The Prayer of Saint Mark and Saint Tame is powerful and should be done with some caution, be clear in your goals. She is known for protecting people and their homes by slowing down enemies and, in the case of a love that has drifted away, bringing it back to you. In addition to bringing your love back, you will have it glazed in you. Give preference to a full moon night to pray the prayer of St. Mark and St. Tame.


The prayer of Saint Mark and Saint Tame will be very helpful if you want to soften your enemies so that nothing bad happens to you and the people you love.

“Saint Mark mark me and Saint Meek mars me. Jesus Christ softens my heart and breaks my evil blood, the consecrated host among me; if my enemies have a bad heart, do not be angry with me; just as Saint Mark and Saint Tame went to the mountain, and there were brave bulls and meek lambs, and made them captive and peaceful in the dwellings of the houses, so that my enemies may be bound and peaceful in the dwellings of their houses under my left foot; just as the words of Saint Mark and Saint Tame are right, I repeat:

Son, ask what you will, what you will be served, and in the house I land, if I have a dog in line, get out of the way that nothing moves against me, neither alive nor dead, and knocking on the door with my left hand. I wish it would immediately open.

Jesus Christ, our Lord, came down from the cross; just as Pilate, Herod, and Caiaphas were tormentors of Christ, and he consented to all these tyrannies, just as Jesus Christ himself, while in the garden saying his Prayer, turned and found himself surrounded by his enemies, said, “Sursum rope, ”all fell to the ground until their Holy Prayer ended; just as the words of Jesus Christ, Saint Mark and Saint Tame softened the hearts of all evil-spirited men, the ferocious animals and all that I wished to oppose, both living and dead, both in soul and body, and from evil spirits, both visible and invisible, I will not be persecuted of Justice, nor of my enemies who will harm me, both body and soul.

I will always live quietly in my house; by the ways and places to walk, living of no quality can hinder me, but all help me in what I need.

Accompanied by this Most Holy Prayer, I will have the friendship of everyone and everyone will love me, and no one will be bored. ”


The Prayer of St. Mark and St. Tame will make your love completely in love with you. If he has moved away, he will bring him back quickly. Pray in faith to have your beloved at your feet.

 “(Name of your beloved) May St. Mark mark you, May Meek love you, May Jesus Christ soften you, and the Holy Spirit humiliate you (Name of your beloved), Jesus Christ walked the world taming lions and lionesses, wolves and wolves, all ferocious animals; and there is no priest, no bishop, no archbishop who can say mass without stone, and evil does not settle, so (Name of your beloved), you cannot stop or settle down until you come to be with me now.

With two I see you, with five I arrest you, the blood I drink you, the heart breaks you; Saint Mark and Saint Tame, I want (Name of your beloved) here and now, right now, mild, meek and humble to me, just as He was mild and humble Jesus Christ at the feet of his enemies in the tree of Vera Cruz;

(Name of your beloved), I swear to the Living God, between the chalice and the consecrated host and the cross on which Jesus died - that you will be soft, meek and humble, and will come to me already, in love with me, and you will not have peace Neither shalt thou eat, nor drink, nor sleep (Name of his love), by the three young maidens, the three Fathers of the good life, the eleven thousand virgins, and the twelve apostles, and by that prayer which Jesus Christ prayed in the garden, when he said, “My Father, do if it is possible that this cup may drink to save the world, the soul, the flesh, and do so. ”

Saint Mark, bring (Name of your beloved) at my feet like this!

First, to be as I want,

Second, so you don’t care about anyone else,

Third, so that you will be with me and

Give all that I desire of him, (Name of your beloved). So be it! ”


Many people ask if Saint Tame actually existed when we speak of this prayer. In fact, St. Manso was born of a popular tradition. To get all the oxen into the corral without any of them being frightened by disorienting them all, the cattle ran to St. Mark to keep the ox calm. Over time, a derivation occurred that created the figure of St. Manso. This fact does not undermine the effectiveness of prayer, which is directed primarily at St. Mark.


There are several reports from people who have proven the effectiveness of these prayers in peer-reviewed journals or articles on the Internet. Like all prayer, it is necessary for the person to put faith and to have very clear in his mind what he really wants. If you don’t get what you need with this prayer, don’t worry. Some things that happen in the present will only make sense in the future.

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