Have you prayed before going to sleep? Saying an evening prayer at the end of the day is a way of connecting with God, showing gratitude for another day lived, asking for a good night’s sleep and also asking for protection for the next day. Before going to sleep, when we calm down, we give in to fatigue and try to pacify our mind and heart, it is the perfect time to connect with the Creator and make the powerful evening prayer.



“Sir, thank you for another day.

Thank you for the great and small gifts your kindness has placed in my path at every moment of this journey.

Thank you for the light, the water, the food, the work, this roof.

Thank you for the beauty of creatures, the miracle of life, the innocence of children, the friendly gesture, the love.

Thank you for the surprise of your presence in each being.

Thank you for your love that sustains and protects us, for your forgiveness that always gives me a new opportunity and makes me grow.

Thank you for the joy of being useful every day and with that have the opportunity to serve those who are by my side and in some way serve humanity.

May I be better tomorrow.

I want before bed, forgive and bless those who hurt me on this day.

I also want to apologize if I hurt someone.

Lord bless my rest, the rest of my physical body and my astral body.

Bless also the rest of my loved ones, my family and my friends.

Bless now the journey I will undertake tomorrow

Thank you Lord, good night! ”


[Beginning with an Our Father and a Hail Mary.]

“Dear God, here I am,

The day is over, I want to pray, thank you.

My love I offer you.

Thank you, my God, for all that you,

my Lord, you gave me.

Keep me, my brother,

to my father and my mother.

Thank you, my God,

for all that you gave me,

give and give.

In your Name, Lord, I will rest easy.

So be it ! Amen.” 


My dad,

“Now that the voices have fallen silent and the cries have faded,

here at the foot of the bed my soul rises to Thee to say:

I believe in you, I hope in you, and I love you with all my might,

glory to Thee, Lord!

I place in your hands the fatigue and the struggle,

the joys and disenchantments of this day behind us.

If nerves betrayed me, if selfish impulses overwhelmed me

if I have given way to grudge or sadness, forgiveness, Lord!

Have mercy on me.

If I was unfaithful, I spoke words in vain,

if I got carried away by impatience, if I was a thorn for someone,

Forgiveness Lord!

Tonight I don’t want to give myself to sleep

without feeling in my soul the assurance of your mercy,

your sweet mercy entirely free.

Sir! I thank you, my Father,

because you were the cool shade that covered me all this day.

I thank Thee because, invisible, affectionate and engaging,

You took care of me like a mother at all these times.

Sir! All around me is silence and calm.

Send the angel of peace to this house.

Relax my nerves, settle my spirit,

loose my tensions, floods my being with silence and serenity.

Watch over me, dear Father,

as I surrender confidently to sleep,

Like a child sleeping happily in your arms.

In your Name, Lord, I will rest easy.

So be it! Amen.”


We’ll show you 3 prayers so that you can do it at night, along with the other intercessions you want to make with God and your holy devotee. What is important to ask and thank during the powerful prayer of the night?

  • Thank you for being alive, for the gift of life
  • Thank you for every meal you had that day that satisfied you, made you stronger so that you could be able to beat all the activities you were supposed to do.
  • Thank him for his workday every day, he is the one who brings his livelihood and his family’s livelihood. There are many people losing their jobs, so thank them and put your work in God’s hands.
  • Thank your family and all the people who are part of your daily life, who live with you, ask God to bless each one of them.
  • Ask God and your guardian angel for a peaceful night’s sleep so that you can rest well and wake up willing the next day.
  • Ask for protection for the next day, ask your guardian angel to accompany you and guide you to the best path.

Also, give thanks for the good things that happened that day, and if it was not a good day, ask God for strength to overcome problems and clarity to face them. Always remember to talk to God, through the powerful prayer of the night he listens to us and will bring peace and wisdom for the day ahead.

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Did you enjoy these evening prayers? Did they work with you? Are you in the habit of saying a prayer at night thanking you for the day you had? Tell us everything, leave a comment!

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