Reversed Mirror Hours: What It Means And Why Do You Keep Seeing Them?

Reversed Mirror Hours: What It Means And Why Do You Keep Seeing Them?

In our daily lives, we come across various events that have special meanings. However, because we are always so used to them because they are quite routine, we end up not giving due importance.

This is the case, for example, with inverted hours. You have probably looked at the clock and realized that the time shown by it was quite remarkable precisely because of its very similar numbers. At times like these, it’s normal that we deal with the same inverted hours and minutes, which we always find very interesting. However, it is also normal, too, that little attention should be paid in the long term to this fact. This happens for a variety of reasons: I was in a hurry, I was sleepy, I thought this was common and routine, and more.

Here at My Today’s Horoscope, however, we explain to you all about this remarkable phenomenon of equal and inverted hours that even is studied by numerology. Check out!

Reversed Hours

Before we can understand everything numerology says about this event, we need to understand what the equal and inverted hours are. Very simply, this fact concerns the position of both hours and minutes.

In short, the sequence presented by inverted hours is quite peculiar: the same numbers appear, but in different directions. Some examples are: 01:10, 23:32, 15:51, among others.

It is normal for many people not to think that there is anything special about this event. However, according to numerology, looking at the clock at such times is a sign that something will happen. Before we know the meanings of the same inverted hours and minutes, however, we must understand what this study says.

Numerology is basically a science that studies everything that numbers represent. Thus, by any data involving numbers, it is possible to obtain certain characteristics according to a location, with a person, or in this case, with a time.

For this study, numbers have a lot of power. Thus, dates of birth, times, locations: these can all be influenced by them. So, inverted times can offer people different warnings, advice, and symbologies, so it’s important to be aware and pay attention to what he wants to say to you.

Meaning of inverted hours

Many people, when learning that inverted hours have special meanings, believe that they all have the same symbology. However, each of the same inverted hours and minutes has different interpretations.

To help you through this moment of discovery, Virtual Horoscope has created a list of equal and inverted hours so you can refer to it whenever you have questions. Check out:

• 1:10: When you look at the clock and see this time, you can be sure that someone very close is romantically interested in you. However, don’t wait and take the first step: the person is waiting for it, and who knows, even giving you some tips;

• 2:20: Are you waiting for some good news? So do not worry! If you have glanced at the clock and come across this time, they will quickly come to you;

• 03:30: Do you know when we say your ear is hot because there is someone who keeps thinking about you? We apply the same kind of thinking to this time;

• 4:40: This time is more like advice than anything else. According to numerology, when you look at your watch and see it, it means that your actions are hurting someone, no matter how harmless they are. So be aware of what you are doing;

• 05:50: A surprise is coming your way. Whether she’s good or bad, however, we can’t tell you. Therefore, always be aware of everything that happens around you;

• 10:01: Are you in love with someone but that person doesn’t know it yet? Unfortunately, I have some sad news to tell you: If you looked at the clock and saw this time, chances are it is relating to someone else. So it is time to either declare yourself or move on;

• 12:21: Who has never been the subject of gossip? This is, unfortunately, something very common and routine. That is why when we look at the clock and see this time, we have no doubt that we have become the newest subject of people. In this case, the right thing is to invest in elements that drive away all negative energies;

• 13:31: Something’s about to happen, and unfortunately, it probably won’t please you. So be prepared to deal with the event in the best way possible;

• 14:41: You are probably missing something, even if you haven’t realized it yet. It can be a person, an object or even a specific event;

• 15:51: You may not have noticed, but someone is flirting with you. So open your eyes and be aware;

• 20:02: Someone is missing you. This is the perfect time to reconnect with distant friends;

• 21:12: There are always people who gossip about you, but there are also always those enlightened souls who wish you well. When you look at the clock and come across this time, you can be sure that someone is sending you a lot of positive energy;

• 23:32: Being mocked by people close to you is always very difficult, and that is what this time indicates. However, you are strong and will come out of this situation with your head held high!

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