, with your affection, with your money, with your attention, with personal efforts, as much as you can!

22:22 - Pay more attention to your health. Do not neglect the signals your body gives, take care of your diet, exercise, get rid of your addictions! Live healthier, your body asks for it.

23:23 - You are much better and more important than you think. Demand more from yourself, you can go much further. A lot more than you can imagine!

00:00 - It’s the time to wake up, the seed that can bloom into innumerable wonderful possibilities. You are a seed that has the potential to be a tree with all the gifts God has given you. Be the best version of you!

So you see? Every time the clock marks the same hours and minutes it has a different meaning. Those meaning will begin to transform your life into a magical experience.

The advantage of seeing the same time often

Adopting a message that comes to you in order to give yourself with a more pleasurable life is what happens when you make use of equal hours. It is not always the case that we check the time, and when we do, it is not always the case that we are fortunate enough to come across the same time as receiving a message and being able to put it to good use. Therefore, if we get the chance to do something, we shouldn’t throw it away.

Taking into account the equal hours, we are able to get a feeling of what is going to happen to us or what is now happening but we are just now becoming aware of it. When we make use of this message, we are opening our eyes to what is happening around us, which, if we are not alerted, may eventually pass unnoticed.

Therefore, there is an advantage to adopting the meanings of the same hours in life, and that benefit is the feeling of being more supported in what is taking place. When viewed from this perspective, it is much simpler to consider what you can or should do in the future, with the goal of consistently achieving the most that life has to offer.




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