Table Of Mercury Retrograde Dates - From Year 2020 To 2030


We are in the last retrograde mercury of the year 2019 that began on October 31 and ends on November 20, 2019 in Scorpio water sign (water).

This is a short post to share the next mercury retrograde: From 2020 to 2030.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2020

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2021

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2022

  • January 14 - February 3
  • begins in Aquarius  (air) and ends in Capricorn (land)
  • May 10 - June 2
  • begins in Gemini  (air) and ends in Taurus (land)
  • September 9 - October 2
  • begins in Libra (airand ends in Virgo (land)
  • December 29 - January 18, 2023
  • in Capricorn (land)

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2023

  • April 21 - May 14
  • in Taurus (land)
  • August 23 - September 15
  • in Virgo (land)
  • December 13, 2023 - January 1, 2024
  • in Sagittarius (fire)

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2024

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2025

  • March 14 - April 16
  • starts in  Aries (fireand ends in Pisces (water)
  • July 17 - August 11
  • in  Leo (fire)
  • November 9 - November 29
  • begins in  Sagittarius (fire) and ends in Scorpio (water)

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2026

  • February 25 - March 20
  •  in  Pisces  (water)
  • June 29-July 23 
  • in  Cancer  (water)
  • October 24 - November 13
  •  in  Scorpio  (water)

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2027

  • February 9 - March 3
  • starts in  Pisces  (water) and ends in  Aquarius  (air) 
  • June 1 - July 4  
  • starts in  Cancer  (waterand ends in  Geminis  (air) 
  • October 7 - October 28
  • starts in  Scorpio  (water) and ends in  Libra  (air) 

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2028

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2029

  • January 7 - January 27
  • begins in  Aquarius  (air) and ends in  Capricorn  (land) 
  • May 1 - May 25 
  •  in  Taurus  (land)
  • September 2 - September 24
  • starts in  Libra  (air) and ends in  Virgo  (land) 
  • December 21 - January 10, 2030
  • in Capricorn  (land)

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2030

  • Starts December 21, 2029 - January 10 
  • in  Capricorn  (land)
  • April 12 - May 6  
  • begins in  Taurus  (landand ends in  Aries  (fire) 
  • August 15 - September 8
  •  in  Virgo  (land)
  • December 5 - December 25
  • begins in  Capricorn  (land) and ends in  Sagittarius  (fire) 


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    Laura Elisa Morresi

    Thank you for a clear and logical explanation, and for helping, to remove such a negative image of what Mercury Retrograde is !! More tension is generated by Mercury combined with the Sun than retrograde in my opinion.


    I have noticed that when Mercury is retro, there is always interference in the Airline where I work again ... I bought a phone that went bad ... Mercury retro. I think it is very important what Persephone Expresses on solar RV last year in my Rvs Mercury Retro came out in my house six affected me at work. Thanks for the post.


    well I have mercury retrograde and birth combustion ... that bad ..... for the doubts I will not sign any paper .... less marriage book ... if I later regret it ... greetings....

    Lucy Restrepo

    Thank you very much help to be careful during this period


    I would like to know the opinion about how mercury works retrograde in the solar revolution ... I deduce that it would be an ideal year, to review the way in which we communicate, and depending on the house and sign where that year falls Mercury retrograde, we could also rethink actions in that specific area of ​​our lives ... And of course a year to be especially careful with contracts, and technological purchases. I think that you have to demonize a little, mercury is a joker, and you have to take your little jokes, and to laugh at these angry situations, delays, mistakes, and confusion is what helps you cope better.


    And also with the writings, including ours, what we do on this page. It will be necessary to be especially attentive to what we put, as well as to the errors, the misunderstandings, the mosqueos ... and the disputes. Heh heh ... So watch out, watch out ... A hug, mate.


    Hi; If something looks good when I'm going to buy an electronic equipment, it is the Mercury movement, because once, knowing this, I thought that I didn't have to be so strict with this precept or maximum astrology, I bought a printer and failed from the same moment that the install. But fortunately it leads me to: not only remember but to reschedule all that, which I need to study or communicate. Thank you for your input.

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