Boy or Girl? Best Ways to Predict the Sex of Your Baby

What a long wait this 9 months will be for the greatest love of mothers. The anxieties are present and more than normal, among them the desire to know the sex of the baby, how will be its size, its little face, its little nose, its little foot ... Pregnancy is also a moment of creativity and involvement. The preparations are delicious and the imagination can and should go far.

For those parents who can no longer wait for the discovery of the sex of the baby, but it is still too early, some “sympathies”, not fully guaranteed but fun, can help at this time. Check out:

1. Head or Crown

Much like a heads or tails game, what counts here is intuition and superstition.

How to do it: Without further explanation, ask the mother to reach out. If the palm is facing upwards, the child is probably a boy. Otherwise, it will be a girl.

2. Numerology

In a kind of superstitious numerology, the age of parents may mean something to pregnancy.

How to do it: Add the age of the child’s parents. An odd number indicates the presence of a baby girl. An even number, a boy.

3. Chinese Tradition

According to a centuries-old Chinese legend, a table can indicate the gender of your baby. This table would have been found in a tomb some 700 years ago and contains directions for parents to discover the mystery.

How to do it: On one side of the table should contain the month of conception of the child. The other side should be the lunar age of the baby’s mother.

* Lunar Age: current age + 1

Crossing the information will lead to a table field. Being the blue field, the child will be a boy. If it falls in the pink field, it will be a girl.

Chinese Tradition

4. Tie

Here a ritual will be performed with a piece of the anxious mother.

How to do it: Pick a strand of the baby’s mother and tie the wedding ring on it. Assemble a pendulum with these “gadgets” and position it in front of the pregnant belly.
If the movement of the pendulum is oriented back and forth, a boy is coming. If the movement is circular, the girl will arrive soon.

5. “Recipe”

With somewhat different ingredients, this recipe can help restless parents find out about their child’s gender.

How to do it: Cut a cabbage into some pieces and cook them in hot water. Get some urine from the mother. After the cabbage has cooled, pour half of the cold cooking water and half of the pregnant urine into a disposable cup.

If the mixture of the liquids is close to purple, the child is a girl. If the color is pink or reddish, a boy is inside the mother’s belly.

6. Mother’s Choice

A joke with the child’s mother may be a clue to the baby’s gender knowledge.

How to do it: Hide under two different pillows a spoon (in one) and a fork (in the other). Watch when the mother goes to sit down. If she chooses to sit on the cushion with the spoon, the baby is a girl. If she chooses the fork, a boy.

7. Namerology

As well as age, the name of parents also goes into superstition.

How to do it: add the number of letters that make up the first name of the parents. The even result indicates a boy and the odd result a girl.

8. Squeeze and release

How to do it: The mother should press her chin and observe the reaction of the skin. If she sinks and forms a small slit, a girl is about to arrive. If nothing happens, it is a boy.

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