Equal Hours or Mirror Hours: What Is Its True Meaning?

Surely you’ve been through this some time: went to take a look at the time and then saw the same hours as 12:12, 11:11, 13:13, among others. After all, what is the meaning of equal hours?

Well, we go through life to evolve, learn new things and grow with each and every challenge. The universe and nature are connected to us in amazing ways because we are all one with creation.

Since everything is interconnected, the universe uses numerology and symbology to talk to us and give us signals, because we aren’t always  able to hear our dear intuition.

So the meaning of equal hours is one of the ways in which the universe talks to us.

Equal hours meanings:


The signal here is open to start something new. Seeing these numbers on the clock means its a good time for you to start studying something new, change your haircut, or simply make room for the new airs in your life!


It’s time to look for new social groups to relate to. How about getting on with people who have the same goals as you? For example, if you like any religion or musical style, look for people from that same egregore and it will be beneficial to you.


Now is the time to get off the fence and find your center. Find ways to balance your energies with prayers, passes, holistic therapies or whatever makes you feel better.


Get organized! If your material life is a total mess, seeing this time on your watch can be an invitation to create to-do lists. It also is an indication to lightly and harmoniously solve the problems of your life.


Beat the shyness! It is probably disrupting some part of your growth and evolution. So, now is the time to do something so that shyness is no longer a hindrance. How about trying some drama classes?


There should also be boundaries between the family. I don’t know if you know, but we are born in a certain family, mostly because of karmic ties, that is, there are problems to be solved. Therefore, as much as you love your family, avoid sharing everything with them, find the limit and balance between your life and that of your loved ones.


Dedicate yourself to studies! Studies not always need to be academic here. Look at your life now, see which area is in need of some development, and invest in reading about it.


How are you managing your finances? Are things balanced in your financial life? Because this time signals that it is time to pay more attention to your material prosperity, your money. If your finances aren’t well managed, seek help in understanding and organizing this part of your life because it is one of those aspects of ones life that can get easily neglected.


Do you remember those projects you put away in a drawer to be worked upon at a later time, but still think about every day? Seeing this time on the watch means the time has come to finish them. But beware, beware to prioritize well and focus only on those that really matter to you!


It’s time to leave the past behind! This time is a sign that you need to let go of clothes, objects, people, and everything that is messy in your life. Keep with you only what brings you forward, that which brings harmony and peace to your life. Remember: the new cannot come in if the space is occupied with old things. Let go, let go, let go and allow the physical and emotional cleansing to be deep.


This is, of course, the time with the greatest mysticism. It is a number related to energy portals and carries great symbology with it. Seeing this time is a call from the spiritual plane for you to focus on your journey and find ways to lift your spirit. It’s a constant call for you to evolve through love. It also means that your mentors are signaling you to pay attention to awakening consciousness within yourself before something bad happens, such as a serious illness or a mishap.


It’s time to balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies! This time is a call from the spiritual plane to connect with God and nature through meditation, and to find harmony in your being.


You need to look for new things or your life will be a melancholy and it will come to a standstill in a not-so-good sense. So how about trying new music, new flavors, new airs and even meeting new people.


It’s time to get out of your cocoon! This time symbolizes that you need to hang out, have fun, meet new people, and socialize.


Make decisions based on what you are feeling. Let your desires guide you to the choices that will make you happy. Forget someone else’s opinion, just don’t care what others might think about your life. Remember, your life is yours and only you know what you need to do and not do so as to feel fulfilled.


There are many paths that lead to one’s evolution, but in all of them you will find the practice of study, silence, and resilience. This time shows that you need to practice these three!


It’s time to make your spirit more prosperous! When we talk about prosperity, we think directly about money, but it is much more than that. Prosperity is being abundant in every sense of life such as having good relationships, good health, happiness and joy; and of course, last but not the least, money. Start working your mind and spirit to live in a prosperous state.


Put an end to everything that is hindering the development of your life, whether it’s relationships, work, eating and lifestyle habits, or even a cycle of thoughts; finish it all up and break free to fly toward your ultimate happiness and bliss.


It’s time to pay attention to your life mission. What did you come to do on earth? How can you become a channel of divine will? How can God use you to make the world a more harmonious place? Think about your goodness, your gifts, and how your qualities can help others. Find it out and put it into practice!


Leave the laziness aside and move around! It’s time to work hard for your dreams and build something big. Plan and execute without bad weather. You are the only person responsible for fulfilling your wishes, and whining about the corners has never led anyone anywhere. Move yourself!


How can you help others find their way into the light? One of the most common ways is to help others with advice. Others include a few minutes of attention or affection. A little attention or affection goes a long way into affecting someone’s life and their world. Be kind and help someone every day, in whichever little or big way you can. The world needs love and there is love within you, share it with everyone!


Pay attention to your physical health! Man lives not only in spirit, but in the balance of his whole being. Your body is an important part of your total being. It is your vehicle here on Earth and it allows you to experience feelings and senses, so it needs attention and care. Do the routine exams, look for healthy eating options, meditate, and try to put some exercises in your daily life. Remember that you need to eat right, work, exercise, sleep, drink water, and relax a little. In addition, your feelings also need to be well taken care of so that they do not reflect as somatised diseases in your physical body. So, seek psychological help if necessary, but do whatever it takes to maintain a fine balance in all the levels of your being, beginning with your physical body; simply because it is impossible to live happily with a weakened body.


Don’t limit yourself! You have great potential and you need to believe in it. You are so much more than you can imagine. Let that power shine from within you!


Remember that, at a higher level, you are your Higher Self. So the person that you are is a part of the whole. Remember that God dwells in you and you are an integral part of God. In you dwells the divine light, power, and mercy; and all you have to do is identify your gifts and act on them to experience that perfect life destined for you. Be yourself, because deep down you already are everything!

It is very curious how the universe uses these channels to connect with us, the use of equal, mirror, and inverted hours to receive messages from the spiritual plane has become an increasingly common practice, but it is certainly bringing people closer to their spiritual path. What did you think? Do you believe that the equal hours you see are really significant symbols of communication from the spiritual plane? Tell us in the comments!

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